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Proverbs 29:18 – Vision and Faith

Where there is no vision the people will perish.

Vision is a glimpse of what God calls us to do.

Vision is seeing with the eyes of faith what is yet to come.

When we envision new and different horizons, we are not proposing to leave behind or undo our past history, but to build upon this rich history and make our order even more appealing and continue to enhance and strengthen our great order.

 Suggestions collected at P’s & Q’s Workshops of 2004.

Edited by District 2 Members:  Iris Palmer, Sarah Paxson, Lois Yost, Iva Johnson, Lou Ann Kilgore and Ruth West.




Work with domestic violence project in our community.  Each meeting we donate paper products.  We have a Christmas party and Easter party for the current children of the center.  When we have a garage sale, we allow the current residents of the project to come and pick out, for free, items which they might need to start house keeping.  

                                                                                     Suggested by Roberta Erwin – Aldora Chapter #262, Xenia

Fill Easter baskets for needy children.

Give chocolate covered Easter eggs to charities.

Easter egg hunt for small children

Stuff toilet paper rolls with candy for Children’s Home.

                                                                                     Suggested by Several Members

Participate in Ohio Reads or other volunteer programs at local schools.

                                                                                    Suggested by Several Members

Provide school supplies for under privileged children.

                                                                                    Barbara Ingram – Harmony Chapter #43, Crestline

Mason’s & OES host “Trick or Treater’s” at Lodge hall.  Serve cookies and treats.

                                                                                    Georgia Griffin – Laura Chapter #264, Norwich

Donate paper products, food and clothing to local Community Outreach organization.   

                                                                                    Suggested by Several Members

Help in community clean-up projects and recycling projects.

                                                                                    Karen Wolfe – Canal Fulton Chapter #180

Fix welcome bags for shelter for battered/abused women and children.

                                                                                    Marie Paver – Guernsey Chapter #211, Cambridge

Our craft group makes lap robes, walker bags, and baby blankets which are donated to hospitals, children’s homes and nursing homes.

                                                                                    Ruth E. Kuratko – Summit Chapter #512, Twinsburg

Combine with Mason’s to sponsor car show and spaghetti dinner for “Relay for Life”.  Also with the Mason’s, sponsor blood drive and serve lunch to people who donate blood.

                                                                                    District 2 – Opal Chapter #181

We have a member who teaches at a school for the mentally retarded.  They come once a month to do light cleaning – dust, sweep.  They and their families are invited to our Christmas Party.

                                                                                    Nieokea Kirkbide – Muskingum Chapter #485

Give small stuffed animals to the Life Squad for small children who are taken to the hospital.

                                                                                    Mary C. Boyd – Celestine #185

Take sample soaps, shampoo, comb, toothbrush and paste and make-up bags for the homeless.

                                                                                    Barb Ross – Celestine Chapter #185

Have a mitten and scarf or hat tree for Christmas.  Bring items and hang on tree and give to local shelter or school.

                                                                                    Iris Palmer – Ravenna Chapter #46

Collect box tops for education.

Collect pulls tabs for kidney treatment or Ronald McDonald House.

Send donation to National Emergency Organizations.

                                                                                    Suggested by Several Members

On Veterans Day, we did a “Flag Folding” ceremony at school.

                                                                                    Janet James – Brecksville Chapter #537

Ring bells for Salvation Army.

                                                                                    Suggested by Several Members

Participate in “Toys for Tot’s” program.

                                                                                    Suggested by Several Members

Secret Santa for Salvation Army.

                                                                                    Marie Paver – Guernsey Chapter #211, Cambridge

Give a holiday basket to a needy family in our area.

                                                                                   Suggested by Several Members

Collect pennies for cancer.

                                                                                   Sandra Morgan – Alliance Chapter #296

Support a girl’s baseball team or Scout Troup.

                                                                                  Suggested by Several Members

Sing Christmas Carols at Nursing Homes.

                                                                                  R. Carolyn King – Harmony Chapter #43, Crestline

Work with Masons or other service organization on a community project.

                                                                                  Suggested by Several Members


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Gift wrap at the mall or at Border’s.

                                                                                Suggested by Several Members

Have a dinner at a local church to bring in more people who are not involved in Eastern Star.

                                                                                Merrie Lynne Seaburn – Ellbrook Chapter  #408

We had a Cancer Survivors Luncheon/Fashion Show and sold candles in “honor” or “memory of” and raised $2000.00 for the Charities Fund.

                                                                                Janet James – Brecksville Chapter #537

Have members decorate paper bags and supply refreshments, then auction them off with proceeds going to charity.

