May W. Elliott (Founder) - W.M. in 1909; Conductress in 1910; Assoc. Matron in 1911; Secretary in 1907 & 1908, 1912 - 1939


1901 – 9 initiated @ $2.50 Fee; Dues $.75


On May 18, 1901, Fifteen members demitted from Violet Chapter #45 to start a new Chapter (the 5th in Cincinnati) with funds equaling $26.09.  It was decided that meetings would be held at Sharonville's Old Town Hall (the home of Sharonville Masonic Lodge #204).  The date of the stated meetings would be the "1st Saturday night after the full moon."  Cardinal was always assisting the Lodge in many ways.  At the May 30 meeting, a motion carried that we launder the white aprons for our brothers.  August 3, a committee was formed to make a star for the floor and invite Acacia & Alba Chapters to our first inspection on August 31.  The pedestals were donated by a member.  Our first inspection was favorable.  All bills, including Grand Chapter per capita bill was paid for a total of $8.18.  September 28, a committee was appointed to draft resolutions of sympathy at the death of President McKinley & a copy sent to Mrs. McKinley which read:


"Resolutions of sympathy at the death of President McKinley, adopted 10/5/01, Whereas the late President Wm. McKinley, Chief Executive of the United States has been removed from our nation by death, it is resolved that by his death we have lost a valuable President & executive whose wise counsels, extensive information & courteous manner had won our esteem & admiration.  Be it also resolved that the sympathy of this Chapter be conveyed to the widow of our late President, committing there, in this hour of her bereavement, to the kindly consolations of Him who doeth all things well."


10/09/01  -  Charter received from Grand Chapter.



1902 – 10 initiated


In June, we purchased song books & priced organs.  August 23, a committee formed to purchase lamps for labyrinth.  August 30, a "CALL" meeting (special meeting) was held to initiate 10 candidates at one time.





October 10, Janitor hired after cleaning list was created for Temple.





October 1, we received our first request for a demit.  October 29, Dishes donated to Chapter by demitting sister.  November 26, Chapter pays Secretary for duty.  December 22, Masonic brothers ask for $25.00/yr. rent on Temple.  Elections were always in November & installations so far have been in December.





May W. Elliott named Deputy Grand Matron & receives grand honors when introduced.





May Elliott’s mother passes.





May 4, 1st honorary member and December 21, Motion made to send unfinished quilt to Masonic home.





March 21, Electa's silver cup given to us from honorary member, D.G.M., Kate Jackman.  Secretary instructed to buy crown & scepter for Esther station (total cost = $5.95).  





October 30, Members question whether or not to continue with Cardinal.  Averaging 8-10 people at meetings.  It was voted to go another year. 





January 15, received an invitation to our first "friendship" night @ Alba Chapter on 2/8/10.  We also received an invitation from Sycamore Chapter to join them for a social on 2/5/10 in their hall.  February 26, voted to move meetings to 2pm to attract more members.  June 24, offered to make lace curtains for the Temple.  September 24, a new altar cloth was donated.  





April 5, Still only getting 10 members per meeting – Treasury = $9.94.  September 9, sent a letter to a Chapter in Florida regarding one of our members.  It read, "A sister was acting very indecent before she left here - she was okay while her husband was alive.  If she is acting as a questionable character, we want to know.”  Balance in Treasury = $6.44.  December 9, Not enough money in our Treasury to pay the rent.





October 26, Treasury is $2.42.  May W. Elliott is serving as Worthy Grand Matron.  All inspections are held in June.  November 30, another vote was taken to continue on as a Chapter. 



1913 - 38 Members; Initiation Fees $3.00; Special Dispensations $1.00


March 29, money given to 9 members amounting to $11.00 to help in their loss due to the disastrous floods.  April 26, Picnic committee & O.E.S. Hospital Association formed.  First mention of Sunshine committee.  Each month, three new folks were put on committees.  Sunshine committee sends flower to those that are ill.  All committees consist of two sisters and one brother.  June 21, Inspection: P.G.M., May W. Elliott, was escorted to the East and informed that a "Seat of Honor" in the East of Cardinal Chapter was hers for all time.



1914 - 54 Members; Dues $1.50


March 25, first Grand Inspection.  Comments: "our ritualistic work is exemplified".  WGM, Bessie Fargo Boice elected an honorary member.  With 54 members strong, the Chapter meets year round.  We had our annual picnic in "Shephard's Woods" (Sharon Woods).  An instruction committee was formed & the 25th Grand Chapter session was held.  August 1, there was always refreshments & "social" and/or entertainment after every meeting.  Tonight was a Victrola concert.  December 5, the Masonic Brothers raised our rent to $30.00 & we hosted a children's night for the families. 



1915 - 56 Members


February 6, New ribbons purchased for officer’s badges.  March 16, Motion carried for our altar & badges to be draped for 60 days on account of a sister’s death.  May 1, first pro-tem initiation.  Honorary members over the past year:  Anna Bell, Bessie Fargo Boice, Minnie Washburn.  Good of the Order Committee helped set up picnics, etc. - had a “Halloween Evening."  At installations, May W. Elliott was usually the Installing Officer.  The retiring Worthy Matron was usually appointed Marshal for the ensuing year.



1916 – Dues up to $1.50 & 63 Members


March 19, petitioned Grand Chapter to establish Winton Chapter.  March 25, voted to adopt the “card” receipt for dues.  June 14, Lantern slides used during initiation.  November 16, $5.00 was paid to Secretary for her services.  The hall was to be piped for gas.  Pie contest after meeting.  December 16, Joint roster for Hamilton County to be developed.



1917 – 68 Members


January 10, Bylaws amended to change meetings to 3rd Saturday after full moon.  Petition to Grand Chapter to establish Daylight Chapter.  Birthday fund started.  Taffy pulling after meeting.  May 28, Signet rack made & given to the Chapter. 



1918 – 73 Members


We presented a service flag to the Lodge & hung it in the East.  We worked with the Red Cross to form a unit.  Formed a committee to greet visitors at inspection.  June 15, Music committee purchased a piano.  The down-payment for the piano came from the birthday fund.  August 10, Purchase sword for Adah’s station.  November 12, State of Ohio placed a ban on all public meetings on account of the flu.





March 1, Paid $10 for ten shares of stock in the O.E.S. Home.  The 30th Annual Grand Chapter session was held at Music Hall in Cincinnati.





Petitioned Grand Chapter to establish Avon Noon Chapter & on December 20, petitioned to establish Hyde Park Matiner.  April 6, Worst snowstorm of season - inspection was still carried out with 20 visitors & 38 members.  Poem dedicated to Cardinal Chapter by visiting Grand Sentinel, W.S. Andres:


                       C heerfully bright as th’ STARS that shine,

                       A nd twinkle your glories and thought,

                       R endering the darkness sweetly sublime,

                       D oing th’ right with heavenly might,

                       I  mplanting th’ TRUTH, destroying the lie,

                       N oting all good – LIFE and LOVE understood,

                       A dvancing to CROSS, GOD’s symbolic tie,

                       L  iving and loving for th’ DIVINE “Bye and Bye”.



1921 – 79 Members


All Chapters in the District decided to have a picnic at Carthage Fairgrounds.  An O.E.S. Sunshine Circle established for the 20th District.



1922 – 87 Members


February 25, petitioned Grand Chapter to establish College Hill Daylight Chapter.  April 29, $3.65 was deducted from Chapter for material for an O.E.S. autograph quilt (this is hanging in our Lobby today).  December 23, Rent increased to $35.00.



1923 – 87 Members; Dues $2.00; Initiation Fee $10.00; Affiliation $2.00


May 19, purchased a “Play O Lite" for the piano.  June 16, Paid half of new lodge carpet.  August 27, Entire District met to organize an Aid Society for the O.E.S. Home.  November 10, Petitioned Grand Chapter to establish Cincinnati Chapter.  December 20, “Santa” stopped by to visit & give everyone a bag of peanuts.





July 21, purchased a new floor cloth for Labyrinth & electric lamp for Secretary.



1925 - 99 Members


Inspection brought 50 members & 88 visitors from 22 Chapters.  October 17, Motion carried to convert birthday fund to Masonic Building Fund





February 13, Petitioned Grand Chapter to establish Hanselmann Chapter.  April 17, purchased new ballot box (also suppose to have a new veil for Adah).  A Silver Anniversary Fund was established to purchase silverware for the Temple (8 doz. Teaspoons, 4 doz. Forks).  May W. Elliott was given the name, “Mother of Cardinal Chapter”.  October 9, invited to lay the cornerstone of the Masonic Temple downtown (Cincinnati Masonic Center today) & the cornerstone to Deaconess Hospital.



1927 - Members 117 (14 new - 1 demit)


 March 25, Motion carried that a special dispensation be secured to hold our inspections in the new school auditorium.  Proceeds of the bake sale would buy a new flag.  May 5, Inspection:  we were honored by having “The Traveling Bible” upon the altar.  This inspection stands out not alone for this honor but also for the fact that it was held in our New School Auditorium; the first of such an event to be held within its walls.  65 visitors, 73 members.  We bought ferns and plants to decorate the auditorium.  July 30, W.G.M., Ella Vornheder, elected as an honorary member.  August 27, a paper was started called the “Chapter News”.  November 26, Conductress read the 23rd Psalm when the Charter was draped.  Secretary fees increased to $25.00 from $15.00.  Committee formed to complete scenery for School Auditorium.  Good of the Order committee formed to raise money for our Chapter.



1928 - Members 124  (7 new)


February 25, Petitioned Grand Chapter to establish Martha Chapter.  November 17, Purchased new crown & sheaf.  Pay $10.00 to rent school auditorium.



1929 - Members 125 (6 new)


April 13, Presented with emblematic star for the East (still hangs there today).



1930 - Members 135 (9 new)


February 1, Ritual Changed.  March 1, Purchased an address-a-graph for Secretary & 5 more shares of the OES Home & Hospital.  March 29, Purchase cords for jewels & electric light globes. September 24, Altar bible donated.  October 25, New chairs, new floor cloth & 45 folding chairs for new hall.  Moving to new Masonic Hall on Maple Street.  December 8, Baskets containing appropriate colored flowers lighted by electric bulbs were part of the ceremony.  Member, Ethel Keteleer, graduates from the Good Samaritan School of Nursing.



1931 - Members 138 (3 new)


January 24, Meeting night changed to 4th Saturday of each month.  February 21, Meeting night changed to 1st Saturday of each month.  March 27, Inspection: 167 visitors & 70 members.  April 2, Committee to sponsor Rainbow Girls formed.  Petitioned Grand Chapter to establish Mariemont Chapter.  June 6, WGM, Grace Sheffield, elected as an honorary member.  September 15, Life membership granted to Thomas Birthisel.  November 7, Motion made for janitor to purchase 4 tons of coal for Temple.



1932  -  Members 140


January 2, Rainbow Girls granted permission to care for young children of Star Members while parents in meeting.  February 6, Chapter purchased 5 doz. folding chairs ($69.04 from Acme Chair Co. - Reading, MI) with stenciling #140 & a mirror for piano.  Bake Sale made $17.80.  Sandwiches/coffee served after meeting & a merry slap-stick party was enjoyed by all.  March 5, Afternoon meetings w/lunch & games afterwards.  April 2, Demit fee is $2.00.  April 23, Performed initiation with loaned signet.  New members receive pins after initiation.  May 7, Society of Past Matrons announced an outing at Coney Island in June.  PGP, Thomas Bell, elected as an honorary member.  June 29, Initiated our first Rainbow Girl.  Our choir sang.  July 2, We used to entertain at the Home of the Incurables.  Gave Lodge $100.00 to help pay taxes.  October 1, Voted to pay Associate Matron’s attendance at Grand Chapter to same mileage & per diem allowed by the Grand Chapter to the Worthy Matron.  Good of the Order committee to start providing dinners for the Chapter.  Brothers received cigars from the “Star Masons” upon their initiation.  Used to have Christmas parties, card parties, etc.



1933  -  Members 153


February 4, May W. Elliott granted Life Membership.  Good Cheer committee changed name to Cheerio committee.  Hosted a chicken dinner before the inspection - Cost $.75/person.  Purchased a new sweeper and more coal to be purchased by the Janitor.  April 1, Motion carried to send cards instead of flowers to those that are ill.  With the Depression happening in the Country, it was rescinded to pay for the Associate Matron’s trip to Grand Chapter and to change the Past Patron’s jewel to be the original $3.50 not $10.00.  July 1, Four members in arrears.  May Elliott, Secretary asked that her salary to the amount of delinquency be applied to these members dues ($8.00).  Total cash on hand:  $359.38.  Retiring W.M. received silver knives & forks.  Most all of the outgoing Worthy Matrons received silverware.  August 5, Funds are becoming very low - motion made to have Card Party (which made $40.25).  November, Aid Society served 129 dinners for $1,200.00.  Secretary salary was raised to $17.00 which May Elliott turned back into the Chapter as a donation.  Dues are still $2.00



1934  -  Members 153


January 6, They wore shell pink robes at Installation in December.  They had a fish fry which netted $4.16 and the dishes are missing.  February 3, Letter received from W.G.M. contributing $1.00 per member toward the building of the Temple in Washington, D.C. (International Temple).  Doughnuts & cocoa were served after the meeting.  May 5, Society of Past Masters invited us to the annual outing at Coney Island.  We bought the paint to complete the work in the basement.  Due to the strained conditions at the present time, further time was given to pay dues.  Stewards prepared the refreshments.  May 19, Anniversary Night:  75 Members & 101 visitors present.  The officers gave the Worthy Matron a star ring.  Dinner was held before the meeting & the Worthy Matron gave May Elliott bookends.  June 2, Motion passed: “all initiated prior to 8/31 shall pay per capital tax in addition to regular fee.  Those initiated after 8/31 shall be exempt from dues until 11/1 when all dues are payable in advance."  Monthly Gas & Electric bills were $3.70.  Past Matron’s Jewel was $14.50.  August 4, Rainbow Girls disbanded.  Chapter was asked to become custodian of their paraphernalia.  Total funds:  $107.97.  More Life Members named besides Thomas Birthisel & May Elliott:  Mary Mostellar & Lydia B. Crawford.  Honorary Members:  Mrs. Annie Bell, Mr. Thomas Bell, Mrs. Bessie Boice, Mrs. Alice Ross, Mrs. Grace Sheffield, Ms. Ella Vornheder, Ms. Minnie Washburn.  We are still providing entertainment at the Home of the Incurables.  October 6, Memorial after Chapter for all departed brothers & sisters.  Quartet sung; Brother Emmit Kitchen, Sharonville’s Worshipful Master spoke.  There was also a Temple Club.  December 1, Old time dances were indulged in after the meeting.  Used to sing “Happy Birthday” in Chapter.



