Holiday Greetings from the East


As we approach this holiday season, regardless of which religious faith or creed any of us may profess, we cannot help but be moved by the message of Christmas. It is a season that voices humanity's longing for peace on earth. As Brothers of the Mystic Tie, we know that wherever the hope of love and compassion is lifted in the hearts of men, then the spirit of Freemasonry is there to sustain and strengthen them. The spirit of Christmas and the spirit of Masonry have marched hand and hand through the ages. Century after century, the spirit of universal brotherhood has emblazoned the spirit of Christmas upon its every banner, has carried it to the farthest corners of the earth, and spread it in both mansion and shack, palace and hut. Today whenever yule time trees brighten homes and corners, where bright lights burn to give cheer to the lonely and tired, where glad voices sing songs of great joy, where the laughter of children and happy smiles of our family and friends round out the hours, there you will read the story of the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of Masonry.

The pure and moral principles of our beloved Fraternity inculcate the charity to all mankind - a Brotherhood without boundaries, faith without sectarianism, a patriotism without party, unity of hearts, universally, embracing a worldwide community of men.

As Worshipful Master of Pride of the South Lodge #324, I would like to wish each of you a very joyous holiday season and may God bless you.



Charles F. Gipson
Worshipful Master, Pride of the South #324