of former

Maiden Chapter No. 127


First Worthy Matron:  Josephine Taylor

First Worthy Patron:  Loomis Klutz



Brief History:  Maiden Chapter was organized in 1919.  The first petitioners met under dispensation from October 16, 1919 until March 2, 1921 when the Chapter was Constituted.  At the meeting of Grand Chapter on June 10, 1920, the committee on Charters and Dispensations recommended that a Charter be granted to Maiden. 


The proceedings of the next year give the report of Sister Clem Buckner, District Deputy Grand Matron.   A commission had been issued to Sister Buckner by Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Mary Louise Allen to act as her proxy to constitute Maiden Chapter.  This was issued on November 25, 1920.  


However, on February 12, 1921, Sister Buckner reported that she had made several efforts to arrange a meeting but had failed.  She suggested that Brother J. S. Wood be appointed to do this work, in order that the Chapter might hold its regular election in March.  Brother Wood kindly consented and Maiden Chapter was very successfully Constituted and set to work with its twenty-five members under Charter No. 127 at its regular meeting March 2, 1921.  Sister Essie Von Cannon, Associate Grand Conductress acted as Grand Marshal.  Officers were elected and Installed for the ensuing year.


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