Chili cook-off with ribbons given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Also a pie bake-off does well.

                                                                                Marie Jordan – Oxford Chapter #225

Soup and salad luncheon and auction.

                                                                                Dick Hoover – Ne-Hta Chapter #500, Akron

Publish and sell cookbooks.

                                                                                Suggested by Several Chapters

District 2 had a “Rock-A-Thon”.  People take pledges and rock for several hours.  We each take a snack to share and some needlework to do while we rock.  It is great fun and a good way to fellowship with other members of your district. 

                                                                                Jan Champ – Hartford Chapter #518

Bakeless bake sale – donate money you would have spent in baking for a regular bake sale.

                                                                                Dianne Martin – Athens Chapter #175

The Lakes Chapter makes pecan turtles, pumpkin rolls and chocolate eggs.

                                                                                Lloyd Lott – The Lakes Chapter #567

Work “Safety Breaks” at rest areas on Interstates.  Serve coffee, soft drinks, juice, cookies, rolls, chips, etc. for donations only.  Some chapter’s make as much as $1200.00 on a good weekend.

                                                                                Suggested by Several Members

Sell cutlery (knives, etc.)

                                                                                Clara Mae Hysell – Harrisonville Chapter #255

In the spring have a plant sale with members providing extra flower and vegetable plants.  At Christmas time have a poinsettia sale.  Contact local greenhouses to see where you can get the best deal.

                                                                                Suggested by Members of District 2

Contact a local theater group to see if you can buy the whole or part of the house for one night.  Serve refreshments before and during breaks.  We make of $1200.00 and it was lots of fun for everyone.

                                                                                Ruth West – Leading Star Chapter #79

Have a “White Elephant” Sale.

                                                                                Avanell George – Harrisonville Chapter #255

Several restaurants – Max & Erma’s, Damon’s, Eat’n Park – participate in fund raising.  Max & Erma’s give 20% of the amount spent by any person who has a certificate (which they provide).

                                                                                Suggested by Several Members of District 2

Garage Sale at a member’s home with good location (high visibility)

                                                                                Margaret Dukney – Pleiades Chapter #298

Have a concession stand at a local festival.

“Make and Take” or “Bake and Take”.  Home baked or home made items – everything from baked goods to Black Angus Steaks to hand hooked rugs are donated and auctioned.  Members go home with something they want and money is made for the chapter.

                                                                                Suggested by Several Members

Hold a bazaar and auction with a dinner.

                                                                                Ralph White – Victory Chapter #594

Have Holiday Luncheons the week before a holiday.  The first of the week take flyers of the menus and prices to local factories, schools, business, etc.  They can call in their order and have them delivered.

                                                                                Marianne Ewing – Spencerville Chapter #130

Hold a card party with style show.  Charge admission – have each member responsible for selling at least four tickets or enough for a table.  Could also have a “silent auction”.  This is a good way to have non-members become familiar with us.

                                                                                Iris Palmer – Ravenna Chapter #46

Work at a department store during busy hours, their chapter bags for the checkers.

                                                                                Jane Boston – Washington Chapter #195

Have a calendar/holiday/theme Tea.  Special hats and dresses will make it festive.  Ask chapter members to each decorate a table.  Pre-sell tickets and keep to only the number you can handle.  Could also have a Chinese or Silent Auction as part of the tea.

                                                                                Suggested by Several Members

People with special skills give time and/or help.  Suggestions were haircuts, painting lesions, computer help, dancing lesions, etc.  Money earned would go to charities or some other need.

                                                                                Suggested by Several Members


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Prayer Rocks – These are real rocks, wrapped in material, tied with a ribbon with this note attached:

            I’m your little prayer rock,

                 And this is what I do.

            Just put me on your pillow

                 Until the day is through.

            When you climb into bed

                 WHACK, your little prayer rock

            Will hit you on the head.

                 Then you will remember

            As the day is through,

                 To kneel and say your prayers

            As you have wanted to

                 Then when you are finished,

            Just dump me on the floor

                 I’ll stay there through the night

            To give you help once more

                 CLUNK! I’ll stub your toe,

            So that you’ll remember

                 Your prayers before you go.

            Put me back on your pillow

                 When your bed is made

            And this clever little prayer rock

                 Will continue in your aid

            Because your Heavenly Father

                 Cares and Loves you so…

            He wants you to remember

                 To talk to Him, you know.


                                              Sarah Paxson – Ida McKinley #229


A Friendship pack can be given as a thank-you or at any time.  Just put the poem and all the things it mentions in a bag and hand out or place at everyone’s place.

