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Montgomery Forest #134

Tall Cedars of Lebanon

Meets most 3rd Saturdays
(2nd Saturday in May, No Meetings in July and August)

Rockville Masonic Temple
612 Great Falls Road
Rockville MD 20850

Dinner begins at 5:00 PM
Meetings begin at 6:00 PM
Entertainment begins at 7:00 PM

We are a constituent Forest of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon of North America, an appendant Masonic organization, devoted to fostering friendship and fellowship among Freemasons and to all mankind


  1. To provide social entertainment and clean wholesome recreation; promote a wider acquaintance and a more sincere friendship among Master Masons; perpetuate itself as a fraternal, charitable and social organization
  2. To bind Master Masons more closely together and cooperate fully with all Masonic Bodies in upholding the Ancient Landmarks of Free Masonry, and by precept and example to hold aloft and further the Tenets of the Craft
  3. To create and maintain cooperation, peace and harmony among Master Masons and to discountenance jealousy, rivalry and ill feeling among Master Masons and Masonic Bodies
  4. To emphasize that a Master Mason is not only a member of the Blue Lodge to which he belongs, but an integral part of the Masonic Fraternity as a whole
  5. To teach that a Master Mason should not be judged by his worldly wealth or honors, his social status, or the manner in which he earns his livelihood, but from the viewpoint of true equality
  6. To urge all Tall Cedars to meet upon a Common Level at all times, to practice true peace and harmony, and to be ever mindful of a Brother's welfare
  7. To remind all Tall Cedars that they were first Master Masons and should refrain from saying or doing anything which would bring discredit upon the White Lambskin, which is the badge of a Mason; or upon the Pyramid which is the badge of a Tall Cedar
  8. To teach that Tall Cedars, as Master Masons, are brothers upon the street as well as in the Lodge Room or the meeting place of the Forest, and thus should practice true brotherly love and affection towards one another
  9. To scatter sunshine, afford surcease from the cares and labors of the day, provide entertainment and refreshment without excess; and adhere to the cardinal principles of Cedarism, HOSPITALITY, SOCIABILITY and GOOD FELLOWSHIP
  10. To establish and maintain Research Laboratories in assisting in the combating of the "Killer Disease"-MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY, which activity has been adopted as the National Objective of Cedarism. To promote a stronger bond with all Freemasons and to further the goals and tenants of Freemasonry

Muscular Dystrophy

The Tall Cedars of Lebanon of North America has faithfully supported the goals of the Muscular Dystrophy Association through financial assistance since 1951, longer than any other organization.  The Supreme Forest supports a Goodwill Ambassador to represent the Tall Cedars of North America and many Forests support a Goodwill Ambassador.

The Montgomery Forest has sponsored two Good Will Ambassadors, Matthew Haley and Claire Menke. We're so proud of all that these amazing people have accomplished.

The Tall Cedars of Lebanon is open to all Master Masons.  Contact Romain Tweedy for more information.

The Echo Newsletter

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Tall Cedar Foundation Bears

Tall Cedar Foundation Holy Bear - To Benefit Muscular Dystrophy.
The 2018 Tall Cedar Bear will be the Final Holy Bear for the Tall Cedar Foundation.
Older bears are all sold out.

Contact Romain Tweedy to get yours today - 2018 Bears are SOLD OUT

2019 Montgomery Forest Officers

Grand Tall Cedar
Tom Graham IV PGTC
Senior Deputy Grand Tall Cedar
Tommy Marraffa Jr PGTC
Junior Deputy Grand Tall Cedar
Ian McIntosh
Scribe & Treasurer
Romain Tweedy PGTC
Royce Watson, PGTC  -   1 Year
Morton Burness, PGTC - 2 Year

2019 Montgomery Cedarette Officers

Karen Graham
Marilyn Stadler
Vicki Krouse
Gerry Tynan, PP
Delores Manley
Janice Tweedy, PP


2017 Memorial Day Parade
2017 Annual Convention Clown Skit
2017 Mid-Winter Conference
2015 January Roman Chariot Racing
2014 April Square Dancing
2014 MDA & Tall Cedars of Lebanon
2011 MDA & Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Video 1
2011 MDA & Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Video 2
2010 MDA & Tall Cedars of Lebanon
2005 Supreme Forest Membership
1987 MDA Telethon - Jerry Lewis & The Singing Cedars *
1985 MDA Telethon - Jerry Lewis & The Singing Cedars *
    * Solos by David Holley, also Arthur Holley

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