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Compass Points

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September 2005


Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master – Paul E. Rainey

   kirbyman@sigecom.net  812-490-2213

 Senior Warden – Randall E. Beem

Beem_ agency@msn.com 812-853-9448

Junior Warden – Garry Bradley

Garry.bradley@SBCglobal.net  812- 567-4047

Treasurer - Hugh E. Metz(812) 897-2602

Secretary - E. Ray Bradley(812) 479-1874

 Senior Deacon – Frank Bolin

 Junior Deacon -  Donald Niehaus

 Chaplain – Ronald Millikan

 Senior Steward – looking to fill this chair if you are interested contact Paul Rainey.

 Junior Steward – Bobby LaRue

 Tyler – Edward Krohn


Planning Calendar

  October 4,2005  Fellowcraft degree Dinner 6:00 Degree 7:00

October 18,2005 (Family Night) Stated meeting Dinner 6:00 meeting 7:00

October 28,2005 25/50 year pin award 6:00 Dinner 7:00

November 10,2005 Past Masters night Dinner 6:00 Degree 7:00

November 15,2005 Stated meeting 7:00

December 6,2005 (Family Night) Officer Appreciation Night! Stated meeting and election of officers Dinner 6:00 meeting 7:00

December 27,2005 Feast of St. John's Dinner 7:00

Past Events

On August 21st My family and I went up North to the Masonic home festival. We enjoyed ourselves, and the grounds are really beautiful. If there are any Brethren that have never been to Franklin, IN to visit the Masonic Home it would be worth your time to make a visit to the facilities. They had a lot of arts and crafts as well as Masonic relics.

Area Representive corner

Another year is almost over. WM Paul has had a fine year. Please come out and enjoy some fine oyster stew and chili on past masters night. This is a Newburgh Lodge tradition.

Well done Worshipful Brother Paul!

Dennis Bolin PM. Area 38

Looking From The South

 Garry Bradley, Junior Warden

   Brethren, we are at the stage of the year again, when we begin to look around and question, "Where has the time gone?" It is hard to imagine that it is already September and that in just a few days it will be a new year. There will be many opportunities in the coming year for you to get involved in your lodge. Some of these opportunities will be large, such as filling an officer’s position. Many more will be less demanding, attending the stated meetings to help conduct the lodge’s business, attending degree work, especially for someone that you may not be acquainted with, to support the Craftsmen that are confirming the degree. These are important things that you can do. Perhaps you will take the time to become proficient in one of the lectures of the degrees and share in the work. All of this can be very rewarding for you as an individual and helpful to the officers and the lodge. As we ponder where we are and where we are going let me take this time to ask you a question, "What do you plan to do in the coming year?"

Looking From The East

 The month of September is ending. We have been active in Lodge the most of this Year. There has been a lot of good that has come out of this year. The one that I would like to bring to attention is that our Senior Warden Randy Beem had a liver transplant and is doing great! I personally want to Thank Randy for all the support and work that he has contribute for Newburgh Lodge. We will be putting a new kitchen floor in soon. This comes from all the work and support of all the brethren that came out to the Prime Rib Dinner. Make a commitment to yourselves to attend one of the remaining dates on the Planning Calendar. You may see a brother that you haven’t seen in a while or you might get to see some of the changes that we have made to the Lodge. Congratulations to Charles Milligan, he has transferred to our Lodge. Hope to see you in Lodge Charles. Please visit the Newburgh Lodge web site at http://www.mastermason.com/newburgh174/ The site gives other information such as the dates to all the degree work that we plan as well as all the other activities in the works.

 “See You In Lodge” 

WM. Paul E. Rainey