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Monday, November 27, 2006





Welcome to the Rayne Lodge # 313 online Newsletter. the goal of this newsletter is to inform the members and guest of Rayne Lodge # 313 of upcoming events, schedule changes and points of interest. Check back for updates. If you are a member of a Masonic lodge or a member of a Masonic organization and you would like to have a event posted in this newsletter, please contact the Rayne Lodge Secretary at:


 Updated Date

On Saturday February 10th, 2007 Rayne Lodge # 313 will be celebrating our 100th anniversary.  The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana and his Official Family will be in attendance for the celebration. Please make plans to attend. 

Rayne Lodge # 313 Schedule and Events

   November 9 Regular stated meeting. Election of new lodge officers for 2007.

November 23 Practice meeting.

December 14 Regular stated meeting. Installation of new lodge officers for 2007.

January 11 Regular stated meeting.

January 25 Practice Meeting.

February 8 Regular Stated Meeting.

February 10 Special 100th Year Celebration.

























Masonic Schedule and Events



    Update as of 9-1-06

     Brothers, we have been working hard to prepare the Lodge for the upcoming 100th anniversary celebration. The work that has been completed as of 9-1-2006 is listed below.

The following was painted:

Downstairs floor, ceiling, walls, kitchen cabinets, both restrooms, doors, windows, staircase walls, ceiling, anteroom walls, ceiling, preparation room walls, ceiling, meeting room walls ceilings and all the upstairs windows inside and out.

The following was installed:

Dinning room lights (new) meeting room lights (new) kitchen lights (new) downstairs air-conditioning (donated window unit) meeting room central air-conditioning (new) (package unit professionally installed) stand for package unit made of welded steel pipe, and a plug-in for additional window unit downstairs.

Other work that has been done:

holes covered inside and out were old a/c duct work was, windows re-sealed, pressure washed outside of building, covered downstairs windows outside on sides and back of building, and the entire inside of the lodge was cleaned and scrubbed.

It has been estimated that over 400 man hours went into the repairs.

       Congratulations to our Junior Warden Brother Todd Bourque for earning his certificate of Proficiency. Rayne Lodge now has both Wardens as Certificate Masons. Our Senior Warden Brother Ricky Venable earned his certificate last year. Congratulations go out to Brother Ricky Venable as well










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