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Compass Points

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March 2005


Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master – Paul E. Rainey

   kirbyman@sigecom.net  812-490-2213


Senior Warden – Randall E. Beem

Beem_ agency@msn.com 812-853-9448


Junior Warden – Garry Bradley

Garry.bradley@SBCglobal.net  812- 567-4047


Treasurer - Hugh E. Metz

(812) 897-2602


Secretary - E. Ray Bradley

(812) 479-1874


Senior Deacon – Frank Bolin


Junior Deacon -  Donald Niehaus


Chaplain – Ronald Millikan


Senior Steward – looking to fill this chair if you are interested contact Paul Rainey.


Junior Steward – Bobby LaRue


Tyler – Edward Krohn

Planning Calendar

  April 2 – Saturday – Painting the Fellowship  hall 7am – 10am  Need volunteers for each

Saturday until completed before the prime rib dinner.

  April 19 –  Meal 6pm  Stated meeting 7pm

Family night.

  May 14 – Prime Rib Dinner Fund raiser serving 4pm till 8pm.

  May 17 -18  Grand Lodge for WM and SW.

  June 11 – Breakfast fundraiser ( Newburgh Parade) 7am till 10am Bring the family the Clowns will be there for the children and the folks that are young at heart.

 June 18 – 150 years of Masonry at Newburgh


Past Events

 We had a great turn out at this year’s area conference. We received a lot of information. The CHIP program is really off to a good start. I truly believe that all Warrick county lodges should pull together on this one.  If your are interested in learning more about this topic contact Paul Rainey.

 Looking From the West

Randy Beem, Senior Warden

 From time to time, as I look around during our various lodge functions, I’m amazed at what gets accomplished by just a few dedicated brethren.  Meals are cooked and served, dishes are washed and dried, business meetings get held, degree work is performed, fund raisers are successfully handled, visits to other lodges are attended, and Masonic services are held…the list goes on, but you get the idea.





 Then I look more closely at who is actually performing these tasks, and I come up with the same names fairly consistently.  These are the brothers who care about their lodge, about Masonry and about their fellow men.  These are the ones committed to the principles of our Order and who prove their belief in their actions.

 This is the power of a “few good men”.  Examples are set, plans are made and results are achieved.

 No organization can possibly survive without the active involvement of its membership.  No, I’m not talking about coming to our monthly business meeting (would you believe that some actually think they’re boring?) -- I’m talking about all the other activities that you can participate in.   It’s early in the year; why not make a firm commitment to help on just ONE event?  You’ll have fun and fellowship working with your Lodge brothers, help make everyone’s task easier and more enjoyable, and most importantly, you’ll be supporting the organization you’ve chosen to join.

 The Compass Points will provide plenty of notice about upcoming events.   Let WM Paul Rainey, SW Randy Beem or JW Garry Bradley know how you’d like to be involved – any one of us would be happy to hear from you.

Looking From The South

 Garry Bradley, Junior Warden

Brethren, I hope that this finds us all well and ready for Spring to arrive. It has been a good start for our Lodge this year and we are looking to continue the growth and an increase our opportunities to participate in the work.

 I would like to encourage anyone interested in learning a part of our Ritual work to join us on the first Tuesday of the month for the Lodge of Education meetings. These meetings are set up for us to learn more about our fraternity. We can also use that time to rehearse the memory work that you would like to learn. We can always use an extra hand in lodge. It would be a wonderful problem to have if there were more Masons ready, willing and able to do the work than were needed to put on a degree.

 Even better if you have a part of the Ritual that you have learned in the past and perhaps just need to “brush-up” to be ready to participate in our upcoming Degrees come and let know that you want to help.

We have a number of Past Masters who are willing to mentor us in the work. I know that you will find the satisfaction that only comes from “a job well done.”

Please take advantage of this time to “improve yourself in Masonry” and help our Lodge grow because of the work we do.

Looking From The East

We are off to a great start for the year. We have done two EA degrees.  Congratulations to the two new brothers, Paul Fulkerson and Charles Loesch.

A thanks goes out to all the officers for all the support and work that they are doing at the lodge. These brothers are the back bone of the lodge.

After watching the SW and JW do there work in lodge I have my job cut out. If there are any brethren that would like to participate please let us know. The officers would be willing to share. Can always use more hands.

Starting in April when we meet we eat!! Come out for the fellowship as well as the food. We hope to get the chance to meet more brothers.

Last year in 2004 we had a good turn out for the Prime rib dinner. I would like to see the numbers increase to 300 tickets sold. The only way that this can happen is sell the tickets that you received in the mail. This is our biggest fund raiser to support the Lodge for any repairs of inside or outside the Lodge. I know that we can do this with team work.

For some reason that you can’t attend the Prime Rib dinner or sell all the tickets ($14.00) we are accepting donations. Please return unsold tickets and money as soon as possible.  The deadline is May 7th.  Thank You and Good Luck on selling all your tickets.  If you need more tickets contact Paul Rainey 490-2213 or the three principal officers.

Please visit  the Newburgh Lodge web site at


 The site give other information such as the dates to all the degree work that we are plan as well as all the other activities in the works

 “See You In Lodge” 

WM Paul E. Rainey