            A penny for your thoughts

            A nut for the nutty things we do

            An aspirin for all the headaches that I have given you

            A lemon drop for all life’s sourness that you have helped me through

                   And a HUG just for you!

                                             Sarah Paxson – Ida McKinley #229


Put a few miniature marshmallows in a snack bag along with this poem.

            Santa checked his list for who was naughty and nice…

            And when he packed his coal, he ran out.

            So for Christmas this year you will get nothing but

            Snowman poop.  Better luck next year!!!

                                    Ruth West – Leading Star #79


Love Kits – use plastic bag or make your own and insert proper items. Here are a few suggestions:

 Dear Friend,

      This LOVE Packet contains items to show you care:

A rubber band to remind you to give tight hugs to those you love

A piece of candy to spread sweetness wherever you are

A tissue to dry a tear

A band-aid to heal hurt feelings

A copper penny to remind you to share God’s gifts

A daily prayer to never forget to pray,

            It will bring light to your darkest days.

BAND AID:  A SYMBOL OF HEALING.  Jesus is the great physician.  He hears my prayers for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  “Some men brought to Him a paralytic lying on a mat.  When Jesus saw their faith He said to the paralytic, “Take heart, Son: your sins are forgiven.”  Matthew 9:2

CROSS:  The cross reminds me that GOD SENT HIS SON, JESUS, TO BE A LIVING SACRIFICE FOR MY SINS, “Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, to whom be the glory for ever and ever. Amen.”  Galatians 1:3-5

CHOCOLATE KISS:  GOD LOVES ME.  The gift of His son, Jesus Christ, my Savior and the words of the Bible – are expressions of God’s love for me.  A kiss is also an expression of love.  “Greet one another with a kiss of love.  Peace to all of you who are in Christ.”  1 Peter 5:14

MINT LIFE SAVER:  Just as a life ring saves me from drowning in the ocean – this life saver reminds me that JESUS CHRIST IS MY “LIFE SAVIOR”.  “And the Angel said to them, “Be not afraid, for behold I bring you good news of great joy which will come to all people, for to you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”  Luke 2:10-11

                                                                    Sarah Paxson – Ida McKinley #229


Put a mint Life Saver on a paper with the following:

     I “mint” to call and thank you, but my time is in demand.

     I “mint” to say I love you, but I knew you’d understand.

     I “mint” to send you flowers, but they cost so much you know.

     I “mint” to pray for you this morning, but I had someplace to go.

     I “mint” to say “forgive me”, but that’s so hard to do.

     I heard my Lord say “Bless you child”, I hope He “Mint” me too!


Put a marble in a snack bag with the following poem:

            A friend of mine once said to me,

            This marble is for you!

            For I was sure I’d lost all mine

            When life became so blue.

            Now I know that I have one,

            And I want to share it with you,

            So when you think you’ve

                 “Lost your Marbles”

            You know it won’t be true,

            This is given to you in fun,

            For now you know you have

            At Least One!!

                                    Candy Rich – Ida McKinley #229


Put a penny on a card with the following poem:

            I found a penny today

                 Just lying on the ground,

            But it’s not just a penny

                 This little coin I found.

            Found pennies come from heaven

                 That’s what my Grandpa told me

            He said when an Angel misses you

                 They toss a penny down

            Sometimes just to cheer you up

                 To make a smile out of your frown.

            So don’t pass by that penny

                 When you are feeling blue,

            It may be a penny from heaven

                 That an Angel’s tossed to you!

                                    Marlyn Whitfield – East Palestine #381



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The Funeral Service needs to always be done with reverence and dignity.  People participating need to memorize their part in the ceremony and recite it well.  There were many ideas and suggestions given.  Every Chapter has its own unique way of performing this ceremony.  None are better than another.  The important thing to remember is to practice and know your part without using a book.

Many suggestions have been that a Chapter or District have a Funeral Team (3 or 4 people know a part).  When there is a need there will always be someone available to perform the ceremony.  To do this well you need to meet on a regular basis and practice how to do the ceremony.  If a Chapter is not large enough to have their own Funeral Team, it would be wise to form a team with another Chapter or from all of the Chapters in a District (A District Funeral Team).

Suggestions as to what to wear – robes, chapter dresses, dress of the color of the Star Point you represent, dressy street clothes.  NO SLACKS!!!  Men – tux or dark suit and tie.


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Participate in local parades with Masons.

Have special “short” programs such as a flag presentation, or honoring mothers, Masons, etc.

                                                                            Nancy Stinson – Athens Chapter #175

 Made a history for 100th year and gave a book to the library and the historical society.

