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Hamblen County Tennessee
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(The following is a re-print for the October 3rd, 1953 issue of the Morristown Newspaper)

"M'town Blue Lodge Has Centennial Celebration"

The 100th anniversary of Morristown Lodge No. 231, F & AM,
will be observed this evening in a special ceremony at the Morris-
town High School auditorium.   A historical sketch of the founding
of the Lodge, one of the oldest in the state, will be a feature or the
program which begins at 7:30 p.m.
The Blue Lodge of Masons was organized in Morristown in Oct-
ober of 1853.         Around 1900 the Lodge bought the property
situated  on the  northeast  side  of  the  Main  and  Henry  Street
corner.  A building was erected by the late Judge J.G. Rose, and
was occupied by the old Lookout Bank, and later the Morristown
Bank & Trust Co.   In 1926 this building was  remodeled into the
present  modern  structure  occupied  by  the  Hamilton  National
The  Blue  Lodge  has its meeting room on the second floor of the
original  building  and  now meets on the third and fourth floors of
the Hamilton National Bank.    The Lodge sold the building to the
bank in 1941.
There  are  now  425  members of the Blue Lodge.    Officers are
W.W. Steed,  Worshipful Master;   Leonard R. Smith,  Senior
Warden;   W.W. McDowell,  Junior Warden;   B.W. Snyder,
Senior  Deacon;     Melbourne  Green, Jr.,   Junior Deacon; 
W.H.  Gregory,   Treasurer;  Hugh G. Miller, Secretary;  E.M.
Northern,   Senior  Steward;   W.E.  Horton,  Junior Steward;
and O.T. Smith, Tyler.
At this evening's meeting, two of the members will be presen-
ted  with  fifty  year  certificates:    W.S. Murphey  and Harry
Stetzer.   There are already three fifty-year members in the
Lodge:  W.H. Branton, E.M. Grant and John F. Sullenberger.
Honored guest tonight will be Clyde H. Wilson of Knoxville,
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee.   Coy Pur-
key of the Morristown Lodge will serve as Master of Ceremo-
The public is invited to attend the historic celebration, and all
Master Masons and their wives are expected to be present.

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