1935  -  Members 161


February 2, Old fashioned dance to be given by the Masonic Temple Club with Cardinal’s support.  March 2, Gas & Electric goes up to $5.95.  Grand Chapter sent letter asking for per capita tax to be sent in early to help defray the cost of entertainment at Grand Chapter.  Our treasury is $229.50.  April 24, Deputy Grand Matron’s were presented at the altar when on official business.  Associate Matron’s and Associate Patron’s were recognized during presentations.  June 1, Petition for dispensation to establish Unity Chapter to be held in Grotto Temple.  October 5, Committees appointed to finish the tables & purchase new ones with benches instead of chairs.  Also want to check into the price of redecorating the walls of the Temple & procure arms for the Star Point chairs.  Grand Chaplain was visiting (she was at all of the Chapters in the District this year).  November 2, Estimate submitted to paint interior walls & ceiling (2 coats) $54.00.  Two Ante Rooms & entrance to basement stairs $50.00.  Motion carried to paint inside Chapter room -   outside to be done later.  Secretary’s salary raised to $25.00.  Rosters cost $1.37.  Coal has become our most expensive expenditure.  December 7, Card Parties had been bringing in ~ $180/year but they have been banned to be held at the Temple from Grand Chapter.  We donated $550.00 to the Aid Society.  The Hospital Circle made several visitations & phone calls.





January 4, It was noted that the chair manufacturer said the chairs were too small to put arms on them.  February 1, Letter from Lodge thanking us for painting Chapter.  We purchased a coffee dripolator for $4.50.  To comply with the new law, a motion was made to buy a vendor’s license for the refreshment committee.  Janitor was fired because Good of the Order committee is doing a better job.  The Janitor was never around to start the coal stove, never cleaned the restrooms, etc.  March 7, First time a Petition is rejected.  Cheerio Committee now visiting those on sick list.  A motion was made to present candidates with a white bible ($.88) at initiation in addition to the usual flowers.  April 6, Deputy Grand Matron’s expense for inspection: $3.00. Sharonville Lodge was instituted on 7/2/1851 - we asked the lodge to join us in a birthday party for our organizations.  It’s to be a social affair with a covered dish supper.  June 6, May W. Elliott to purchase new register & John Price to get a rubber mat for the door leading into the grill room.  July 4, Another petition rejected.  August 30, Summer picnic with Sharonville Lodge in Sharon Woods - 113 in attendance.  August 1, Reverent remembrance - Names all deaths & has a poem:


                                  “They are out of the chaos of living,

                                                The wreck & debris of the years;

                                    They have passed from the struggle and striving,

                                                They have finished their goblet of tears,

                                    They have ceased hour by hour, from their labors,

                                                So we clothed them in garments of rest,

                                    And they entered the Chamber of Silence:

                                                God do for them now what is best”





February 6, Jennie Sanger appointed Grand Representative of North Dakota.  Aid Society usually served 105 meals.  Penny march was started each month to raise money for the refreshment committee.  Money is tight with the depression and the floods.  First penny march raised $3.83.  June 5, First mention of a District Dinner to be held in September at the Netherland Plaza Hotel (downtown) to honor the W.G.M.  June 10, W.P., John Price performed the initiation of his daughter and brother-in-law while his wife, Gwen Price was Conductress.  John & Gwen's 20th wedding anniversary - officers gave them a coffee table.  July 3, Mirror put in ladies’ room by one of the brothers - donation.  August 7, White bibles are now $1.00.  We received $15.25 from the sale of our pedestals & pillowcases.  September 4, Per capita tax paid was $40.50.  October 12, We received the Traveling Gavel this month.  This is where each chapter travels to another Chapter to perform the initiatory work.  Usually always some kind of visitor in the audience at our Chapter (ie, Ft. Thomas, Mason, etc.).  November 6, Biggest expense $92.50 for Janitor.  Celebrated May Elliott’s 25th Anniversary since being W.G.M.  The Chapter gave her a bath robe.


    Written for the passing of a sister:

                                    “The clock of life is wound but once

                                         And no man has the power

                                    To tell just when the hands will stop

                                         At late or early hour

                                    Now is the only time you own

                                         Live, love and toil with a will

                                    Place no faith in tomorrow for

                                         the hands may then be still”



1938  -  161 Members


February 5, The Good of the Order Committee cleared $30.00 on a father/son banquet.  Chapter purchased 3 doz. forks & 1 doz. tablespoons.  March 5, Sycamore Chapter informed us they were moving to the Masonic Lodge on Cooper Road.  April 2, Bessie Sharp extended hearty greetings for not missing a meeting in 6 years.  May Elliott given Honorary Membership to Wyoming Chapter during our friendship night with them.  Motion carried to buy 2 coffee pourers & 3 pans for the kitchen.  April 23, 18 Past Matrons present @ Inspection.  “Another memorable inspection in the history of the Chapter."  May 7, Approved the material to build table for the stewards in the kitchen  ($6.37).  August 6, Mock initiations are what pro-tem initiations were called.  August 17, Pedestal baskets were used & remade.  White bibles were given as gifts.  Good of the Order Committee made $140.04 during the year.  October 1, After the meeting, all retired to the grillroom where the “Inner Man” was not forgotten & dancing was indulged by all and another Red Letter evening was added to Cardinal Chapter’s record.  November 5, Electric Signet bought for $125.00.  Grand Chapter Per Capita  $42.75.  Choir used the Rainbow Girls robes.  December 3, Going to meet with Lodge to build a cabinet in the anteroom for all Chapter paraphernalia.  Usually has a visitor or 2 at our meetings.  December 12, Installation - the choir marched in by candlelight to their anthem (Come All Ye Faithful).  OES Hospital Circle was appointed just like the Trustees 1-2-3 year terms.





March 4, Honorary Membership given to W.G.M., Mary Wollerman.  Motion made to buy cabinet for Secretary books, etc.  April 23, Our W.M. was requested to use the “golden gavel” of our Worthy Grand Matron while she was inspecting our chapter.  At this grand inspection there were 45 Chapters represented by 200 visitors and 82 members.  Visitors came from Mason, Lebanon, Bellaire, Pittsburgh, PA; Ft. Thomas, KY; and Melrose & Greensburg, IN.  Dinner was afterwards at the Methodist Church.  May 6, with the price of flowers on the rise, motion was made to start sending cards to those ill.  June 3, Recommendation made to suspend meetings in July & August and to change the meeting night to the 1st Thursday of each month was rejected.  September 9, May Elliott missed first meeting in 27 years (6/1/39) due to illness.  She is still ill to date.  October 7, Filing cabinet placed near Secretary desk obtained by Cabinet Committee.  November 4, Motion passed to up the Secretary Fees to $35.00 and $10.00 to Treasurer.  Although Cardinal had to dismiss May Elliott from her secretarial duties, we honored her as Secretary Emeritus.  (Frank Wilson was May’s brother).  May Elliott gave the farewell that evening.





March 2, May Elliott presented the Chapter with 2 shares of stock in the Hamilton County OES Home.  Mabel Erhardt named Hamilton County OES Home Representative.  Moved and seconded to buy 10 new chairs for the officers.  May 4, Shrubbery planted around Temple.  Thanks received from the Lodge.  $156.86 in Treasury.  June 1, Gas & Electric raised to $5.70.  Waivers of Jurisdiction was big and if you lived in another part of the city besides Sharonville and wanted to petition Cardinal - you had to ask for a waiver from the Chapter in your city.  July 6, Annual Lodge/OES Picnic was held.  Ice Cream was $19.20; Cream & Coffee was $1.47; Stamps & Envelopes were $3.33; Lemons & Sugars were $3.90  TOTAL:  $27.90.  Lodge is to pay half.  November 2, Voted to start Savings Account  -  $50.00 donated to start it.



1941 – 162 Members


February 6, Entertainment for the evening was slide show of vacations and trips to Florida by members.  March 1, Surprise visit by Grand Patron of Ohio, Brother Hugh Nichols.  He wanted to come now besides Inspection so he could see Cardinal’s officers.  They’re outstanding as well as “Cardinal’s Eats” are still the best in the District as everyone knows.  March 29, First inspection missed by May Elliott in 40 years.  It was mentioned that she has been Cardinal’s leading light by keeping the Chapter going and now its up to us to keep it shining brightly for her.  Silent word of prayer was given.  Rose-colored dresses were worn this year.  April 5, Neighbor Nite - special guests from Ft. Thomas Chapter.  The men performed a skit called “The Sister’s Masonic Lodge” and each brother (13 in all) were dressed accordingly.  They showed how a female lodge was operated.  It was fun by all.  After the play, all retired to the grillroom for feast.  Ft. Thomas was tickled pink by the friendship extended by Cardinal.  After dinner, the tables were pushed back and dancing was then in order.  At the stroke of twelve, the pianist played “Home Sweet Home”, breaking up the delightful evening not soon forgotten by Ft. Thomas.  June 7, Celebrated our 40th Anniversary in which May Elliott was able to attend.  Dinner was at 6:30p.m. with covered dish with Chapter furnishing the meat, coffee, and cream.  The tables were decorated with flowers & souvenirs carrying the color of red.  After dinner, we retired to the Chapter Room, where we held our regular meeting, after which the ladies from Washington Chapter (Hamilton) put on the initiatory work as in 1870.  Old costumes and old ways of gathering the emblems and the lectures at the points were indeed interesting.  Past Matron’s donated the Anniversary Cake.


                       Poem for Cardinal by Edna Beins


        “Congratulations to Cardinal Chapter, O.E.S. on her 40th Anniversary”


                       Long ago, just forty years,

                           To Sharonville, Cardinal came.

                       It was the fifth chapter instituted here

                           And thus she received her name.


                       We are happy to have with us this day

                           The organizer of Cardinal, our own dear May.

                       It’s been a task but a sport of her to come,

                           But we know she cares, and wants to see things well done.


                       Here is our anniversary program –

                           “Enjoyed it, “ we hope to hear you say,

                       The entertainment committee has done its best,

                           And has planned it just this way.


                       First, there will be a dinner at six.

                           Everything good to eat the ladies will fix.

                       All will fill their plates and take a seat

                           And have a jolly good time as they talk and eat.


                       There will also be a birthday table;

                           Beautifully trimmed it will be.

                       June weddings seem to be its label

                           For brides and grooms you will see.


                       The verse and birthday cake were made by Edna.

                           Verlie and Jennie made the favors so nice.

                       So you who have birthdays in June

                           Will be honored at this table to-night.


                       When all are through eating,

                           From your neighbors you must not part,

                       For the ladies will clear the tables

                           And a short program will start.


                       First, there will be an old time song by Linnie,

                           Then dances by Doris, Mary Catherine, and Jimmie.

                       “Long, Long, Ago,” will be played by Jack on his cornet,

                           And then little Wayne Lindsey will do his part, you bet.


                       There will be a little sketch

                           On which Charlie wants a wife.

                       After Linnie, Mary, Edna and Jennie have called,

                           He decided no one should share his life.


                       We will then adjourn to the Chapter room

                           To hold the regular meeting,

                       This will be short and won’t take much time

                           For we are anxious for the next in line.


                       The Past Matrons of Washington Chapter are here, you know,

                           To exemplify the initiation of long, long, ago,

                       It is very sweet of them to come

                           And we know the work will be well done.


                       We thank these ladies who have come quite far

                           To help make things go right,

                       And we hope to meet quite often

                           Out of friendships made to-night.


                       We will then go back to where we started

                           And again we will dine,

                       For downstairs in that basement

                           An anniversary cake and punch you will find.


                       This ends our lovely evening

                           And as we go out the door,

                       Again we congratulate Cardinal on her birthday

                           And wish her many, many more.



HI-LITES OF CARDINAL CHAPTER  40 Years - written by Keziah Gallaher


 “Backward turn backward, oh time in your flight, Renew our vision of forty years ago tonight.”


Yes, I can see the happy & anxious faces of Tommy & Flo Birthisel, Firm & Mollie Mosteller, Ed & Lulu Linkmeyer, Bird & Libby Townsend, Harry & Minnie Bender, Dr. & Alice Smith, Lulu Sotcher, Frank Wilson & May Elliott: -

                      “Just fifteen of us to start something new in our town,

                             With never a thought of failing or going down.”

                      From fifteen members to 162 in forty years is a record of which we are proud,

                             through hardships and trials to much success and joy we have shouted through the 20th District aloud.”


Brother Frank Wilson of Sharonville Lodge F. & A.M. #204 was sent to the Grand Lodge as representative & at this meeting, much discussion arose as to the Masons having a sister lodge; loud & long were the pros & con, such raising the curiosity of Brother Frank.  Arriving home from Grand Lodge, he involved Sis to look into the Order of the Eastern Stars.  At this time there were only two Chapters, Violet & Golden Rod.  A lady came to see May from Golden Rod, but as May & Frank’s Grandfather belonged to Yeatman Lodge, they decided to join Violet, the sister Chapter to Yeatman Lodge – this was March 2, 1899.  May was appointed Martha at the next meeting, they having two meetings per month.


At this time Sharon was very stylish & had unusual accommodations, namely a midnight train.  On this train rode theatergoers, etc.  So May & Frank came home on this train when both visited the Chapter, but most of the time May stayed with her aunt who lived near the O.E.S.  They enjoyed the fellowship of Violet for 3 years & then decided to start an O.E.S. Lodge in Sharon.


Paraphernalia was the first thought.  So the original 15 people gathered together & made the labyrinth, our first; Firm Mosteller made the Pedestals & also our broken column, which we still use.  The first star lights were candles.


With 15 people & paraphernalia, the day was set for May 18, 1901.  Violet members & officers, who had to stay at the different homes, came out & put on the work, with Past Grand Matron, Kate Jackman’s husband (Will) instituting our Chapter.  They installed May Elliott as Matron, Ed Linkmeyer as Patron, Assoc. Matron - Alice Smith, Conductress - Lu Linkmeyer, AC - Mollie Mosteller, Secretary - H.H. Smith, Treasurer - H. Bender, Adah - Minnie Bender, Ruth - Flo Birthisel, Esther - Elizabeth Townsend, Martha - Lu Sotcher, Electa - Mary Mosteller, Chaplain - Frank Wilson, Warder - W.B. Townsend, Sentinel - Tom Birthisel.  They had neither Organist or Marshall.