                                                                            Dorothy A. Woods – Greenwood #159, Bowling Green

Invite speakers from Sheriff Department, Art Center, Health Department, etc.  Also people from different ethnic groups (Indians, Koreans, European Countries, etc.).  Contact the Speakers Bureau.              

                                                                            Suggested by Several Members

Host a friendship night and ask prospective members to come.  Chapter members provide food and entertainment and then tell them about Eastern Star.

                                                                            Hillery Cox – Ellsworth #247

Invite school groups (choral, speech, instrumental) to perform for Chapter.

                                                                            Jacqueline Allen – Knox #236

Have humorous skits after the meeting.

                                                                            Suggested by Several Members

Have a night to honor Grand Officer and invite other chapters.  Need to plan and publicize far in advance.

                                                                            Carolyn Huber – Mt. Healthy #365

Have a Christmas Pot Luck dinner with the Masons.

                                                                            Margie Buhrow – Woodbine Chapter #61

Have a mystery dinner theater.

                                                                            Dorothy A. Wood – Greenwood #159, Bowling Green

Have dinner and fellowship before the meeting.

Have a “friend’s night” and invite other chapters.

                                                                           Suggested by Several Members

Chapter-to-Chapter exchange with a Chapter from another state.

                                                                            Merrie Lynne Seaburn – Ellbrook #408

Have “Table Lodge/Chapter” with Blue Lodge Brothers.

                                                                            Sue Sharp – Eleanor #331

 Promote ESTARL in local churches.  Ask your minister to speak about ESTARL or to come to your chapter to speak.

                                                                            Bill Westover – Palmy #114, Deerfield


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Hold meetings on ground level a few times a year for older members who can’t climb stairs.

                                                                            Suzanne Stimmel – Portia #448

Honor people in chapter who have never been honored.  Call on people in chapter who never have a chance to talk and let them speak at a meeting.

                                                                            Sue Richardson – Toledo #341

Have a new members night and invite all members who have been initiated in the past two years to an evening honoring them to encourage them to come to meetings.

                                                                            Christal Spencer – Victory #594, Dayton

Welcome bags to new members and for “bring a friend night” (members who don’t always get to come).

                                                                            Linda Bunting – Barnesville #206, Barnesville

Address notes and stamp envelopes for shut-ins or members who haven’t been to a meeting for sometime.  During refreshments have those present take a name and note card to write a few lines to invite them to a meeting or let them know we are thinking of them.  Mail them the save evening.

                                                                            Rosalie Young – Pleiades #298

Have a Guardian Angel Program to call someone who is unable to attend to make them feel you care about them.

                                                                            Donna Dunlap – Brownsville Chapter #486

Print and present a “thumbs up” certificate signed by the WM & WP to a member with exemplary service to our chapter or community each month.

                                                                            Elizabeth Waugh – Hillsboro Chapter #441

Visit a Masonic Meeting and tell them about Eastern Star.

                                                                            Arlene Owens – Woods Field Chapter #268

Have a potluck dinner with emphasis on a certain ingredient.  (Johnny Appleseed with apples as the ingredient).  Everyone received an apple as a favor.

                                                                            Sally Jean Wein – Faith Chapter #478

On PM’s and PP’s night, ask PM’s to wear their Grand Chapter dress.  You could also have a style show with past officers dresses.

                                                                            Arlene Owens – Woods Field Chapter #268

Hire a babysitter so members can bring their children to the meetings.  Could use Rainbow or Job’s Daughters.

                                                                            Suggested by Several Members

Have an afternoon or evening at the movies with videos of old movies.  Serve popcorn and soda or have a potluck supper.

                                                                            Suggested by Several Members

Offer rides to meetings.  Have a story or joke night.

                                                                            Jacqueline Allen – Knox #236

At open installations invite non-members, have Commandery present the Flag before you start the meeting.  Have youth groups help to serve refreshments.

                                                                            Bernadette Henry – Newark #305

After meeting, play cards or other games during refreshments.

                                                                            Peggy Wright – Olive Branch #251

Have a “Dining Out” night for Masons and OES and go to a different restaurant each month.

                                                                            Johna & Larry Gilland – Cardinal #140

Members bring old formals and give prizes for the oldest.

                                                                            Mary Anna Cotter – Carroll #315

Place an old, rickety mailbox in the West.  Every meeting two people will “check the mail”.  They will each pick a name of a missing member and report at the next meeting what is happening with that member, invite them back to Chapter, offer transportation, or whatever it takes to get them back.

                                                                            Dawn Ray – The Lakes #567

Use nametags as pin-ons for special nights.

                                                                            Iris Palmer – Ravenna #46

Have a Chapter Newsletter.

                                                                            Suggested by Several Members



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