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Compass Points

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January 2004


Lodge Officers


Worshipful Master - Robert E. Addington

(812) 853-8634

 Senior Warden - Paul E. Rainey

(812) 490-2213


Junior Warden - Randall E. Beem

(812) 853-9448


Treasurer - Hugh E. Metz

(812) 897-2602


Secretary - E. Ray Bradley

(812) 479-1874


Senior Deacon - Gary Bradley


Junior Deacon - Kenneth Ireland


Chaplain – Ronald Millikan


Senior Steward - Frank Bolin


Junior Steward –




Planning Calendar


February 3, 2004 Lodge for Education

   7:00 PM Refreshments and Fellowship.


February 10, 2004 Eastern Star meeting

   7:00 PM


February 14, 2004 Ladies night at the “Old Mill” restaurant RSVPS by: February 7th. Contact me for more information and reservations at (812) 853-8634






February 17, 2004 Stated Meeting

    7:00 PM

March 2, 2004  Lodge for Education

   7:00 PM Refreshments and Fellowship.


March 10, 2004 Area Conference at Newburgh 7:00 PM All officers please plan to attend. (contact me or WB Ray if unable to attend) All Brothers are invited to attend. Come and join us for a very informative evening.

Past Events


Election of officers was held on December 4, 2003. We had an open installation on January 10, 2004. The officers were duly and properly installed. I want to thank all the Brothers who came and showed me their support. And especially the ladies who helped Peggy plan and execute this evening that I will never forget.


Founders Day was held January 17, 2004 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indianapolis. It was a very informative day. It gave my Wardens and me an outlook on what we can expect this year from Grand Lodge. WB Ray Bradley was a great help in showing Paul, Randy, and myself around. I believe we all learned a great deal that day.


Looking From The East


I would like to congratulate the officers of 2003 for an excellent year. We raised 6 Master Masons during the year. I believe the picnic and Lodge visitations pointed Newburgh Lodge in the right direction. If you missed these events, you missed out on some great times and good Fellowship. We had a good turnout for the Lodge Of Instruction and scored very well. Newburgh should receive the Grand Masters Award for 2003.

 I want to thank the Ladies of Eastern Star Friendship Chapter #32 for all their help last year and we are looking forward to working with them again this year. If their Chapter grows “We Grow”.


We have a very active and fun year ahead of us, so come and share the activities with us. Help me and my officers make 2004 a year to remember.


Two new things to note this year.

1)     Officers dress for lodge events are coat and tie. I believe it presents a better image for Newburgh 174.

2)     Look Well In the West or South. I want to give my wardens a chance to get their thoughts in the Compass Points.


“See You In Lodge”

WM Robert E. Addington