Emma Simms was Deputy Grand Matron in year 1901 and as our inspecting Officer I quote: -“Cardinal (U.D.) meaning Under Dispensation. Saturday, August 31st., I journeyed to the quaint little village of Sharonville (where, by the way, the Masonic Lodge has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary) to take look at the infant of the Grand Chapter, Cardinal U.D.  This baby is truly a prodigy.  It has passed the creeping, foddling period and already walks erect, talks fluently and hopes in a few weeks to vote at the Grand Chapter meeting.  The work under the direction of W.M. Sister May Elliott has reached a degree of perfection seldom surpassed and often times not equaled by older chapters.  Sister May Elliott was a pillar of strength in Violet Chapter of Cincinnati, and her active spirit and magnetic influence has been early felt in the lovely New Rose of Sharon.  The officers did admirably, allowing, of course for a natural timidity in the presence of a large number of visitors.  Several of the points were absent requiring substitutes, but the initiation was splendidly done.  I take great pleasure in recommending the granting of a Charter to Cardinal and believe it will be one of the bright stars of this Grand Jurisdiction.  They meet at Masonic Hall, pay no rent, delicious refreshments were served at the close.”  No wonder Cardinal still serves good eats!


Second Inspection – May 24, 1902.  Deputy Grand Matron, Lenora Wenner, Grand Matron, Kate Kile.  I quote: -“Sharon is about one hour’s ride by rail from Cincinnati and I think lies in one of the prettiest valleys of Ohio.  I had the pleasure of having the company of Sister May Elliott, and was entertained at her home.  We went to the Chapter room quite early enabling me to become very well acquainted with the members.  They were to have had a candidate, but were disappointed in some way, and so had a mock initiation.”


Officers and Paraphernalia ready, the next thought in mind was what to call the new Chapter.  Sister Kate Jackman wanted to fill out the Star Points, and wished she might call it Rose Chapter; but there being another by that name up state, could not do so.


Violet – the blue ray; Golden Rod – the yellow ray; Alba – the white ray; Acacia – the green ray and finally Cardinal – the red ray, which is our Chapter, meaning Love One Another.


On August 23, 1902, the largest class that Cardinal ever had was initiated; ten new members were taken in making Cardinal’s membership 35 in number.  The organ was purchased at this time.


Third Inspection – May 16, 1903.  I quote: - “A small party boarded the train to visit Cardinal.  We had supper at the hotel and afterwards conducted to the Masonic Hall where we found a happy family of Stars awaiting us.  The Secretary also presided at the Organ.  In the absence of a candidate, a sister kindly acted as substitute and was taken thru the degrees of the order.  To make the signs and passes more effective, the Deputy requested Sister Jackman to recite the Eastern Star Poem, the members giving the signs and passes perfectly.  This Chapter enjoys perfect peace and harmony.  At the conclusion of ceremonies, refreshments were served.  Inspection work over, the train not leaving until late next day, the social feature was resumed.  Guests were invited to Brother Linkmeyers, also calls were made on four officers.  After dinner we were driven over to Glendale, through the beautiful Millcreek Valley, where the eye was greeted with vast fields of wheat, making it a superb drive.  We consider this trip to Cardinal Chapter one of the happiest in our tour of inspection.”


When Cardinal was first organized, the Officers always wore white with sashes of the color appropriate to their station.  Then white with all colors of our star in narrow ribbons.  Later colored flowers on the shoulder, and now, just our badge of Office.


Sister May was Worthy Matron for the first 3 years.  Then the members began to gain courage and take more interest.  These O.E.S. pioneers had lots of courage, going through lots of hardships and also lots of joy and good times; but it seems there was always someone willing and ready to carry on the good work, for up to 1941, 33 sisters served as Worthy Matron and 20 brothers served as Worthy Patron.


Many an argument during these years, but they always turned out alright.  Many a time hardly enough members to fill the stations and sometimes, Charles Sanger has told us, it would be mostly a family affair, but somehow the chapter kept on growing and now is just as fine as any in the State of Ohio.  We might not have as big a treasury or as many members as some chapters, but we have good fellowship, love and loyalty to each other.


Several honors have come to us.  May as W.G.M. in 1912.  2 Grand Reps, Jennie Sanger and Edythe McGrew Gaskill.  We were also honored to have the Traveling Bible on our Altar in Sister King’s year, 1927.  This bible has crossed the U.S., been in Mexico, Alaska, Philippine Islands, Canal Zone, Hawaii and Cuba, crossed two oceans and the Caribbean Sea.  It has been in the largest chapter in the world, Ivy Leaf #75 in Wichita, KS.  Sister Clara Henrich, Most W.G.M. took this Bible to China, where she instituted three new chapters, and while there, contracted a terribly contagious disease from which she passed to the great beyond.  Cardinal Chapter was among the first to have the “Traveling Bible” when it reached the U.S. again.  In China, in 1925 and back here again in 1927, and it is still going from place to place.


Instead of having a janitor, the W.M. used to pick out 3 people each month, place the bulletin on the wall and so the Hall was thus cleaned.  One time the ladies decided to clean the carpet, which had been down for years, but when the tacks were taken out, it came up in pieces, so a new carpet was purchased, the same that is used in the anterooms.  At the Inspections before the new carpet episode, The W.M. and officers would have to put down big strips of white muslin to cover up the many holes and dirty carpet.


From 1901 to 1930, Cardinal lived in the Town Hall as their old home.  IN 1930, Sister Springer’s year, we moved into our new home, with lots of joy of moving into bigger and better headquarters, but with sorrow of leaving the old homestead where lots of friendships had originated, as sister May expressed herself at this time.  It is a new temple and that is all, it isn’t Home and it will not be home until we have had sorrow and lots of joys.   The first sorrow was, that the Temple had burdened our brother Masons quite a lot, so with our shoulders to the wheel, we purchased the chairs, carpet and donated quite a lot of money.  The Past Matrons did their share, helping fix the grill; buying dishes and the place to wash them (sink), pans, towels and aprons, tables and the curtain and scenery for the stage.


274 members have signed the by-laws in 40 years.  112 have demitted, died or been suspended during these years, leaving 162 members tonight.  


Just two of our chartered members are left, Tom Birthisel and May Elliott.  These 2 faithful members deserve much praise and comment upon our beautiful Chapter and its work.  To think they did not get discouraged and always saying, “Go Forward”.  So may we continue through the coming years to keep this Temple and the Lessons our Star teaches us for our children and their children’s children; and as they look back on our minutes for the past records for such a night as this may the minutes and records show that we as Eastern Stars are worthy of our offices and worthy to be members.


So with much respect and reverence for those that have traveled before us, love, good will and willingness to help the present, and to the future – the Motto – “Go Forward” with the teaching of our Beautiful Star, we bid all a farewell to the close of our history of Cardinal from 1901 – 1941.


November 1, Moved that the Trustees see about insuring the OES property within the Temple.  Yearly expenses are $600.38.  Notice received that the Hamilton County OES Home & Hospital is being changed to just the Hamilton County OES Home - applicants must be at least 65 years of age.  Admission fee is $1,000.  December 15, Officers in "Alice Blue" gowns with gold trim.  Our Matron was installed by her father, Bro. Edward Marts & her mother was installing Chaplain, Grace Marts.  Her husband is Dr. Ferris Beekley.  Her grandmother is Elizabeth Shaffer.  The Chapter paused to pray for our nation and not to forsake God, be prepared for the worst and take what comes with a smile.



1942 – 172 Members


February 7, Special communication from the W.G.M. asking each Chapter to make a contribution to the Red Cross, also to buy Defense Bonds.  Motion carried to buy $74.00 Defense Bond ~ at maturity ~ $100.00.  March 7, 54 members present.  Moved to see if the Lodge would keep our defense bond in their safety deposit box.  Washington Chapter invited us to be their guests for entertainment.  March 28, Inspection usually have 2-5 Grand Officers always present.  Cardinal received an "Excellent & remarks that we had held up the Grand Traditions of the Order."  June 6, OES Home hosting a July festival.  July 4, 21 present even though this is a holiday.  September 5, Retired to the grille room and performed several vaudeville acts for our guests.  October 3, Rededication night.  W.G.M. appointed Lillian McGrew as Grand Representative to Arkansas.  The A.C. led the members on the North and the Cond. led the members on the South forming two semi-circles in the West and gave the obligation.  The W.P. assumed his position at the altar.  With lights lowered and all present renewing their faith in God and Man, seemed to draw us closer and dearer to each other.  Had all of the parents of "service" men and women stand.  49 servicemen and women recognized.  Sheaf of Wheat symbol was presented to the Chapter from Gordon Hawkins (her son) and Louella Hawkins in memory of Neva Hawkins.  Cake had gavel shaped candles on it.  November, All Past Matrons & Patrons signed our Holy Bible.  Short recess during installation to sign bible by Jr. Past Matron & Patron.  We dedicated a page in our minutes to all of the husbands, sons and daughters of our members and even some of our own members who joined the armed forces to defend our country - 54 in all.  December 5, The officer's circle gave Cardinal a war bond of $25.00.  Approved motion to begin pro-rating the dues because of the Grand Chapter per capita tax.  Offering blood to a blood bank for a fund raiser.  December 15, Jr. P.M. & Jr. P.P. used to sign the bible at Installation during the recess.  The outgoing W.M. referred to her year as the sun traveling: 

                          "My installation - the sunrise, My inspection - High noon, Our Friendship Nites - Afternoon

                           Thoughts & now tonight  - The Sunset"

A court was formed by the officers as the W.M. retired and a basket of flowers and many memory cards were given.  This year's dresses were white gowns with gold accessories.  The Deputy left a pleasant thought with everyone, "There will be many dark days ahead of us, on account of the World War, but try to make these dark days glad by our smiles, as we enter the Chapter room to meet our beloved friends."  A flower addenda was given to the W.M. by the Star Points. 



1943 – 177 Members


February 6, Good Cheer was going to have a “valentine shower” for May Elliott.  Gwen Price gave a new crown and scepter to the Esther point (in memory of her mother) and a new veil was given to Adah by the W.M. & WP.  March 10, Grand Inspection.  The Marshal used to enter the chapter room with the AP, WP and AC.  Grand representatives and Grand officers used to be presented at the altar.  There were 122 visitors and 68 members present = 190 total.  The W.G.M. put us on the “honor roll” for starting on time and we were given another “excellent” for our work.  The W.G.M.’s address to us:  “Cardinal Chapter is Queen Esther’s Chapter."  She gave the history of Esther’s life of how loyal she was to her people and how we need so much loyalty today to others, ourselves, home, church and God from whom comes all good.  We need Eastern Stars, but we need better Eastern Stars to carry out the lessons of our points.  To remember the beautiful lesson of Queen Esther.  April 3, We made $57.51 by selling brooms for the blind.  The W.M. inspection gift was a coffee table.  After chapter, those with March birthdays were the entertainment with this song: 


                      “Come out to Chapter and join the bunch,

                             and boost with all your might

                        Forget your biz, whate’er it is,

                             and things that don’t go right.

                        Forget your care, remember there’s,

                             a world outside your own

                        To give you:  remember that you can’t get glad alone”


May 1, By orders of instruction received from the 77th Congress, the salute to our flag should be rendered by standing with the right hand over the heart, holding this position until the end of the pledge of allegiance.  Sister Gwen Price became a grandma (girl).  June 5, Our brothers put on a play called “The Womanless Wedding” after meeting.  August 7, The landmarks were read.  Total treasury $713.98.  Meetings always started around 8:20p.m.  September 4, Each chapter used to be asked for donations to help defer costs of District Dinner.  Grand Chapter to be two days instead of 3.  November 6, Virginia Shewalter’s dues paid by the Chapter for the 2nd year in a row as she is a W.A.A.C. in England.  Janitor asked for a raise.  We collected sales tax stamps to make money ($14.70).  December 8, Had to have a motion voted on by the Chapter to have a Grand Inspection.  Installation, admist a lovely setting of palms, white mums and red carnations and red & white candles in the candelabras.  Another court formed again for the outgoing WM.  Red dresses and red carnations in the lapels of the gents.  A floral addenda to the star points was made by giving them a “hanky” rose in the color of their station.  Quote from May Elliott:  

                                    “Like a rose, a new year opens

                                          days unfolding, one by one;

                                     and we cannot know its contents,

                                          ‘til the last day has been done.

                                     But we do know through our actions

                                          we can help it in a way

                                     to bud forth in glorious beauty,

                                          if we live right, every day.”



1944 – 194 Members


January 1, Held meetings on holidays.  February 7, We served our turn at the Bond Booth @ McAlpin’s downtown.  February 23, Inspection:  76 members & 168 visitors = 244 total.  W.G.M. stated, "Nothing can be accomplished without dreaming."  We received candelabras as gifts.  March 4, We received new cords on our badges.  Proposed amendment to raise Secretary fee to $50.00.  Motion carried for new Secretary’s briefcase ($15.45).  April 1, For three days in April, it was OES week at the USO.  The USO was located at the Masonic Temple in Cincinnati.  Next month we will have an “Electa Night”.  May 6, Electa and Mother’s Night.  Moved and seconded to buy the meat for Anniversary night.  14 past Electa’s were present.  Next day 45 members went to church for church day.  May 19, Anniversary Night.  The W.M. of Violet Chapter who signed our dispensation to start our Chapter - shared the East with our W.M.  “Long may you serve the men & women of our country, dear Cardinal and may all who belong, honor this beloved Order of the Eastern Star.”  June 3, Obligation Night.  We made a donation to the Sharonville PTA for religious education.  Sister Cannon’s son-in-law was killed in action.  We’ve had 22 initiations this year.  September 2, Moved to pay the expenses of Assoc. Matron @ Grand Chapter.  October 7, When we had friendship night where the officers from visiting chapters would assume the stations with our officers as we opened chapter.  W.M. Louella Hawkins appointed to Victory Pageant Grand Chapter Committee.  November 7, We stopped belonging to the Masonic Employment Bureau and therefore do not have to pay per capital tax to them. 



