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Michigan Lodge No. 50, F. & A.M.

 Jackson Masonic Temple

On January 15, 1852, Fidus Livermore and others obtained a charter for a second Jackson Lodge under the title of Michigan Lodge No. 50, F. & A.M. Both Lodges at this date occupied rooms in a building at the southeast corner of Michigan Avenue and Mechanic Street.

In 1853, Michigan Lodge No. 50 and all Masonic bodies moved to new quarters at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Jackson Street. These rooms were later (1881) used as composing rooms by the Daily Patriot. In 1870, all of the bodies moved to the Keystone Block at the corner of Liberty and Otsego Streets, the location of the old Post Office. In December of 1877, due to rapid increase in membership, all bodies moved to a commodious suite of rooms in the Bennett Block, or the location of the L. H. Fields store at the southwest corner of Michigan Avenue and Jackson Street. In 1881, the membership of Jackson Lodge No. 17 was 210 and Michigan No. 50 was 192.

As the time passed, it became more apparent that the quarters above Field's store were not adapted to the present day requirements and a campaign was started which in 1907 culminated in the laying of the corner stone of the Masonic Temple on Cortland Street. This corner stone was laid on April 25, 1907, at 4:00 p.m. under the direction of Brother Charles E. Sweet, Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of Michigan. In the ceremonies and parade accompanying the laying of the corner stone, there were nine Commandry Units represented. In addition to the two Blue Lodges of Jackson No. 17 and Michigan No. 50. Also, the Jackson Guard, Withington Guard, Boo's Band and a platoon of Police were present.

During the year following the laying of the corner stone and until the interior of the Lodge was completed, great activity consisted of fairs, minstrel shows was carried on in the new auditorium to provide funds for the Temple construction.

The Building Committee for the new Temple consisted of Chas. E. Ulrickson, Fred H. Helmer, Andrew J. Weatherwax, Alva H. Travner and Thomas H. Williams. In addition to these brothers who were also on the first Board of Trustees of the Temple Association, the Board consisted of Wesley Sears, President; Sam W. Winchester; William A. Brewer; Anthony J. Patch; Dean S. Fleming; Robert A. Smith and Peter B. Loomis. The Architect for the building was Claire Allen and the contract cost of the construction was $47,998.00 .

On the evening of March 6, 1908, the first gavel was struck in the new Temple in a joint meeting of Jackson Lodge No.17 and Michigan Lodge No. 50. Due to the fact that Jackson Lodge No. 17 was the older of the two Lodges, Charles K. White, then Worshipful Master of No. 17 opened the first meeting and Ben Williams, then Worshipful Master of Michigan No. 50, closed the meeting.

Once again, on May 28, 1988 after 81 years the Jackson Masonic Bodies moved again to its current location. The new Masonic Center was dedicated on this date at 4:00 p.m. in ceremonies by Kenneth Bolton, Grand Master of the State of Michigan and the Officers of the Grand Lodge. In attendance were the two Blue Lodges and the other Temple appending bodies. At the time of the dedication, David R. Rood was Worshipful Master of Jackson Lodge No. 17; George G. Kass was Worshipful Master of Michigan Lodge No. 50 and Ronald B. Smith was President of the Jackson Masonic Temple Association.

Our Temple for 81 years.
1907 to 1988


Worshipful Master

Douglas L. Cunningham, PM



Jackson Mason's - 1926



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