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Thoughts from the East - 2003


Dear Brethren,

Greetings from the East. I hope and pray that all of you are doing well in this new year with so much concern for our nation. For those of you whom I haven't had the pleasure to meet, I would like to introduce myself as your new master. My name is Darin Poovey. My father is brother Bob Poovey. I live in Maiden with my wife, Diane and my son Devin. We are expecting a child in July. I am employed by Sherrill Furniture Company in Hickory as a purchasing agent and own 50% of Dana's Flowers & Gifts in Denver. I am a life long member of Mays Chapel United Methodist Church in Maiden. My interest in masonry started as an officer in my college fraternity as a Phi Kappa Sigma. It was there that I was introduced to the strength and honor of fraternity. I was raised on November, 22 1997 in Maiden #592.

I would like to start by saying that I am honored to be sitting in the East for 2003. It's humbling to set in the chair where so many great men have served as Master of our Lodge. This is a great responsibility, and I assure you all that I do not take it lightly. As a good friend once told me, "The word of a Mason carries a heavy load by itself." I have accepted this chair with very much enthusiasm and intend to build our new lodge both physically and mentally.

As Master, I have already realized that I will need the help and support of all of you. Unfortunately, there are many of you that I haven't had the pleasure to sit with in the lodge and have not parted on the square. There are many that haven't attended in years and may feel reluctant to come because you haven't been active, yet still are proud to carry your card, wear your ring or greet a brother given the opportunity. I want to personally invite all of you and assure you that you will be welcomed by a friend who you will find to be your brother. The beautiful principles of masonry are great and do not ever change. We are proud but hesitate to act on "making good men better." Please take the time to come to your lodge and support your officers who continue to carry the word of Master Masons. You may be surprised what a difference you can make.

As many of you know, we have sold our building and are in the process of breaking ground on our new site. We have traded our land with Martin-Marietta and have deeded our new site at the northeast corner of the intersection of west Maiden road and Zeb Hanes. We plan on breaking ground early this spring. Currently, we are in the process of moving our fixtures to a storage facility in Newton which was donated by a brother. This task is not an easy one and should not be the responsibility of a select few. Many of you possess talents that can be useful in the moving and building of our new lodge. I urge you to attend and share them at our stated meetings.

Finally brethren, I request that you think about the future of Maiden #592. A new building will not make our lodge stronger unless we have Master Masons to fill the chairs. Enthusiasm is contagious, the lack of it is discouraging. For a few months, we may meet in another lodge, but we are still Maiden Lodge #592 wherever. With our days numbered at our old building, I would like for us to have a great turnout for our February meeting to honor our past masters, eldors, and members both past and present. I look forward to serve as Master for 2003 and hope to you at our next stated meeting on February 10, 2003.


Fraternally yours,
Brother Darin Poovey


Secretary's Desk - 2003


Two new changes to the Code were passed at the last Grand Lodge Communication that might be of interest to the membership:
(1) The minimum age to become a mason has been changed from 21 to 18 years of age.
(2) Individuals can purchase their own OSW from the Grand Lodge for $25.00. You may order direct from the Grand Lodge.

Annual dues are payable on or before January 1, 2003. Many members have already paid their 2003 dues. Mail your dues to:

Maiden Lodge #592 AF&AM
1906 Waterplant Rd.
Maiden, NC 28650
This year we lost one member that was excluded for non-payment of dues.
Also, we lost the following members that went to their eternal home, not made by hands, eternal in the heavens. We honor their memory by this listing:
Ernest Lee Kiser
Thomas Jefferson McGraw
Cecil (NMN) Burgess
Harry Lee Harbinson
Fred Lee Hewitt Jr.
Rowe Lamar Laney

Bobby Sherrill,


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