1945 – 221 Members


January 5, School of Instruction held at the Cincinnati Masonic Temple.  February 3, It was moved and seconded to send Easter Greetings to the sons & daughters of those serving in the war.  Roland Kaper presented a beautiful desk to the Chapter.  April 7, Grand Chapter to be held Oct. 30, 31 & Nov. 1, if permitted by the Federal Government.  Another war bond (Series F) was bought.  Moved to buy coffee maker, cups and forks.  New desk light given to the Chapter.  Church Day @ Presbyterian Church in Sharonville.  April 11, Inspection:  6:30 dinner @ Sharonville School.  251 folks were in attendance.  100 Members, 151 visitors.  An exemplification of the ballot by the officers always had to be completed.  Sunshine collection went to the Veteran’s Hospital ($28.19).  Deputy stated, “the inspection was done as perfect as it humanly could be done.”  May 18, Thomas A. Hebrigle was the 346th person to sign the bylaws.  Currently there are 221 members - loss of 125 by death, demit and suspension over the years.  27 initiations this year.  August 4, Grand Chapter to be held one day in Columbus.  September 1, Honored past matrons with rose vases and guys with hankies.  We were invited by the Brothers of Sharonville Lodge #204 to attend the ceremony and entertainment celebrating the burning of the mortgage on 9/19/45.  December 4, Officers entered with red and white flowers in East but had rainbow colored dresses and entered to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  The new W.M. asked everyone to remember our returning war heroes and offered a prayer for the new peace.



1946 – 237 Members


February 2, Our oldest member is Felix Zind.  He will be 92 on 2/4/46  (he was born in 1854).  Motion passed to make him a life member.  This was also rededication night.  March 2, “Martha” night.  Honored all past Martha’s.  The star points formed a triangle with green satin ribbon around the altar.  They received a green lamb with a living plan.  After the meeting - a table was set-up downstairs with two lamb cakes.  March 7, 84 members, 151 visitors = 235 in attendance at Inspection.  Another “excellent” was received.  May 23, The 1903 W.M. gave the farewell.  August 3, We formed a committee to help the City of Sharonville in their effort to build a playground.  October 5, $30.00 raised for the playground.  Old time masque dance to be held the last Saturday in October at the Temple.  The optional lecture was given to the candidates by WP of Wyoming.  December 19, An organ fund to be the W.M. project this year by saving tax stamps. 



1947 – 248 Members


February 1, Motion carried to start giving the candidates bibles from the Chapter.  Many of our dishes are missing - all are asked to look in their cupboards for them.  Attendance prize was given to one of the sisters.  March 1, Organ fund from collecting tax stamps is now $187.20.  We are having dances every month as money makers.  March 15, Inspection.  90 members - 134 visitors = 224 total.  Irregularity was given to us because our proceedings were not fireproof.  April 5, Organ fund $209.71.  All requested to remain seated as an addendum to Esther was given.  May 2, Anniversary Dinners were covered dishes with the Chapter providing the meat.  Pirate Bingo was played after the meeting.  May 26, We sponsored a Chinese Child.  Each PM and PP was asked to give something humorous incident or outstanding from their year.  July 7, District asked each Chapter to donate $5.00 to the district dinner to help with costs.  August 2, W.M. had a gift table.  We always had several repeat visitors.  WP of Winton Chapter even donated $5.00 to our new altar cloth.  September 6, Motion made to Charter a bus to go to friendship night in Dayton.  October 4, On friendship night, the visiting chapter’s officers used to follow our officers in the Chapter and be introduced by them.  Using our new altar cloth.  Organ fund is $320.72.  November 1, Net worth of Savings - $940.73.  Served Aid Luncheon in January.  December 12, 18 officers dressed in blue entered a scene of silvery Christmas trees and white mums.  Choir entered singing “Open the Gates of the Temple”.  The choir was carrying candles, the lights were lowered and a spot light was put on a beautiful revolving Christmas tree.  After all officers were installed, a flower addendum was given to the star points with African violets hanging from a white cross.  Each violet was in their color and each were told how their point had a “cross” to bear.  Grand Sentinel was present.  The new officers did an addendum for the W.M. titled “An Apple for the Teacher” - giving her a bright red apple by each and a verse saying they will do their school work well.





January 3, W.M. plans on honoring several PM & PP at every meeting.  Donations to OES Sunshine & Hospital Circle - Salvation Army - Needy Family.  Motion passed to pay Sharonville Lodge $10.00/mo. During the six winter months for Gas & Electric.  Organ Fund is $577.10.  Big School to be a Masonic Temple downtown.  Tables in grill room were decorated in snowballs made from popcorn.  January 8, May Elliott turns 86.  February 7, Communication from Lodge advising us that all of our paraphernalia must be put in upstairs room.  One of our members, Captain Alma Hendrix is being sent to Japan to serve in a hospital there.  Julia Conrad has been “acting” organist for a couple of months.  Entertainment was a movie from Cledith’s husband, Herbert, called “Oranges from True to Fable” - this was the year Cledith was Esther.  March 6, Communication received to build a proposed OES Home in Springfield, OH.  Sister Gwen Price presented Martha’s station with a new marble broken column in memory of John Prices’ mother - Sister Minnie Price.  April 3, Inspection.  D.G.M. stated “ritualistic work sincerely given”.  209 in attendance:  122 visitors/87 members.  May 1, Julia Conrad installed as organist for remainder of the year.  May Elliott was taken to a rest home in Walnut Hills and is very ill.  We collected magazines and playing cards every year to donation to the members of the home.  Entertainment was the Latin class from Sharonville High School with songs and a short play.  May 21, Anniversary Night.  Favors were book marks in the star point colors.  Many cards received from other Chapters regarding May Elliott’s death.  Communication from Covert Chapter requesting concurrent jurisdiction with the 20th District.  We granted it in our Chapter (by paper ballot).  We had a visitor from a Chapter in Scotland who talked about their ways.  October 2, Started a memorial fund in May Elliott’s name.  On this friendship night, the Cincinnati Police Band performed.  We are still having card parties and dances to raise money for the Chapter.  November 6, Past Matron’s first to donate to May Elliott fund - $25.00.  Secretaries fees raised to $60.00.  Tables were set up downstairs in each month of the year and each had to sit @ table of their birthday.  December 10, Orchid dresses (lavender and gold).  Motto:  Love one another.  New W.M. worked at the Cincinnati Ice Co. and received from her co-workers a bucket of ice cubes with silver dollars frozen in them.



1949 – 275 Members


January 1, Ruby Crow, cousin of May Elliott, Ft. Mitchell, KY donated $500.00 to her memorial fund (a.k.a. - Organ Fund).  We wrote letter to Masonic Lodge asking permission to place an organ in the Temple.  March 5, Letter received from the Lodge saying it was okay to get an organ.  March 23, New organ installed and chapter room replastered the wall.  Willis Music Co. gave two people, 10 free lessons for buying the organ.  April 2, Grand Chapter communication wanting every member to donate $1.00 to go toward building the new OES home in Springfield.  New white ballot box presented to Chapter by Thyra Norcross.  New floor cloth ordered.  May 7, Chartering a bus again to go to friendship night @ Arra Chapter.  Gave the old piano away.  Also made motion to give old paraphernalia to Grand Chapter to give to some deserving chapter.  Organ was a little over $2,500.00.  June 4, Spoons missing so motion to purchase 10 dozen additional spoons passed.  $5,000 fire insurance policy to be taken out.  August 20, 48th Anniversary dinner held in our newly decorated social room.  October 1, Still working @ The Home of the Incurables.  Friendship night would be a Halloween Dance for Hanselmann Chapter.  Entertainment that night was a “baby contest.”  October 15, Chartering a bus to Grand Chapter for $3.45/person.  Entertained by David Herbert, brilliant young TV star and Dorothea Painter on the accordion.  November 5, May Elliott Memorial Fund $350.00 and we are transferring it to a Savings Account.  December 3, Donated $5.00 to the police fund.  Gave to the Salvation Army and the Catherine Booth Home.  Katherine Evans is the Guardian of the Wyoming Bethel of Jobs Daughters.  December 14, Installation - dresses were pink taffeta.



1950 – 300 Members


February 4, Class of Instructions held.  Donate to Orphanage & Red Cross.  W.M. project is new leather chairs for the Lodge.  Motion made to check with Lodge to add a second row of seats around the Lodge instead of leather chairs.  March 4, The Lodge rejected our offer to place another row of chairs in lodge room, but they plan on buying some new folding chairs.  Gave to Easter Seals.  April 1, Revising & reviewing by-laws a they have not been looked at since 1939.  Also making a membership roster.  April 15, Inspection:  86 visitors & 87 members = 146 total.  No irregularities.  “Chapter in fine condition” as quoted by D.G.M. Laura B. Jabery.  May 6, District Dinner portion raised to $10.00 instead of $5.00 to help defray costs.  Paid Sharonville Lodge $213.20 for our portion of half of their new folding chairs (52 chairs).  June 3, Treasury:  $842.03.  We purchased 1,000 post cards to send out as meeting notices.  Lodge sent us a check for two of our folding chairs making each of our purchases 50 chairs.  July 1, The Lodge sent a letter declining our offer to partake in our picnic as they were planning one on the same day (they may meet our group at the park).  September 2, District Dinner to be held @ the Cincinnati Masonic Temple.  Assoc. Matron resigned (Dorothy Caraway).  Donated to the Council of Retarded Children.  W.M. sent a letter of thanks to College Hill for their friendship night.  Had a square dance after the meeting.  November 4, Cledith Humbach was elected W.M. from the Conductress station, A.C. moved to A.M. when the A.M. had to resign and the W.M. was unable to complete her duties.  W.G.M. had to step in and deputize someone for two meetings.  December 18, 50th Anniversary of Installation.  Verlie & Charles Springer (they were the first W.M. & W.P. to serve in our new temple) and they were together again as Installing Officers.  Chapter was decorated with red roses, golden mums and golden bells.  We used to always have installing floral marshals.  Fuchsia colored dresses.  The flower addenda was each star point receiving a gold crown interlaced with tiny mums the color of her point and Cledith’s crown had all 5 colors.  Cledith’s officers presented her a golden link which when all joined together formed a golden chain of friendship.



1951 – 308 Members


February 3, Organized a paper sale to raise money.  March 3, Motion carried to pay $50.00 for a plaque for the May Elliott Memorial Room at the OES Home.  Inspection dinner was $2.00/plate.  Mock initiation.  Donated to Christian Children’s Fund.  Motion carried to buy material for curtains for the stage.  May 5, Finally reached a balance of $1,052.96 in our checking account.  OES Blood Bank started.  Edna Cannon donated a new Sheaf emblem in memory of her brother.  Motion carried to contact Grand Chapter Jurisprudence Committee to add question on candidate questionnaire to ask if at any time would they have the intention of not saluting the flag of our country.  May 10, Inspection:  6 Grand Officers were present.  May 19, Anniversary Special Meeting - on each pedestal was an old fashioned kerosene lamp and each star point chair was replaced with old-fashioned rocking chairs.  The officers were dressed in 1901 style dresses.  There was a moment of silence for May Elliott.  Received $10.00 gift from Violet Chapter to buy something we really need in our Chapter room.  Old fashioned square dance was held after the meeting.  June 2, By-laws changed to increase Secretary salary to $75.00 and Organist to be paid $25.00/year.  July 7, Donated to the Salvation Army Youth Camp.  Grand Representative from Evening Star Chapter in Louisville, KY was visiting.  September 1, Resolution passed to hold meetings on the 1st Saturday of each month except July and August.  These meetings will start @ 8pm.  Motion carried to buy pedestal covers, new electric sweeper and a new star for the East.  October 6, Received an invitation to be present @ the laying of the cornerstone of the OES home in Mt. Vernon on 10/14/51.  An orchestra for the Halloween dance was reported secured for $15.00.  Sent a thank you to Carlson’s Hardware for the polisher they gave us when we bought our new sweeper for $87.50.  Motion carried to buy a new typewriter for the Chapter.  October 20, Byron Boyd thanked us for furnishing a room at the OES home on North Bend in memory of May Elliott.  November 3, Our Organist, Julia Conrad asked to be installing organist @ Pleasant Ridge Chapter.  December 15, Gold dresses for the coming year.



1952 – 319 Members


May 3, Donated to Shriner’s Crippled Children’s Hospital.  June 4, The Sharon Press does our address printing for the meeting notices, but we need to provide the stencils for $8.00.  September 6, District dinner is $3.50/person - 191 in attendance.  $64.00 collected in tax stamps fundraiser.  October 4, Gave $422.00 to the OES Home.  October 17, Fairmount Chapter thanked us on friendship night for our friendly manner because we were such a friendly chapter that makes you feel right at home.  November 1, To be reinstated in Chapter, you had to be voted in and pay your back dues as well as your current dues.  Masonic Employment Bureau asked us to pay per capita donation of 2-1/2 cents per member.  New Contract with the Lodge,  effective in December states:  “The Sharonville Lodge #204 will assume all responsibilities of the Temple including Janitor”.  Cardinal will pay $300.00/yr. which entitles them to 20 meetings.  Any meeting over that number will be billed @ $10.00/meeting.



1953 – 334 Members


January 3, 64th Annual Grand Chapter session to be held in Cincinnati on Oct. 27, 28 & 29.  February 7, New Bethel of Jobs Daughters being instituted at Sharonville Public School on 2/28/53.  We donated $20.00 to the new Bethel Guardian, Carolyn Shively, to purchase a flag.  Still saving tax stamps.  April 4, Conductress of Columbian Chapter conducted a choir for the Grand Chapter Session.  Anyone able to attend be at Masonic Temple downtown.  Sycamore Chapter W.M. passed away.  May 5, Grand Inspection:  100 visitors.  $26.50 collected for Mt. Vernon Home.  W.G.M. recommended we raise our dues & affiliation fee.  June 6, Hamilton County Home is in dire straights - please send money.  October 3, All star point lamps to be refinished.  October 24, Friendship night with Marvin Chapter.  Entertainment was moving pictures and Shirley Cradler playing her xylophone.  November 7, Another petition rejected.  Ruth C. Koehl was expelled (no reason given in the minutes) from Walnut Hills Chapter - which rarely ever happened!!  December 5, First mention of a bulletin.  Going to try it for one year.  The Marshal and Chaplain drape the altar for members passing.



1954 – 344 Members


January 2, Grand Chapter changes Attitude of Prayer, Star Points hold their sign until the response is given and bibles cannot be presented until candidates are seated.  After the meeting, Bingo was played.  Black notebook to be purchased to put by-laws in.  March 6, Inspection dinner going to be held at Sharonville School @ $1.50/person.  May 1, After the meeting, the officer’s put on a play called “The Bachelor’s Dream”.  May 15, Anniversary Night.  Poem written for Cardinal Chapter by members Edna Cannon & Pelina McGee:

                                    As we look back thru the years

                                         O’er our good times and our bad

                                    We cannot help but feel

                                         It’s a grand Chapter that we have.


