William Wynn Westcott and the Esoteric School of Masonic Research 

Appendix A

 Masonic Affiliations


1871 24 October: initiated in Parret and Axe Lodge No. 814, Crewkerne.

                Master 1877.

1873 3 December: joined Lodge of Brotherly Love no. 329, Yeovil.

1886 2 December: joined Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076.

Master 1893.

1877 Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, Somerset.

1902 Past Junior Grand Deacon, United Grand Lodge of England. 

Royal Arch

1873 30 April: exalted in Chapter of Brotherly Love No. 329, Yeovil. J. 1888; H. 1888;

Z. 1889.

1902 Past Grand Standard Bearer, Supreme Grand Chapter of England. 


Westcott was advanced in the William de Irwin Lodge No. 162, Yeovil, at a date unknown. The lodge was dormant for a number of years but was revived in 1887 with Westcott as Master.

1887 Provincial Grand Senior Warden, Mark Province of Somerset.


Ancient and Accepted Rite

1875 15 February: perfected in Alfred Chapter No. 13, Taunton.

1878 Promoted to 30th degree.

1879 Joined Bayard Chapter No. 71, London.

1898 Joined Invicta Chapter No. 10, London.

1922 Joined Durban Chapter No. 127, Durban. 

Red Cross of Constantine

Member of Rose and Lily Conclave No. 10, Weston-super-Mare. 


1880 15 April: admitted to Zelator Grade in Metropolitan College.

1881 12 December: admitted to Second Order.

1883 Secretary-General.

1889 Celebrant, Metropolitan College.

1891 Supreme Magus. 

Order of Eri

1880 Admitted by F.G. Irwin.

1886 Sent Charter by Yarker to admit Knights and Commanders.

1917 Revived and reorganized the Order. Grand Master and senior Knight Grand Cross 

Swedenborg Rite

1876 Admitted in Emanuel Lodge No. 1, Weston-super-Mare. J.w. 1878; S.W. 1879

W.M. 1886.

1877 District Senior Grand Warden, Western District.

1877 Supreme Grand Senior Deacon.

1879 –

1891 Supreme Grand Junior Warden.

1886 J.w. Hermes Lodge No. 8, London. S.W. 1887; W.M. 1888.

1886 –

1891 Supreme Grand Secretary.

1887 W.M. Pythagorean Lodge of Instruction, London.


Westcott does not appear to have been involved in Knights Templar, Allied Masonic Degrees, Cryptic, Secret Monitor or Yarker’s Antient and Primitive Rite.


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