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     P  As you know, the Dyslexia Center budgets are very limited and are primarily

         distributed to operating expenses.  The idea of procuring materials and games

         for the student's daily use is so very exciting.


         The items below are in shown in order of importance:

            *  Computer:  a new laptop for the Director

            *  Books for Children:  resources/gift cards to buy specific reading material

                                   for the children from EPS (Educational Publisher

                                   Services)/Amazon/IDA/other miscellaneous sources

            *  Tutor Training Material: resources/gift cards to buy parent informational

                                        DVD's on dyslexia from Amazon/IDA

            *  TV + Stand with Wheels + DVD Player + Headphones:  TV plus equipment

                                        for parents to watch informational DVDs on

                                        Dyslexia and related topics

            *  Copy Paper:  Any kind

            *  Binders:  Sturdy 1", 2" & 3" binders

            *  Shelves:  Narrow shelves to store supplies and books preferably black

            *  Tripod:  Any portable tripod to use with a video camera (second hand is


            *  Glass Cleaner

            *  Counter / Disinfecting Wipes

            *  Paper Towels / Tissues

            *  Post-It Notes

            *  Color Card Stock


     P  Golf Outing on July 25 - Contact Dick Manifold if interested in participating








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