                                    We are sister’s and we’re brothers

                                         And pledge ourselves to be

                                    Kindly loving toward each other

                                         And to live in harmony.


                                    Since this is now our motto

                                         And a good one, you’ll agree

                                    Let’s follow it and from little petty things

                                         let’s keep our Chapter free.


                                    Let us stand by those

                                         Who from our Chapter now have gone

                                    Those who started our Chapter

                                         In nineteen hundred and one.


                                 C  is for charity

                                 A  adds faith and hope

                                 R  is to be ready

                                  D  when there is work to do

                                  I  is for the interest

                                 N  now that we should share

                                 A  adds hospitality

                                 L  love that can’t compare


                             Put them all together, they spell Cardinal, a chapter we all love,

                                      And we ask continued blessing from our Heavenly Father above.


September 4, Motion passed to start giving 25 year pins to all members past and present.  $3.39/pin.  Aluminum pans with lids given to the Temple by Chapter through money raised selling vanilla.  November 6, Raised our dues to $3.00; affiliation to $5.00 and initiation fee to $15.00.  December 4, $88.80 made by the officers during the year.  $73.00 was used to buy electric candelabras.



1955 – 343 Members


January 1, WM has "birthday tables" set up in the Grille Room.  If you have a birthday for the month, you must sit at the special table and have cake and special wishes.  May 7, Christian flag presented to the Chapter in memory of Charles Spring.  Anniversary meeting on May 18, WM had the Secretary read the minutes from 1901, 1926 & 1951.  September 22, Friendship night with Saylor Park Chapter - 45 visitors in attendance.  November 5, motion carried to stop sending monthly bulletins.  School of Instruction held on Monday @ Masonic Temple @ 7:30pm - dinner 6pm for $2.25/plate.



1956 – 342 Members


April 21, D.G.M. recommended we raise our dues because we are financially unstable to continue as a Chapter.  June 2, motion carried to raise our dues to $5.00.  September 1, motion carried to raise Organist fees to $25.00, Treasurer fees to $12.00 and Secretary fees to $75.00.  October 6 was reobligation night and the flag was re-dedicated.  The ladies put on a play called "Masonic Lodge Meeting" which was enjoyed by all.  December 1, motion passed to start monthly bulletins again.  New lamp purchased for the Organist ($50.99). 



1957 – 360 Members



January 5, the cleaning of the floor cloth ($22.50) really brought out the moth holes.  Bake sale @ Cliff's Hardware announced.  February 2, Ann Baxter joined the Aid Society at the Home for $50.00.  She was the first to join from our Chapter since 1947.  Received a letter from the W.G.M. & W.G.P. stating the 8 Responsibilities they have toward the membership in the State of Ohio.  They are: 

                  1.     To dry a tear

2.     To coax a smile

3.     To lift a load

4.     To help a fallen one

5.     To be true to God, our fellowmen and ourselves

6.     To be a real Eastern Star

7.     To govern our tempers and tongues

8.     To conduct and cultivate courage, affection & tolerance.



March 2, motion passed to remit the dues for all members in nursing homes.  April 6, motion passed to have the Secretary and Treasurer bonded.  May 4, monthly bulletins cost $10.00.  June 1, a petition was rejected.  Elnora Ewing & Pollie Perkins donated 2 large punch bowls and cups.  Per capita tax is $302.95.  November 2, Officer's purchased a refrigerator.



1958 – 348 Members


March 1, motion carried for trustees to get our bonds from the mason's safety deposit box in bank and see if some money could be put in a savings account.  April 5, reached $2,117.37 in bank.  Most bills still totaling under $200.00.  Motion carried to cash in the $277.50 in bonds and that Chapter secure a safety deposit box of their own.  May 3, Gwen Price presented Chapter with white floor covering from Past Matron’s circle.  May 17, Anniversary cake cost $6.00.  June 7, Communication received from the Grand Lodge of Ohio giving rules of the Grand Lodge stating there shall be no gambling, no handling of liquor, no Sunday picnics and no rehearsals on Sunday.  This governs any club or group with a Masonic affiliation.  Bulletins cost $11.00/month.  September 6, by paper ballot, Cardinal approved the recommendation that Cleves Chapter #295 become concurrent with the other 32 Chapters in District 20 who are now enjoying concurrent jurisdiction.  November 1, Savings Acct. opened @ People’s with $600.00 balance.  End of fiscal year used to be Oct. 31.  Motion carried to up Secretary salary to $100.00, up the Treasurer & Organist salary $35.00 and also that $75.00 be set aside for the W.M. to defray the cost of installation, anniversary & friendships nights.  December 6, Grand Chapter amendment to be added to all Chapter’s bylaws in that $5.00 shall be paid to O.E.S. Home fund for each person initiated during the year.  December 13, Installation brought forth pink dresses.  Ina Green was Installing Matron - minutes say, “Ina in her own sweet & sincere manner installed all of the officers”.



1959 – 351 Members


February 7, Reobligation night.  We donated an altar bible to Rainbow Girls.  April 4, Safety deposit box $4.40 rent.  Bylaw book to be preserved or rebound.  May 2, motion carried to put 4 cent stamps on bulletins.  June 6, Chapter voted unanimously in favor of granting dispensation to establish a new chapter to be known as Colerain.  Motion carried to purchase steam table and sink for the kitchen ($550.00) as long as it was all right with our Masonic Brothers.  September 5, Gave $10.00 to new Colerain Chapter.  October 3, Sympathies sent to Lowell Mason whose father passed away.  Bakeless Bake Sale raised $127.00.  November 7, $250.00 to be removed from Savings for Steam Table.  Motion made to send ill members flowers, cards, books, whatever - not to exceed $3.00 as well as silver spoons to be given to new babies.  Motion also passed to pay Assoc. Matron same as W.M. for Grand Chapter.  December 9, Installation was red dresses w/gold bracelets.  Ann Baxter, daughter of Bess Duff, is serving with her brother Moler Duff Jr.



1960 – 353 Members


January 2, Our newly installed WP, Moler Duff Jr. has moved away to Morrison, IL (approximately 300 miles) but plans on driving back for every meeting.  February 6, Trustees given ok to clean house and dispose of all items not needed.  ESTARL has become a state project of the Grand Chapter.  Ohio has contributed $42,000 in seven years to ESTARL.  April 2, motion passed to remit the dues of everyone in nursing homes.  May 7, motion passed to impose a $.50 fine for reinstatement.  June 4, Officers donated veil for Adah and white ballots.  Per capita $356.85.  October 15, Friendship night & entertainment was square dancing.  November 5, Robe donated for Organist.  December 9, New officers wore white dresses.  Pages dressed in yellow.





January 7, New officers donated a new flag.  February 4, communication received that Grand Chapter will be held at the Cincinnati Gardens.  May 6, New ribbons received on officers badges and new wreath for charter was donated by Lillian Meyers and Ledra Robinson in memory of Brother Lafe Jessup.  A letter received from OES Sunshine Circle urging folks to attend their meetings on the last Wednesday of each month.  Because of poor attendance, this group may have to disband even though they have been in existence for 40 years.  Motion carried to have the chairs covered.  May 10, D.G.M. said, “I was so impressed with the work, if I was giving out grades - Cardinal Chapter's would be EXCELLENT”.  October 7, 20th District Motto:  “Be Helpful - Be Kind - Be Considerate of our Eastern Star guests so that we may uphold the tradition of gracious hospitality in our Queen City of the West”.  November 4, motion carried to buy new pedestals and upholster the chairs because we want our Chapter room "dressed up" for our Grand Inspection.  Also passed motion for new briefcase for Secretary.  December 2, invited by the Mason’s to partake in their Christmas party.  Chapter agreed to pay half of the expenses.  December 6, Installation:  88 members & 44 visitors = 132 total.  Sunshine collection = $23.70!  Green dresses.  Pollie Perkins installed her daughter Gladys Steube as W.M.



1962 – 348 Members


January 6, Cledith Humbach named President of the Matron’s & Patron’s Association.  February 3, W.P. & A.P. gave ALL of their lectures even though they say they are optional in the ritual.  The work was so more impressive and beautiful.  Inspection dinner is $1.65/plate.  Always retired to grill room after meetings for food or cake.  March 3,  $265.00 to upholster the chairs.  Donating our old lamps and pedestals to a new chapter in District 16.  Bro. & Sis. Kaper donated sheaf to the Chapter.  March 5, W.G.M. appointed Mary Green as Grand Rep. to South Carolina at our Grand Inspection.  W.G.M. said, “It has been an inspiration to serve as your Inspection Officer - Your chapter is exemplifying the many phases of the work of our order in a very fine manner.  A great honor to call Cardinal Chapter mine.”  Again - no irregularities.  April 7, motion carried to send resolutions of respect to all families of members that pass.  December 1, motion passed to remit the dues of Bro. & Sis. Huff for the use of the addressing machine.  December 7, Grand Marshal attended our Installation.  Orchid dresses this year.





On January 5, a vote on new initiates was taken whereas the wife's ballot was not clear, but her husband's was.  Practice was always held to make the ceremony perfect.  February 2, motion carried to apply for a non-profit bulk mailing permit which would save $80.00/year.  April 6, four P.G.M.’s and P.G.P.’s attended inspection along with the D.G.M., Grand Marshal, Grand Chaplain and five Grand Representatives.  May 4, Matron’s & Patron’s Association of District 20 sent letter asking for $.10 per member for the Grand Officer’s Fund.  Motion carried not to send this in.  We attended church services every year together.  May 18, 50 year pins presented to Jennie & Charlie Sanger and Alma Barrow.  Verlie Springer couldn’t be there but wrote the following on 5/5: 


         “Dear Dorothy, John & Members of Cardinal:

                  I received your letter and invitation to be present at the special anniversary on May 18 to receive my 50 year pin.  Thank you very much for this, but I’m sorry to be unable to be present.  50 years is a long time, but to think back, it seems so short.  How well I remember the year 1913 when Jennie, Charlie, Charles and I were initiated into Cardinal Chapter in the old town hall.  They voted and took us in the same night.  I was scared.  Entering the Chapter room, there was just one person sitting on the sideline, it was Dr. Herbert Beins.  Edna Beins was Worthy Matron.  Two of the star point stations were absent.  Lulu Sotcher had the station of Adah.  When we were escorted to station of Ruth, there was Lou to give the lecture and the same at Esther’s station.  I took a real interest in Cardinal right away.  In 1917, I started through the chairs, and in 1919 protemed the Worthy Matron station all year.  The Worthy Matron elected was Sister Jennie Whalon, was installed and fell ill and passed away.  I was then elected Worthy Matron in 1920.  The place of meeting (the town hall) was very small, but, did have lots of visitors on inspection and installation nights.  Our little coal stove for heat and other lodge furniture did not make a pretty picture, but we did decorate to make our Chapter room a flower garden on these special evenings.  We had many good times in this meeting place, playing games after Chapter.  In 1930, I again had the office as Worthy Matron.  The Masonic Temple being built that year, I was proud to be the first Worthy Matron to serve in this wonderful temple.  We all worked hard to help our Masonic Brothers in furnishings, buying the carpet, dishes, seats and other things.  Elma McNeely and I worked together and gave many plays on the little stage in the basement.  Many times I’d drive up to the temple, my car looking like a moving van with lamps, chairs and other things to make a room scene.  We never could have made these plays a success without the help of the members to take part.  We all had such good times and I loved every minute of it.  Ask Pete Surface if he can still play the base violin.  So you can imagine how sorry I as to hear that the little stage had been torn out.  In 1952, we came to Florida to benefit Charles’ health.  Before departing, I’ll never forget the wonderful farewell surprise party that the Chapter and Past Matron’s gave us.  Don’t think anything was left out, surprises in the Chapter room and then in the basement.  This wonderful party fully made up all I had ever done for Cardinal.  I’m sorry that I cannot be present on May 18 to receive my pin, but thanks again and I’ll sure be thinking of you on this special night and wishing you a very happy evening.  Congratulations on Cardinal’s 63 birthday and wishing her many many more.

                                                                        Love from Verlie Springer


June 1, motion carried to put $500.00 in the Savings & Loan.  September 7, OES Chapter in Ft. Myers, Florida, sent a letter that they presented Verlie Springer with her 50 year pin on behalf of Cardinal Chapter.  October 5, another petition rejected.   November 2, motion carried to remit the dues of Bro. & Sis. Huff as long as we use their addressograph machine for our bulletins, meeting notices, etc.  December 13, Blue dresses worn at Installation.



1964 - 366 Members


January 4, triangle shadow box donated by Dorothy & John Sander (Jr. Pasts).  January 16, IRS now requires each subordinate Chapter to have its own identification number.  February 1, the 1963 officers spent $35.42 for linen to make tablecloths for downstairs.  $323.78 leftover is to be put into Savings Account to finish paying for the pedestals.  March 7, paper ballot passed to join with the District 20 Association when formed.  April 3, Grand Inspection with dinner at the Sharonville Methodist Church for $2.00/plate.  April 4, Grand Chapter to be held @ Cincinnati Gardens.  May 2, eight members to be initiated next month.  Keziah Galloway wrote a 200 word essay for the 75th Anniversary Book for Grand Chapter.  25 Chapters voted to be a part of the District Association and by-laws are being worked.  June 6, first meeting of the District Association is  June 29, 1964 @ 7:30p.m. at the Norwood Masonic Temple.  All members are welcome.  We are sending $73.00 for the Children’s Fund of the Worthy Grand Patron of South Carolina who was killed in an auto accident on his way home from an inspection.  September 5, Secretary fees raised to $100/yr.  Motion carried to purchase a Master Addresser Model 99 for $171.00 and the machine be kept by the Secretary.  What we use now is too inconvenient.  Mary Green reported on the applause received @ Grand Chapter in South Carolina when she presented our check for the W.G.P. killed in SC.  November 7, two of our brothers John Sander and Harry Ferris helped build the Grand East @ Grand Chapter and Margaret Evans worked in the Chairman of Arrangements Office.  December 5, 1964 Officers purchased new badges.  We are still entertaining at the Home of the Incurables (we take ice cream, cake, an a small gift for each patient).  December 9, Installation: Cherry Red Gowns.



