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Compass Points

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February 2004


Lodge Officers


Worshipful Master - Robert E. Addington

(812) 853-8634


Senior Warden - Paul E. Rainey

(812) 490-2213


Junior Warden - Randall E. Beem

(812) 853-9448


Treasurer - Hugh E. Metz

(812) 897-2602


Secretary - E. Ray Bradley

(812) 479-1874


Senior Deacon - Gary Bradley


Junior Deacon - Kenneth Ireland


Chaplain – Ronald Millikan


Senior Steward - Frank Bolin


Junior Steward –




Planning Calendar


March 2, 2004 Lodge for Education

   7:00 PM .Bro. Randy Beem will direct practice on the EA Degree.


March 10, 2004 Area Conference at Newburgh 7:00 PM All officers please plan to attend. (contact me or WB Ray if unable to attend) All Brothers are invited to attend. Come and join us for a very informative evening.


March 13, 2004 Breakfast 9:00-11:00 AM. . Come out and have breakfast at the Lodge,
this is one of the activities for Community Awareness.






April 24, 2004   Father-Son-Daughter Banquet 6:00PM. All members and families are encouraged to attendThis will be a very important activity for the Lodge. Remember this is where the future of the Lodge is. With out the interest of the younger members of the family we will move into extinction. 

Past Events

WB Dennis Bolin gave an excellent presentation at the Lodge of Education on Feb. 3rd, the subject matter was Ceremonies of Freemasonry.

A Sweetheart Dinner was held at "The Old Mill" restaurant on Feb. 14th, We had an excellent
attendance for this function, twenty-eight counting Brothers and Ladies. It was a great night for fellowship and fun.

At the Feb. 17th stated meeting we discussed some upcoming community events that we
much want to get involved in for greater community awareness, such as
Newburghfest Parade and possibly parking of cars at
Warrick County Fair.  We will
continue to work on these projects.


Notes of interest

Scott Smithler’s address:

E6 Smithler Scott 9181
2123 Trans Company
APO, AE 09366

Bill Hackley’s Address:

Cypress Grove Rehb Center, Room 196
4255 Medwell Dr.

Newburgh, IN 47630



Looking From The East


I want to congratulate the Officers of the Lodge for their hard work they are doing this year.   They have really stepped to the plate and performed very well.  I know it is quite difficult to carry a heavy work schedule and do the excellent job you are doing for the Lodge. Thanks a million. 


I would like to thank the Ladies of Friendship Chapter #32 for uniting with us and participating in the social activities of the Lodge.  The Eastern Star was well represented at the Sweetheart Dinner. Thanks for joining with us at this event, also a very special thank you to the Widows who took the time an effort to join us.  It was great to see you there.   A  special thanks goes to the Officers for their response to the suggestion of the Officer Dress.  Your attire was well received, you looked great Guys. 


“See You In Lodge”

WM Robert E. Addington