The true Masonic creed consists of good morals.
Therefore, do good work for the love and welfare of oneself.

Love the good in people, help the weak, and avoid the evil.
Speak concisely with your superiors, cautiously with your equals, sincerely with your friends,
with care to your subordinates, and compassionately with the poor.

If destiny gives you a son, thank God.
But, be mindful of the responsibility that is required of you,
for this child is a reflection of His nature.
Until 10 years of age, be his master.
Until 20 years, his father
Until death, his friend.

Think of Him, as giving [to us] good morals, rather merely good behaviors,
that such one is invested with a clear moral uprightness
and not merely an agreeable presentation.
Make oneself an honest man, rather than just a presentable one.

If you blush at your own pettiness, it is arrogance.

Aspire [to understand] that it is not your position which honours or degrades you,
but instead the manner by which you exercise it.

Read, and enrich oneself. Watch and learn. Reflect and work.
Being ever available for betterment of one's brothers is in turn an improvement upon oneself.

Always abide by the voice of one's conscience.
Be a father to the poor.
Every unkind sentiment towards another will only revisit hardship upon oneself, in kind.
Avert conflict, and avoid antagonizing; always let reason guide you.

Respect women. Do not ever abuse their weakness;
Rather die, than dishonour them.

Finally, be happy - no matter the place or circumstance
with whatever one has, and in anything that one does.
Rejoice in Justice. Repel inequity.
Endure without complaint

Do not judge lightly the actions of men.
In no less degree, do not frivolously blame.

"Code Masonnique" translated by Bro. Mark Lovel, originally published in 1864