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Dear John W. Daut,

Your application for space has been received and is being forwarded to our Support Personnel for further action. You will be contacted via email once your site and access has been set up. If your email address was entered incorrectly, we have no way to contact you and your site will be deleted. We have received the following information, which you should check for accuracy:

Please print or save this information for future reference.

Site Name: mwsa108
Your URL will be:
Username: mwsa108
Password: bluehouse

Contact: John W. Daut
Lodge: Waller Lodge #808 AF & AM
Lodge Location: Waller, Texas, USA
From: Hempstead, Texas

Phone: 979 826 6267
Type of Site: District
FTP Program: WS_FTP

Note: If any of this information is incorrect or you wish to modify an existing Site Name on our server, go back to the Application Form and resubmit the correction, selecting: Correction/Modification in the "Type of Site" field.

Our FTP Server location or Host Address is:
You should set up your FTP program to connect to this location and enter the Username & Password as submitted above. Please note that Usernames for new webspace accounts are the same as the Site Name. We found that this causes less confusion if a user forgets his Login. Our Usernames & Passwords are case-sensitive. If you have difficulty connecting to our server, you may go back to the Free Webspace page and check the support links for connecting via FTP, or contact our Support Staff for further assistance. <>

Recently, several new users and some of our existing users who have upgraded to Windows XP have reported problems in being able to connect to our FTP Server. This is usually due to a firewall on a users machine disconnecting the connection. Windows XP has a built-in firewall and it is often enabled by default. If you have problems connecting, make sure any firewall software is off, or you have it set to allow TCP traffic on Ports 21 & 22.
If you have all firewall software turned off and still have trouble making a connection, it is recommended that you change your Passive Mode (PASV) setting in your ftp program, and try again.

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Good Luck with your site and welcome to Mastermason Com!


Fraternally yours, Support Services

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