1965 - 382 Members


January 2, Margaret Evans, Secretary of Dist. 20 Association.  School of Instruction again @ Masonic Temple downtown and we were always asked to donate/borrow chairs, bibles, whatever was needed.  Dresden Chapter accepted our unused pedestals, small pedestal lamps and broken column.  The Past Matron’s are using the old electric star.  February 6, Building & Loan balance $2,413.82.  Sharonville Lodge Trustees asked for a raise in the rent from $300.00 to $400.00 because we hold 14 meetings per year and it costs about $27.00 per night.  March 6, gave Mary Green $25.00 at the end of her Grand Representative term – a gift from the Chapter.  April 3, participated in a P&G Survey to raise money.  Motion carried to donate $500.00 to the Hamilton Co. OES Home building fund over the next three years.  The home is building a new home. (adding on.)

May 1, Inspection report:  Ritualistic work done in a most proficient manner.  This is a fine chapter and is growing rapidly. May 22, Jim Green kept the kids entertained in the Grille room while Chapter met.  W.M. Marian Morgan was presented a rocking chair by her officers as well as a jar of mustard proving she could still “cut the mustard”.  June 5, $500.00 to be placed in Savings Account.  September 4, Chapter has newly painted walls and new carpet.  $2,963.77 in Savings.  $570.26 in checking.  Sharonville Lodge Rent is $400/mo.  Bulletins costs $14.42.  Still initiating 4-5 people at a time.  October 8, Friendship Night.  Our Chapter was turned into a “Midway” for an old time Country Fair.  Booths were set-up and visitors from Ohio Chapter were escorted around to each booth and received a small souvenir at each booth.  All then retired to the Grille room where each table was decorated in a farm yard atmosphere complete with split rail fences and animals.  November 6, Summit Bowling Alley wants to start an Eastern Star Bowling League, if interested contact the Worthy Matron.  Proposal to raise dues to $6.00 was defeated.  Our Grand Jurisdiction has 182,471 members and is the largest in the world.  December 4, bulletins cost $14.42/month for printing.  December 10, Installation:  Lavender dresses with white rose motif.  Marge Rowley’s theme “Walk in the Light”.  (Membership of District 20 as of 6/30/65 was 12,440).



1966 - 398 Members


January 1, Mt. Vernon Home sold soap (instead of cheese) to make money.  February 5, all members urged to save their Betty Crocker & Kellogg’s coupons to purchase silverware for the OES Hamilton County Home.  Aid Society lunches are $1.00.  April 2, received the framed picture of May Elliott with the plaque from Margaret Evans, President of Past Matrons.  Ledra & John Robinson presented a new altar cloth (quilted, fitted top and fitted kneeling pad) to replace our 20 year old one.  After our March meeting, the temple was broken into and our sword is missing.  Regalia has one but the blade is shorter ($25.24) - we purchased it.  May 7, Demolay’s performed the Rose Ceremony for the Mothers.  50 & 25 year pins given out and they were welcomed into the Golden & Silver Circles of Membership respectively.  June 4, John & Gwen Price’s 50th Wedding Anniversary on 6/12/66.  September 3, split the phone bill with the Lodge $15.55.  October 1, having trouble finding a cleaner to take the altar cloth and finding someone to clean the rug.  October 7, Friendship night with Wyoming Chapter.  The “Sing Out Cincinnati Junior Cast” consisting of boys and girls ages 4 to 14 gave a vocal program about our country.  This was followed by a fashion show by our male members.  November 5, District 20 Association wants $.10/member if you want to belong to the Association.  Avon Noon Chapter surrendered its charter and has many items for sale.  Sideliners were escorted behind Esther’s chair and a poem read.  Some lines go…..”What we would do without those on the sideline, nothing would mean much without them, they keep our Chapter growing”.  Then each were given personal greetings in the East and a token of the evening.   December 3, labyrinth rug will not lay flat since it has been cleaned.  The cleaner is to fix the problem.  December 9, Grand Conductress was at our Installation.  Emerald Green dresses.



1967 - 395 Members


January 7, motion carried to purchase new rug by next meeting.  Sister Joan Eggers, A.M., had to step up and fill in for W.M. who had to attend funeral of step-father.  March 4, pro-tem candidates were Lois & Bill Hubble from Wyoming Chapter.  Brother Bill is Worthy Patron this year.  April 1, invited to participate in the 4th of July Parade sponsored by the Sharonville Jaycees.  1966 Ways & Means committee presented 12 new tables and a cart to the Chapter.  April 21, D.G.M. commended us on our Chapter’s determination and progress.  We have had a gain of 16 in the past year and average 70 people per meeting and always have a visitor or 5!!!  We also received our first irregularity - “excessive short form openings”.  May 6, big supporter of OES Home.  Rose Ceremony performed by Valley Demolay for the mothers.  Sister Ruby Casey’s son performed it.  June 3, Ways & Means are selling tickets to the Paul Dixon show.  Our brother John Sander made a shadow box for Madisonville Chapter. 

September 2, speech given by Richard Mason, Chairman of Arrangements.  October 7, letter received from Puerto Rico (smallest Grand Jurisdiction) asking for help to build their Temple.  Ways and Means conducting P&G survey and will receive $3.00 per person.  November 4, had to transfer money from Savings to pay bills.  Paid District 20 per capita of $.10/member.  Secretary getting $100.00.  Organist and Treasurer both get $35.00 ea. for their time.  Amended bylaws:  Initiation fee $20.00 and affiliation $10.00.  1967 officers presented Chapter a new crown and scepter in honor of our 1943 Grand Esther, Gwen Price.  Sister Gwen was given current crown and scepter that she bought several years ago in honor of her mother.  At Grand Chapter, a $.05 per capita was passed and will start in June 1968 and last for 9 years.  1968 Grand Chapter to be in Cincinnati.  November 10, Installation:  officers in white sleeveless gowns.  December 2, closed with “May the joy & light from the birth of the babe in Bethlehem glow in your hearts at this ~ Christmas time, and may his blessings and love abide with you throughout the New Year."  Still volunteering @ the Home of the Incurables.





February 3, Constitution & Bylaws changed to include granddaughters, step-mothers, & step-sisters.  Voted to become 100% in the International Temple fund and Occupational Therapy fund.  March 2, Grand Chapter being held at the Convention Center in Cincinnati.  Nancy Humbach was the entertainment for the evening and showed her slides from Mexico.  April 6, involved in lots of activities supporting our “homes”.  Inspection Night.  It was a grand inspection and there were 108 visitors and 63 members = 171.  We always had a lot of Grand Officers at our inspections.  2 were in attendance tonight besides the W.G.M. & W.G.P.  Checking account is finally back up to $1,127.34.  May 18, June meeting is to be casual.  Women to wear street dresses.  June 18, Margaret Evans appointed Grand Page to the Grand Martha.  September 7, Friendship night.   Entertainment was Landmark Teen Choir.  November 8, Installation:  Girls in silver and white brocade a-line dresses.  December 7, Bought a printer for the bulletins so they get out in time.





January 4, W.P. Owen Toole in hospital with apparent heart attack.  February 1, Re-obligation night.  50 year members dues were remitted as well as those confined to homes for as long as they live.  March 1, Lighted flag stand (new) was made by Brother Baysore (husband of Della).  Motion carried that we give 25 year pins.  March 21, PGM, Martha Newell at our inspection.  She’s also an honorary member.  We still have our choir and everyone loves them.  Sister Martha says she enjoys coming to Cardinal because, "the work is an inspiration because it’s always so excellent."  April 5, $1,400+ in the Savings account.  We always help at the Spring Bazaar at the OES Home.  Our flag was draped in memory of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  May 3, Anniversary Night where one 50 yr. pin was given to Bess Duff by her daughter Ann Baxter (we had to send a letter to Grand Chapter to ask them to deputize Ann in order to present her mother her pin).  Insurance policy cost is $38.00.  Grand Chapter to be held in Cincinnati again.  Fifteen 25 yr. Pins were presented.  Jewell Statzer is currently A.C. and has declined moving on to Conductress.  November 14, Grand Organist, Gladys Kachel, played at our Installation. 



1970 - 403 Members / 22 Initiated


February 7, 11 petitions received this month (including Katherine & Everett Mason and Walt & Amy Heurich).  Tonight was re-obligation night.  Carol Mason was pro-tem candidate.  April 24, Inspection:  PGM, Martha Newell (Trim-A-Tree) stated she always enjoys being at Cardinal especially to hear our music & choir.  She frequented our Chapter.  May 2, Conducted 20 initiations so far this year.  June 6, Bro. Ted Halvary gave the entire optional lecture to our initiation candidates.  September 5, Entertainment in the form of a melodrama in pantomime was performed by Helen Hurd, Amy Heurich, Carol Mason, Margaret Evans, Bev Berger, Cecil Hurd, Dick Berger & Hirschel Statzer with music by Julia.  October 3, 1966 Officers presented a new Labyrinth rug.  A 2-drawer file was bought for the Secretary ($35.00).  Jean Woodruff Trittschuh, Westwood Chapter, was appointed Grand Adah.  November 3, Installation: Julia Conrad is District Association Organist.  Dresses were mint green chiffon with long sleeves and lace covered bodice.  Everyone wearing white carnations.  December 5, Betty Haungs elected advisor to Line Officers.  General Grand Chapter changed the reverent attitude.



1971 - 13 initiated


January 2, OES Home rated 3rd best in Cincinnati & Hamilton County.  It now has 39 residents.  February 6, Reobligation & Instruction Night.  Explanation of a legal ballot and the way to ballot was demonstrated.  We voted to sponsor Kay Hicks’ son Ray (a licensed preacher) as a candidate for ESTARL.  March 6,  Dues raised to $6.00.  April 3, Step-daughters were added as eligible for membership.  Practices are usually Sunday afternoons.  May 1, Safety deposit box rental is $6.00.  Cardinal sent $252.16 to become 100% with the Mt. Vernon Home.  June 3, 173 in attendance for Grand Inspection.  Four other grand officers were in attendance including Jean Woodruff Trittschuh.  $44.43 was collected for the sunshine fund.  Another excellent from the WGM in our ritualistic work.  She said, “God Bless you always” in her inspection report (WGM is Joyce Black).  The cost of planters went up to $5.00 so we voted to send inspirational booklets to those ill instead.  September 4, Ray Hicks (Kay’s son) received $300.00 for school from ESTARL.  Letter received that the A.G.M. has passed away.  We received a certificate of Merit for obtaining 100% in the OES Home.  November 6, Jean Woodruff Trittschuh elected Grand Warder.  The 1971 Officers presented Chapter with a sweeper; an iron and two collection plates.  November 12, Installation of Helen & Cecil Hurd.  White dresses with red trim and red flowers embroidered on the sleeve.  Helen’s motto:  “Love one Another and let truth be spoken and let it shine through your life”.  December 4, Safety deposit box was checked and it contained outdated policies.  It was moved that Chapter retain the box and place a copy of the Charter with the other copy kept with the Secretary, the insurance policies and a copy of the bylaws.  Then a list of the items be placed with the Secretary and the Trustee and Secretary be responsible for the box.



1972 - 19 Initiated


February 5, Sister Ida Conley now a resident in the Hamilton County OES Home.  WM, Helen picked a “Sweetheart of Cardinal Chapter” and it ended up being Julia Conrad.  She has a “court” set-up for Julia to be presented and honored.  March 10, 197 in attendance @ Inspection.  Wallace Huff - Master of Sharonville Lodge was in attendance and spoke of how honored he was to be here and what a healthy relationship between the Lodge and Chapter that he hopes stays on track.  April 1, Bylaw changes.  Prepare uniform Trustee’s report and file annually IRS Form 990.  This Chapter shall change stated meetings that conflict with Holy Days or District School of Instruction.  Changed meetings shall be held on a date selected by the Worthy Matron.  Dues for new members by initiation or affiliation shall be pro-rated quarterly.  District Association - District Home Board.  Sharonville Jobs Daughters selling candy after the meeting.  May 6, Betty Haungs is a Grand Page.  Ruth Gorsuch has become a member of the OES Home and the WM urges all to donate to the gift fund.  Chapter donated $100.00.  Everett Mason furnished the entertainment for our day @ Beechwood Nursing Home.  Helen announced an instruction night.  W.M. & W.P. presented a new sheaf of wheat with a container in which to store it because this was the first station held by our Worthy Matron.  September 2, Friendship night entertainment was a handwriting analyst.  October 7, motion carried to place the negative and one copy of the charter in the Safety Deposit Box.  November 4, Betty Haungs appointed Deputy Grand Matron.  Big School of Instruction Committee asked to use our emblems.  November 10, AGC, Jean Woodruff Trittschuh attended Installation.  Yellow dresses (Kay Hicks).  Martha Hall, PM,  assisted with the floral addendum.  December 2, 1968 Officers presented 7 new cold & hot serving pitchers.



1973 - 36 Initiated


February 3, W.G.M. announced pant suits are not to be worn inside the Chapter Room.  March 3, eleven petitions were received.  As part of Instruction night, three folks put on a mock examination committee.  May 23, Inspection brought 4 PGM’s and PGP’s, WGM, 6 current grand officers and 3 DGM’s.  Sister Jean Woodruff (Trittschuh) gave the farewell.  We are printing up 500 bulletins per month at a cost of $20.12.  June 2, Association of Chapters, District 20 raised the per capital taxes by $.05/member starting November 1973 & will last until Nov. 1975 for the Grand Officer Expense Fund.  September 1, we are still giving our usual donations to the Christian Children’s Fund, Salvation Army, OES Hospital Circle, OES Sunshine Circle, etc.  We are a very giving chapter.  October 6, reported that the old rituals & slides in the files would go into the Safety Deposit Box.  Motion carried to give DGM, Betty Haungs, a $50.00 gift.  November 9, Helen Hurd, P.M. was our installing officer.  Guys were in black tuxes & blue shirts and the women were in blue gowns.  Sister Grace Pierce chose the colors of blue and silver - blue to honor Adah & silver to honor her 25th anniversary in OES.



