Yellow Ribbon Program:  Here is our Soldiers Wish List!  Any of these items you can donate will be greatly appreciated.  We send packages all year long, and your donations are what keeps these packages going to our troops.  You can also include cards and letters, we will send them with the packages.


BEANIE BABIES:  A really good excuse to get rid of those things (don't buy new ones, collect them from your house and ask

                              your friends)!!  We can send some in every package to ALL units as they are really easy for the Soldiers to

                              carry with them and give to the local kids who love them.  These are better than small plastic toys which

                              will break easily and are not as easy to carry in a pack.


CANDY:  M&M's (plain & peanut), hard candy, gum, rice krispy treats, Starburst, Skittles, gobstoppers, red or black licorice


CRACKERS:    Peanut butter or cheese crackers, Ritz crackers, tuna/crackers, chicken salad/crackers


COOKIES:    Oreos, store cookies, Girl Scout Cookies, oatmeal w/raisins or nuts or both, chocolate chip with or without nuts


MEALS:  Cup-A-Soup (no pork), microwave meals, poptarts, Skyline or Gold Star chili (with spaghetti), breakfast bars,

                small boxes of Velveeta cheese


MISCELLANEOUS:  AT&T International Phone Cards (be sure they are the kind you can use to call FROM the Mid-East TO

                                  the U.S. - go to or AT&T International), music CD's, DVD movies (comedy), PS2 games,

                                  "D", "AA", "AAA" batteries, small fans (DC powered to plug in lighter), Mist fans w/batteries, Ziplock

                                  baggies (to preserve freshness) in snack, quart, gallon and jumbo sizes (these are used to pack spillable



SANDWICH SPREADS:  Peanut butter - plain (in plastic container), Crunchy peanut butter, jelly (strawberry and grape

                                        squeezable bottles)


SNACKS:  Microwave popcorn (butter & kettle korn), chips (in plastic containers, like Pringles), Fritos, peanuts, sunflower

                  seeds, Slim Jims, beef jerky, granola bars (chewy or crunchy), Power Bars, Energy Bars, freezer pops


SPORT EQUIPMENT:   Footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, basketballs, table tennis equipment, nerf balls


STATIONERY/GAMES:  Pens, stationery, greeting cards (all occasion), playing cards (all types, Rook, Uno, etc.), travel

                                        games, hand-held games, puzzles, crayons, coloring books, silly putty, stress relieving toys, dominos,

                                        model cars or airplane kits, glue, paint and brushes for the model kits.


TOILETRIES:  Hand sanitizers, hand lotion, Chapstick, lip balm, sunscreen, foot powder, baby powder, feminine products,

                         bug repellent (i.e., OFF), nail clippers, comb & pic (new packaging), Mach 3 razors and refills, QuattroPro

                         razors and refills, disposable razors, double or more bladed, personal/body wipes (or baby wipes), band-aids,

                         Lysol/Clorox cleaning wipes, etc.