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"Stories Of Ohio"

Emblems:  Ohio Flag (unlike any other State); Cardinal (State bird); Buckeye (State Nickname)



February 4:  Valentine's Day - Celebrate the Gift of Friendship

Ohio Story:  "The Town Where Everyone is in Love"

March 3:  St. Patrick's Day - Celebrate "Being a 'Wee Bit Lucky'"

Ohio Story:  " The Ivory Palaces"

Friday, April 13:  Easter Season - Celebrate "The Promise of Easter"

Ohio Story:  "Here a Chick, There a Chick"

May 5:  Cardinal Chapter's Anniversary - Celebrate "Mothers and Special Members"

Ohio Story:  "The Widow Oakley's Daughter, Annie"

June 2:  Annual Business Meeting - Celebrate "Fathers & Veterans"

Ohio Story:  "Ohio's Oldest Veteran"

July & August:  Dark - No Meetings

September 1:  Back to Work - Celebrate "Back to School"

Ohio Story:  "The Ohio-Michigan War"

October 6:  Happy Halloween - Celebrate "The Fall of the Year"

Ohio Story:  "The First Automobile Collision"

November 3:  Thanksgiving - Celebrate "Bountiful Blessings"

Ohio Story:  "Landmark Foods - First in the Stomachs of our Counrymen"