1974 - 11 Initiated


January 5, OES Home finally operating in the black.  The choir and organist were honored in the West with gifts and roses.  March 2, Kay & Curtis Hicks’ son Ray received $300 a few years ago for his schooling, now he received a grant and is serving as a missionary in Israel.  Our Conductress (Carol Mason) had to leave early to catch a plane so Keziah Gallagher filled in the remaining time.  April 6, several members had their home damaged by the Tornado but we are thankful none of it was very serious.  May 4, Jobs Daughters gave the Temple a clock for the Chapter room.  Lodge is having a picnic @ Sharon Woods & wants us to join them (split the cost).  25 of our members went to Golden Rod Chapter for friendship night.  May 10, Inspection: 3 Past Grand Officers were present.  Grand Conductress, Jean Woodruff Trittschuh was present.  Each line officer greeted their circle.  Our W.M.’s sister & brother-in-law became our new links (Ida & Ed Pearson).  Kate & Everett Mason were appointed their Guiding Lights.  One irregularity:  “No sunshine collection for Educational Loan”.  June 1, 500 bulletins from Review Publishing cost $25.08.  Received new badge cords & pins for the men officers (WP & AP) as a gift from the 1969 officers.  June 14, Friendship night with Mt. Healthy.  The guys put on a “fashion show”.  September 7, District Dinner in Sept. used to always be at the Beverly Hills Supper Club in Kentucky.  1974 Officers bought a new scepter to replace the broken one.  Worshipful Master of Sharonville was thanked for re-covering the seats & blacktopping the parking lot.  October 5, Everett Mason resigned as Trustee because he was elected AP.  November 2, Everett Mason still pro-teming Chaplain because Barbara Toole needed back surgery.  WM presented 15 new choir books, a new director’s book for Organist & 14 white satin choir stoles.  November 14, Grand Installation:  Lime green dresses accented with white.  Black tuxes with light green shirts.  December 7, Floral addendum completed at installation. 





January 4, 1974 DGM recommended we adopt Standing Rules for our Chapter.  A set was presented tonight to be voted on.  April 30, Chicken dinner before Inspection.  There were 99 visitors & 72 members for a total of 171.  Sunshine collection netted $46.00!!!  DGM commented on how everyone should be proud of the excellent ritualistic work from everyone.  She also stated that Cardinal is one of the Chapters showing an increase in attendance and growth.  85 chicken dinners were served for W&M’s total of $60.00.  May 3, Bulletin cost raised to $28.22 for 500 bulletins.  Eight 25 year pins were distributed as well as one 50 year pin.  June 7, Bulletins raised again to $30.31 for 500.  Conductress, Diana Hamilton, resigned.  Marge Rowley pro-temmed the station.  September 6, Ann Shedd resigned as Esther due to surgery & future radium treatments.  Still donating to the Salvation Army & OES Sunshine & Hospital funds.  Averaging 70 people/mtg. with 1-3 visitors.  October 4, new crown was presented to Chapter for Esther’s station.  November 14, Installation:  Martha Newell, PGM, 99 visitors & 84 members were present.  Officers wore red dresses trimmed in white.  December 6, Elizabeth Beekley’s father installed her as WM in 1942.  A new treasurer’s briefcase was presented from the 1968 officers.  Star point addendum was given after Chapter closed.



1976 - Members 478


February 13, Julia Conrad honored as Organist for 28 years.  She was invited to share the East.  4-6 petitions still being received each month.  Reobligation night - Conductress and A.C. knelt at the Altar as the WP let the members in the obligation.  Friday, February 27, Grand Inspection (this was the first Grand Inspection for WGM Jean) had 218 visitors & 78 members for a total of 296.  Dinner served beforehand.  Helen Hurd, P.M., presented WGM, Jean Woodruff Trittschuh an honorary membership.  Also PGM, Marguerite Steele & Grand Treasurer, Wroena Dustheimer (both honorary members).  Grand Officers in attendance were Grand Marshal, Warder, Sentinel & Chaplain.  DGM of District 12 (Ruth Bailey) & 2 other DGM’s were there.  March 6, Bakeless bake sale going on.  Spaghetti dinner is planned.  April 3, Betty Haungs appointed to the Registration Committee for Grand Chapter.  Donated our old labyrinth cloth & torch lights to Oneida Chapter in Kentucky.  Associate Conductress, Barbara Mader, resigned because she is getting married & moving to Florida.  Chapter closed with WM - Carol Mason being presented behind Esther’s chair & Happy Birthday being sung to her.  May 1, Past Matron’s group was organized in August 1927 & some contributions have been the dishes, helped install city water, silverware, lumber & hardware for the original wooden tables; picture of May Elliott; made tablecloths & towels for downstairs, donated to Shrine Burns & OES Home.  Fourteen 50 year members were in attendance.  WM - Carol Mason presented her mother, Kate Mason presented behind Esther’s chair & acknowledged her support and help.  Letter received from the Lodge that they were raising our rent from $400 to $800 on 11/1/76.  Motion rescinded to only give Oneida Chapter the labyrinth cloth & not the torch lights.  The WM read some highlights about the Chapter such as the candlesticks on the Star Point pedestals were those used for the very first meeting.  The torch lights were found in the furnace room.  She then read a short history of Cardinal, adding to the one Keziah Gallaher had prepared for our 50th Anniversary:


                  “JUST 15 OF US TO START SOMETHING NEW IN OUR TOWN, WITH NEVER A THOUGHT OF FAILING OR GOING DOWN.”  This statement was the beginning of a new O.E.S. Chapter in Sharonville, Ohio, which was to become known as “CARDINAL CHAPTER”, on May 18, 1901.  It all started 75 years ago when Bro. Frank Wilson & Sister May Elliott decided to leave their Chapter, which was Violet (There were only two Chapters at that time, Violet & Golden Rod) & start a Chapter in Sharonville.


                  These original 15 people gathered together & started working on the paraphernalia for the new chapter, together they made the Labyrinth with Firm Mosteller making the first pedestals & broken column, the first star lights were candles.


                  Now with 15 people & paraphernalia, all was ready & the day was set for instituting the Chapter, May 18, 1901.  Members & visitors of Violet Chapter came to Sharonville to put on the work with Past Grand Matron Kate Jackman’s husband, Will Jackman, instituting the Chapter.  The following officers were installed:


                                    WORTHY MATRON                       May Elliott

                                    WORTHY PATRON                        Ed Linkmeyer

                                    ASSOCIATE MATRON                   Alice Smith

                                    CONDUCTRESS                             Lu Linkmeyer

                                    ASSOCIATE CONDUCTRESS         Mollie Mosteller

                                    SECRETARY                                  H.H. Smith

                                    TREASURER                                  H. Bender

                                    ADAH                                            Minnie Bender

                                    RUTH                                            Flo Birthisel

                                    ESTHER                                        Elizabeth Townsend

                                    MARTHA                                       Lu Sotcher

                                    ELECTA                                        Mary Mosteller

                                    CHAPLAIN                                     Frank Wilson

                                    WARDER                                       W.B. Townsend

                                    SENTINEL                                      Tom Birthisel


                  You will note that they did not have an Associate Patron, Organist or Marshal, these were added later, also many of the officers were family members just as we are still doing with many of our family serving together.  Not many of us will remember any of the first officers, but we have some old timers still with us who remember them well & still talk of their determination & dedication to Cardinal Chapter.


                  On May 30, 1901, the Chapter voted on & adopted bylaws as amended.  On August 31, 1901, the new Chapter was inspected by D.G.M. Emma Simms, who commented, “I take great pleasure in recommending the granting of a CHARTER to Cardinal & believe it will be one of the bright stars of this Grand Jurisdiction.”  Today we have one of the most prosperous & active Chapters in the 20th District, our record proves this.


                 Paraphenalia ready & officers installed, the next thought in mind was what to call the new Chapter.  Sister Kate Jackman wished she might call it ROSE CHAPTER to fill out the star points, but up state there was already one by that name, so finally everyone agreed on CARDINAL for the red ray, which mean LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  VIOLET CHAPTER was the Blue Ray; GOLDEN ROD, the Yellow Ray; ALBA CHAPTER, the White Ray; ACACIA CHAPTER, the Green Ray & CARDINAL CHAPTER, the Red Ray.  CARDINAL CHAPTER was an appropriate name, because we truly do LOVE ONE ANOTHER & our growth in the last 75 years proves this, from 15 members in 1901 to 461 in 1976.


                  On May 18, 1903, the 3rd Inspection was held & D.G.M. remarked that “This Chapter enjoys perfect peace & harmony, we consider this trip to Cardinal Chapter one of the happiest in our tour of inspections.”


                  When Cardinal was first organized, the Officers always wore white with sashes of the color appropriate to their stations.  Later they wore white with all colors of our star in narrow ribbons & colored flowers on the shoulder, now we wear just our badge of office.  PGM, Sister May Elliott was Worthy Matron from 1901 thru 1903, then the members gained courage & was taking more interest.  It meant lots of hardships, but also lots of joy, good times & always someone willing & ready to carry on the good work.


                  From 1901 to 1930, Cardinal met in the Town Hall & in 1930 moved to the Masonic Temple we now meet in.  The joy of moving to a larger building meant a lot to the members, but with sorrow of leaving the old home where lots of friendships had originated.  Sister May Elliott expressed the feeling of all the members as she said, “It is a new Temple & that is all, it isn’t home & it will not be home until we have had sorrow & lots of joys.”  The first sorrow was that the Temple had burdened our brother Masons quite a lot, so the Chapter helped by purchasing the chairs, carpet & donated quite a lot of money, Chapter paid light, heat & janitor bills for all regular Masonic meetings too.  The Past Matrons did their share too, helping to fix the grill, buying dishes & a sink to wash them, pans, towels, aprons & tables.


                  We have had 66 sisters serve as Worthy Matron & 47 brothers serve as Worthy Patron in Cardinal Chapter & proudly too.  We are all very proud of the Past Matrons & Past Patrons, they have contributed much to our lovely order.  Of course, our Sideliners mean much also, without their presence, we could not enjoy our order to it’s fullness.


                  Many honors have come to us in these 75 years, Sister May Elliott was Worthy Grand Matron in 1911 & 4 Grand Representatives: Edythe McGrew Gaskill, Grand Representative to Oklahoma in 1923; Jennie Sanger, Grand Representative to North Dakota in 1936; Lillian McGrew, Grand Representative to Arkansas in 1943 & Mary Green, Grand Representative to South Carolina in 1962, serving the Grand Chapter of Ohio & Cardinal Chapter with honor & dignity.  We were also honored to have a Grand Officer when Gwen Price as Grand Esther in 1943 & again in 1968 when Margaret Evans served as Grand Page & in 1972 when Sister Betty Haungs served as Grand Page & then in 1973, we were again honored by having the District Deputy Grand Matron from Cardinal Chapter, Sister Betty Haungs.  These are honors we are proud to proclaim & these sisters served well as representatives of Cardinal Chapter & the Grand Chapter of Ohio.


                 Today we can proudly say, “we have come a long way” since 1901, 75 years of hard work, but many, many fine rewards.  Our Chapter is continuing to rapidly grow in number.  When we think of the small number who started &  now look out on this large number, our hearts are filled to overflowing.


                 This Chapter has worked together & contributed so much, so that our meetings & meeting place will be nice, our organ was purchased through projects & contributions, the white upholstered chairs our officers sit in, the black upholstered chairs, 50 metal chairs, the metal tables in the grill room, the desks, the stove & refrigerator, the dishes we use for our special dinners & refreshments, coffee servers, all were purchased by the officers & members of this Chapter for the purpose of making it easier & more comfortable for each of us.


                  Let us strive to continue this kind of service to our wonderful order and to our fellowmen.


After reading the history, WM - Carol Mason asked for comments from the PM’s & PP’s.  Gwen Price remembered when she turned the soup on high instead of off; Lauretta Kaper remembered the square dances each month with a cake walk & a minstrel show which bought a desk; Bess Duff had three grand officers - Gwen Price who was Grand Esther, Lillian McGrew who became a Grand Representative & May Elliott PGM.  Keziah Gallagher wondered what happened to the old spittoons; Mary Green’s highlight was her appointment as Grand Representative & her visit to South Carolina Grand Chapter.  Louella Hawkins said she had red dresses too & her husband was Worshipful Master when she was WM.  Elizabeth Beekley mentioned the chicken dinner they served for $.50.  Alma Barrow, Alma Schott, Pollie Perkins & Ruth Hartman all had food memories to share.  Emma Carsten said they baked a lot her year & bought the refrigerator.  They had a special dispensation to initiate 10 candidates at one meeting with Merle Cox & Ann Duff Baxter as Conductress & AC.  Mothers were presented & given flowers.   June 5, WM - Carol in charge of the September District Dinner.  Sycamore is having a strawberry social.  Charles Murphy was the first petitioner that we had to give his money back to because it has been one year since he was elected & didn’t show for initiation.  We met with the Lodge & they agreed to accept a “reasonable” offer from us instead of $800.  After much discussion it was agreed to pay $600.00.  July 30, Miss Rosemary Fortney, 39, was found guilty of the shooting death of her boyfriend & was sentenced to 6 months in the Hamilton County Jail.  On 2/26/76, she shot & killed her 43 year old boyfriend - Harold Swegart who had been drinking heavily.  He was playing with a gun, handed it to her & kept telling her to “point it at me & pull the trigger” & she finally did believing that it could not be loaded if he did that.  Letter received from WGM, Jean Woodruff Trittschuh stated “it’s up to the Chapter to decide what action to take in regards to our member’s actions.”  September 4, Friendship night entertainment was Adult Choir from First Baptist Church in Maud directed by WP - Everett Mason.  It was ok to wear street clothes to the October meeting.  October we honored Electa & it was sideliner’s night.  Our bylaws are being amended to add $600.00 rent.  October 2, Grand Chapter was again held in Cincinnati at the Coliseum.  November 6, very special birthday for Sister Lawanda Rodgers as her daughters Rose Marie & Dorothy were initiated.  Grand Chapter voted to allow dual membership & increased dues to $.40.



1977 - 485 Members


January 7, 500 bulletins now cost $35.53.  School of Instruction was canceled because of snow.  March 5, 10 petitions received.  April 2, Still averaging 70 people/mtg. along with 1-3 visitors or more.  Tonight was Reobligation night.  May 7, Bylaw change - “Rent @ $400.00/year was deleted”.  Lodge asked us to pay 1/3 of the phone bill.  We will ask the Lodge to see copies of phone bill before paying.  ESTARL presentation was given.  June 4, Made $140.00 on the Bakeless Bake sale.  September 3, Friendship nights were usually on meeting nights.  October 1, Conductress Barbara Toole resigned.  Motion carried to dispose of our torch lights, old Altar cloth, old badges & cords.  Motion carried to place $3000.00 of Savings into Certificates - the interest to go into Ways & Means.  Motion carried to give $300.00 to the WM at the beginning of her year.  November 5, Grace Pierce appointed Deputy Grand Matron.  Budget for 1978 was $3,866.50.  November 11, Installation:  Orchid dresses trimmed in white lace - men in white tuxes trimmed in black.  December 3, Grace Pierce is Deputy Grand Matron and Chaplain of Cardinal.  Bylaws amended to raise petition fee to $30.00.  Dues raised from $6.00 to $8.00.  Geraldine & Kenneth Lewis have waited a year & have not been initiated, their money was refunded.



