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Compass Points

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January 2006


Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master – Garry Bradley



Senior Warden – Dennis Bolin


Junior Warden – Frank Bolin



Senior Deacon – Dr. Adam Greenlee


Junior Deacon – Don Niehaus


Chaplin – Ronald Millikan


Senior Steward – Dennis Duncan


Junior Steward


Tyler – Andrew Bradley



Planning Calendar


February 7, 2006         Fellow Craft Degree, Meal at 6:00 p.m., Degree at 7:00 p.m.


February 10, 2006: Valentines Dinner at the Log Inn in Warrenton, IN, meet at 6:30 p.m.

Please make your reservations by February 7. Contact Garry Bradley at (812)567-4047 or by e-mail


May 13, 2006 Prime Rib Dinner, proceeds for building improvements.

Looking From the West

It’s an exciting time at Newburgh Lodge. Over the last 3 or 4 years we have been steadily growing. Membership is on the rise and Lodge functions have increased.

 The prime rib dinner has paid for new lighting, paint and a tile floor in the kitchen. WB Paul Rainey has chaired the committee for this fundraiser and I hope he continues to do so.

 I am looking forward to serve under WB. Garry Bradley. I know he will be a great Worshipful Master. He is an excellent ritualist, and will hold us all to his high standards.


He is still putting together his goals and objectives for 2006, but what I’ve seen so far it will be a great and fun year. So come and visit your Lodge and join in the happenings this year.I know some believe it’s the same old thing year after year, but trust me brother it is not. You pay dues, so get something for your money. Remember it is your Lodge…. Help us grow, come and participate. We do need your help. I hope to see you in Lodge…. And if possible bring along another brother with you.

WB. Dennis Bolin Senior Warden

Looking From The South

Hello from the south! My name is Frank G. Bolin, Jr. Warden for 2006.

I would like to introduce myself to the many brothers that I have not yet met. I am not long a Master Mason (raised in 2003) but have seen some improvements in myself since being raised. It is definitely a work in progress for me, but I persevere. I am proud to be Master Mason!

 Come join us this year in lodge for our stated meetings and the degrees that we have up and coming. We need your support! We are open to suggestions .We will give you an ear, if you need one!

Come meet some of the new faces of the new brothers in lodge. As I reread this writing of mine, it reminds me of our Indiana Grand Master, Dennis T. Herrell`s wonderful article, “Can Good News Sell Papers”, in this months (Jan. 06), Indiana Freemason.

 Man, If I could write like that! What an uplifting article from our Grand Master! Hope to see you in lodge.


Looking From The East


Here we are at the beginning of the New Year. Already it seems that I am asking myself, “ Where is the year going?”

I am looking forward to a busy time in the Lodge this year. I hope that we have many opportunities to come together for fellowship before degree work and stated meetings.

I am grateful for the men listed in the column to the left for stepping in and filling their positions. Please come out and support them during the degrees this year.

Make note of the special dates on the calendar. The Log Inn is always a good meal and the chance to spend some time with your sweetheart is always good.

I know that it seems like a far off date, but the Prime Rib dinner is just around the corner in May. Make your plans now to attend. More information will be available soon.

We have a Fellow Craft Degree soon. Come and support the candidate and the officers during this special event in a man’s life.

Take care, and we’ll look for you in Lodge.