Orphans Lodge No. 761

Information Concerning Payment of Dues

for 2021


Dues in accordance with the By-Laws of Orphans Lodge No. 761 are $50.00 plus Grand Lodge per capita tax as specified in Regulation 20-1.1 of the Code for a total of:



Considers per capita increase approved at the 2019 annual communication


Dues for Orphans Lodge No. 761 should be mailed to the following address:


Brothers please send all correspondence required for dues to:

                                                      Orphans Lodge No. 761

                                                      600 College Street
                                                      Oxford, NC. 27565
                                                      Attn: Chris Richardson


If you have paid and  have not received your 2020 Dues cards please contact:


Chris S. Richardson, Secretary

600 College Street
Oxford, NC. 27565

Cell: 919-690-5996


Thanks for your support of our Lodge!





All dues of members to subordinate lodges shall be due and payable annually in advance on January first each year. [77-2; 77-13].



Updated: 2/1/21

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