1978 - 489 Members


January 7, always complimented on our hospitality.  February 4, Reobligation & Instruction night.  OES Home Chapel is completed.  March 17, Grand Inspection.  April 1, April is suspension month.  Still getting 66 members & 6 visitors per meeting.  May 6, Bob Sears, Lodge Education Officer, spoke on what is in Masonry & Eastern Star & ended with the thought that the secret to both organizations is:  “Love one another as I loved you” & reminded us to remember the author of that phrase often.  Insurance Policy is $68.00.  Made $241.67 on the Spaghetti Dinner.  June 3, Checking account hit the $1,600 mark.  Fellowcraft Club getting bids on carpet for outer room & stairway.  Chapter needs to think about putting some furniture out there.  September 2, Syrian Desert Riders provided the Entertainment for the DGM reception this summer.  Carpeting was installed in the hallway.  Carol Mason, PM & Helen Hurd, PM were the Chairmen of the DGM reception.  October 7, Letter received that the OES Sunshine Circle is being disbanned.  November 10, Installation:  79 members & 60 visitors.  Dresses were Ivory for the WM everyone else in apricot dresses trimmed with ivory lace.  December 2, WP announced plans to mount the signet on the wall behind the organ - rewiring it for ease of operation.  WM announced a Ways & Means table with the new jewelry case.  Star point addendum - ornaments in the stations colors.  Budget was $4,321.50.  Dues are $8.00.



1979 - 482 Members


January 6, Sang “Happy Birthday” to Doyce Mink.  Checking $1,714.58.  Marge Rowley being installed as President of Past Matron/Patrons Association of Dist. 20.  February 3, Special dispensation obtained to allow a P.P. to preside during initiation.  Note from Grand Chapter that copies of Grand Law now cost $1.25, up from $.60.  Therefore, Helen Hurd, P.M., moved to change the Standing Rules which states each new member be given a copy & change it to be one given per family.  Grace Pierce - installed as President of the Association of Chapters - District 20.  Carol Mason would be Chairman for School of Instruction next year.  $134.50 was collected for Edith Lester who is in need (54 members gave) - Chapter added $75.00.  March 3, checking account up to $2,281.35.  Dave Hatfield initiated wife, Beverly & Callie Clift, sister of pro-tem WP, served as pro-tem candidate.  WM/WP from Washington Chapter were visiting.  April 7, Marion, P.P. & Lillian Duckwall visiting from Wisconsin.  $2,396.00 in Checking.  Bulletings now printed @ Print Craft for $28.03.  March 5, Checking up to $2,611.35.  Marge Rowley’s, P.M., mom passed away.  One of the punch bowls is broken & Mary Green offered to replace it.  May 24, Chapter sang "Happy Birthday" to the WM & PGM, Martha Newell was in attendance.  June 2, Grace Pierce, P.M. & husband are moving to Florida.  September 1, Steve Eggers was presented with his grandmother’s bible (Nan Akers).  Motion carried to sponser Kenneth Howard (Julia Conrad’s grandson) for ESTARL.  October 6, Motion passed to adopt two new standing rules.  1.  Chapter will present a current Grand Law to each line officer each year.  2. Interest from the $3,000 five-year certificate will go into Ways & Means.  November 3, Kenneth Howard received $350.00 from ESTARL.  Ways & Means from 1979 & 1976 to refurbish the Foyer furniture.  November 17, Installation:  pink dresses & black tuxes with white shirts & pink ruffles.  Still have our choir.  Bro. Don Mason presented his cousin, Bill Mason, P.P. with his jewel.  92 members present.  Carol Mason, P.M., appointed to the audit committee.  1979 Ways & Means purchased a new Christian flag.



1980 - 475 Members


February 2, new crown & case purchased for Esther ($52.78).  20th Century Lodge Fellowcraft Club is purchasing seven more tables for Grill Room & 36 metal chairs.  Gave permission to Bill Mason, P.P. to dispose of the wooden tables & chairs.  March 1, thirteen hardy members braved the bitter cold & deep snow.  Present were the WM - Norma Sumner; WP - John Sumner; AM - Ursula Lohff; AP - Gerhard Lohff; Sec. - Betty Haungs; Grace Pierce - protem Conductress; Bill Mason - protem Chaplain; Don Peters - Marshal; Ethel Sexton - Warder; Sentinel protem - Allen Bell.  The wooden tables sold for $3.00 each & there are still some wooden chairs left for $1.00.  April 11, Fire insurance raised to $7,000 from $5,000.  Reobligation night.  Suspensions happen in April.  Wooden Table sales netted $112.00.  May 3, Majestic Cleaners in Sharonville did not charge us to clean the Altar cloth as the owner is a Brother from Carthage Lodge (and childhood friend of Don Mason).  June 7, Grand Chapter to be held in Dayton.  November 1, Checking Account up to $1,720.45.  At Grand Chapter, motion passed to make dues due in January.  We still have a choir.  November 7, Installation:  dresses are light blue lace - men in black tuxes with light blue bow-ties.  December 6, averaging 50 people per meeting & still having visitors almost every night.



1981 - 468 Members


February 7, Reobligation Night.  March 7, Inspection dinner is $3.50/plate.  May 2, Letter received regarding the “Stars” day at Kings Island.  Sharonville Lodge received a note that another Lodge was requesting permission to meet in our Temple.  Lodge brothers are to vote on it.  Grace & Bud Pierce’s 45th Wedding Anniversary - cake was had by all.  June 6, Chapter to purchase 5 copies of the Triennial Souvenir Booklet.  WP - Gerhard spoke of the experience he & WM - Ursula had when they visited Berlin, Germany Chapter #5.  Per Capita is $1,150.20.  September 25, Down to 45 members/mtg. & still getting some visitors.  October 3, Alma Barrow’s (used to give detailed reports of the OES Home) brother, Clyde Barrow (PP of Cardinal & WB of Sharonville Lodge), was presented the distinguished citizen award from the City of Sharonville.  We sponsored Bee Seebohm for an ESTARL award & she received $200.00.  November 7, Joan Eggers presented 2-four piece silverplated coffee sets from the 1982 officers.  November 13, Installation:  yellow dresses & black tuxes.  December 5, Money given for new drapes for the OES Home.  The Worthy Matron had a “lucky plate” in the Grill Room after the meeting - the lucky star received a stuffed pumpkin. 



1982 - 464 Members


January 2, Checking account up to $2,585.82.  Bruce Steube received the Scottish Rite 33 degree in December from a Lodge in Tampa, Florida.  A quilt is being made for Ways & Means w/48 squares - each containing a Cardinal & your name can be placed on this quilt for $1.00.  February 6, Changed bylaws to raise affiliation fee from $10.00 to $15.00 as well as raising the dues to $10.00.  March 6, Betty Williams, Conductress, resigned.  Tonight is Reobligation night & we used to have instructions on Reobligation night.  March 19, Grand Inspection:  129 in attendance.  Sunshine collection was $53.23.  Worthy Matron’s theme is “Pathway of Life”.  April 3, On behalf of the 1982 Officers, the Worthy Matron presented the new altar cloth & Bible cover to the Chapter.  May 1, adopted standing rule that $100.00 be available to the Worthy Matron to help a brother or sister in need.  June 5, the floral emblem (to be used @ funerals) was completed by Anna Mason & displayed tonight.  September 4, checking account dropped to $410.81 since per capita was paid.  November 6, Note received that Blanche Sunman will be 100 yrs. old on 11/16/82.  Budget Committee used to make all decisions on how money would ultimately be spent.  The three star-back chairs in the furnace room are to be repaired.  November 8, Installation:  line officers in navy blue & others in light blue - men in black tuxes.  Theme is “Friendship is Prayer in Action”.



1983 - 436 Members


January 7, Joan Eggers resigned as Chaplain.  February 5, Organist Karen Rohman resigned.  The OES Home again asked for per capita dues & again we voted no.  Grace Pierce, PM & Trustee, passed away & a new one had to be voted upon.  March 5, $2,914.36 in checking.  Sapphire Chapter surrendered their Charter & presented the frame & stand to Cardinal.  March 26, 132 @ Inspection.  Still getting 3-4 PGM and PGP’s at our meetings.  June 4, W.M. reminded everyone that a rainbow is a smile, upside down.  November 7, 140 @ Installation:  Grand Chaplain, Verna Goetz was in attendance.  Burgundy dresses with shades of pink - black tuxes for the guys.  “Truth, Honor & Justice” was the theme.  December 3, Diana Lyons, Martha point resigned.  Still giving to all of our charities.



1984 - 421 Members


January 7, Correspondence received regarding Blanche Sunman’s 101st birthday.  Trustee’s accepted the robes donated to Cardinal by Walnut Hills Chapter.  Voted to use live flowers @ funerals instead of floral emblem.  W.M. presented Merle Cox behind Esther’s chair in honor of old maids, all career & single girls' night.  We were the #1 Chapter in regards to the Trim-A-Tree project.  Out of 464 members, 400 members were represented totalling $633.00 (85% of our membership).  We received a check for $50.00 which goes to the Home in the name of Cardinal Chapter.  February 4, Checking finally reached $3,713.  Bulletins costs $18.38/month.  W.M. honored all couples for Valentine’s Day.  PGM, Martha Newell presented Cardinal with a beautiful Christmas ornament for winning Trim-A-Tree.  March 3, Deputy Grand Matron stated, “82 years of friendship & hospitality keeps Cardinal’s light shining brightly in District 20”.  May 5, Decided to pay the $1.00 per member per capita tax to the OES Home.  June 2, 19 people/meeting - 17 of which were officers.  September 1, two girls we are sponsoring for ESTARL - Becky Rhodus & Beatrice Seebohm.  November 17, Installation:  W.M. in a white skirt & red blouse.  Black tuxes & red shirts for the guys.  Theme:  “Bring Peace & Light”.  December 1, Bylaws revised to raise Secretary fee to $150.00/yr.  Organist to $60.00 & Treasurer to $60.00.  Rent raising to $600.00.  Each Line Officer was presented a jewel of their station to be passed to the new officer each year.  Toward the end of the meeting, there was an alarm @ the door & it was Santa Claus who gave everyone a candy cane & an ornament.



1985 - 424 Members


January 5, Starting Potluck dinners before Chapter to hopefully include more members so they don’t have to stay so late afterwards.  March 2, Grand Inspection with 147 present.  Cardinal won the Trim-A-Tree again.  September 7, Phyllis Raitt resigned as Trustee.  November 4, Installation:  W.M. wore royal blue & other ladies in red skirts & white blouses w/royal blue ribbon belts.  Johna Gilland installed by her mother & father (Ledra & John Robinson).  Men were in black tuxes with red shirts.  Gavel was presented that had been made by the W.M. Mother’s brother & used by her Grandmother & her mother.



1986 - 409 Members


February 1, changing the checking account to avoid a service fee.  Still having visitors on occasion.  Only averaging 40 members/mtg.  Spent $300.00 to clean & repair the white chairs.  March 1, Reobligation night.  Sharonville Lodge replaced the refrigerator in the kitchen.  The old refrigerator (still working) will be taken off inventory list & given to a needy family.  March 31, Inspection.  April 5, PGM, Martha Newell, was at our stated meeting - she used to visit our Chapter a lot. Martha gave wonderful remarks, “All officers should have an ‘A’ for a job well done.  Remember a friend walks beside you & this is what Cardinal has always done.  Cardinal being one of the oldest chapters in the District has always been known by the work they do & by the friendship they have.”  The W.M. had a silver shower which netted $27.22 & was given to the Cancer fund.  May 3, Safety deposit box rental is $15.00.  Our insurance is $100.00.  June 7, Grand Marshal, Dorothea Plikerd, was our special guest for the evening.  Checking account dropped to $70.86.  October 10, Margaret Evans resigned her position as Trustee because she moved to California.  November 1, Grand Sentinel, Bill Goetz, was in attendance. For Brother Bill Goetz, this was his first visit in District 20 as the new Grand Sentinel.  November 22, Installation:  Jean Woodruff Trittschuh was our Installing Marshal.  49 members & 42 visitors were present.  $35.00 collected for ESTARL.  Seafoam Green dresses & a Theme of “When You Wish Upon A Star”.  The new W.M. was serving with her father & her mother was Secretary.  December 6, W.M. introduced the birthday bank.  Everyone celebrating birthdays were asked to feed “Hank, the sad dog bank”, one cent per every birthday you’ve had.  Bulk Postage permit only costs $50.00.  The W.M. asked the Chapter members when they would like to have the potluck dinners - before or after the meetings & it was decided to have the meetings before & light refreshments after.



1987 - 407 Members


January 3, Reobligation Night.  Still getting 1-2 visitors to our meetings.  All retired to the Grill Room for a Ways & Means auction.  March 7, new labyrinth rug ordered for $1,235.00.  District 20 has lost 4 officers to death already this year.  April 4, Grand Visitation by the WGP.  Also in attendance was PGM, Jean Woodruff Trittschuh & PGP, Dr. Charles Sebastian, Grand Organist & Grand Sentinel.  Grand Chapter being held in Cincinnati.  Still very charitable with our money.  Constantly giving to the OES Home, Jobs Daughters.  Bethel #43 of Job’s sang at our Visitation.  May 2, Anniversary night.  The table decorations were auctioned after Chapter was over.  October 3, First mention of W.M. expense of $300.00.  District Association request for $1.00 per member was again tabled (this is for Bill Goetz’ grand officer fund).  November 30, Installation:  beautiful dresses with pearl trim, some light blue & some white.  The men were in tuxes with light blue shirts.  Theme:  “Love one Another”.





January 2, Reobligation Night.  W.M. having a fish fry & asked for recipes to try to put together a cookbook for Cardinal (the cookbook was completed & credit on some recipes were given to the wrong individuals).  February 6, Chuck Kennedy announce Lodge, Chapter & Jobs getting together for a friendship night.  Chuck also asked if we could help with funds to repair furnace & air-conditioning.  $210.00 was made on the fish fry.  April 8, Sam & Von Hicks donated $50.00 to start the fund for the furnace & air conditioning.   



More to come...........


Historian:  Beth R. Mason, PM