Constitution of the Lodge.
Extract from the local Newspaper, The Dromore Leader, dated 21st January 1922


Freemasonry in Dromore

Constitution of New Lodge

A further chapter was added to the history of Freemasonry in Dromore on Saturday last, when the constitution of a new lodge, to be known under the name of the "Lagandale Lodge of Freemasons, No 521", took place.  A large number of the brethren attended the ceremony, which was carried out in the Masonic Hall, Wesley Place, by the R.W.Bro. Col. the Right Hon. R.G. Sharman - Crawford, 33, C.B.E., D.L., M.P., Grand Master of the Masonic Province of Down, and Provincial Grand Lodge Officers.  The ceremony was most impressive, and introduced the immemorial customs associated with the dedication and consecrations of Masonic Lodges. Bro. Jas. Dale, P.M., was installed first Worshipful Master, after which the other officers were installed and invested.   


Afterwards the Provincial Grand Lodge Officers and visiting brethren were entertained by the officers and members of the newly-constituted lodge to dinner in the Town Hall. After the cloth had been removed, the usual toasts were honoured. The newly-installed Worshipful Master, Bro. Dale, presided. The first sentiment honoured was that of "The King". In submitting the toast of "The Provincial Grand Lodge of Down and other Provincial Grand Lodges," Bro. Dale said they were that day honoured with the R.W. the Provincial Grand Master and Officers. and glad and proud they were to see them in the old historic town of Dromore.  (Hear, Hear.)  They hoped it would not be long until every member of them would be coming back.  They in Dromore guaranteed that time as short as possible.  When they got their heads together, they meant to put up a hall worthy of Masonry in their midst, and on that occasion they would be pleased to see them back in Dromore.  (Hear, hear, and applause.)  R.W.Bro. Sharman-Crawford, responding, said it gave him great pleasure to be in Dromore with the Provincial Grand Lodge Officers to constitute the Lagandale Lodge of Freemasons.  This was the second lodge that he had constituted during the week.  He trusted they would soon be back under certain conditions in the frontier town of Dromore.  (Hear, hear, and applause.)  He congratulated the new lodge on its choice of Worshipful Master; 521 was in luck in having Bro. Dale at the head of affairs.  Before long they would need a much larger hall, as at the rate of membership already the present accommodation would soon be inadequate.  Before sitting down the R.W.  Grand Master proposed the health of "The New Worshipful Master and Prosperity to Lagandale Masonic Lodge." The toast was honoured with the singing of "He's a jolly good fellow," Bro. Dale briefly acknowledged the compliment paid to himself and the lodge.  He felt a great honour conferred upon him in being installed first Worshipful Master of the Lodge.  It was indeed a great experience in one's Masonic career, and one, which he heartily appreciated.  (Hear, hear.) 


He thanked his Masonic brethren for placing him in that happy position.  He wanted to see 521 a model lodge - in fact he saw no reason why it should not be such.  He could assure them that the confidence placed in him would not be misplaced.  (Hear, hear, and applause.) Before his departure to catch the train, the R.W. Provincial Grand Master asked leave to propose the health of a very good mason, Bro. Hugh Hayes, P.P.S.G.W., who recently had embarked on two very thorny paths. (Laughter.) He (Col. Crawford) did not know which the most thorny.  Bro. Hayes had been married for the second time, and he had also the honour of being chosen as the candidate to represent West Down in the Imperial Parliament.  In regard to the first path they all wished him good luck, and as for the second they were sure that he would be returned.  When it came to taking his seat in the House of Commons he (Bro. Crawford) would be pleased to act as one of his sponsors and introduce him to that famous statesman, Mr Lloyd George. (Applause.) Bro. Hayes thanked the brethren for the cordial manner in which they had received the toast to his health.  As a Mason he had been connected with Dromore longer than he would like to say. (Laughter)  30 years ago he was a member of No. 70, and he had still a warm heart, and always would, for the Masons of Dromore.  (Hear, hear.)  He had no doubt but that they would see one of the finest and best halls in Ulster erected in the town.  He thanked the R.W. Provincial Grand Master for his kind words and wishes.  He was extremely obliged for his kind offer to introduce him to the House of Commons.  He (Bro. Hayes) knew that the brethren of Dromore felt under a deep debt of gratitude to their Provincial Grand Master for coming that afternoon and giving them the benefit of his presence.  (Applause)  "Our Visiting Brethren," coupled with the names of the names of Bros. A. Deans, D.G.Loughery, and Dr. Boucher, was proposed by Bro. John Graham, J.P., treasurer of No. 521, who said that the new Lodge would ever cultivate the spirit of friendship and promote the highest interests of Masonry.  (Hear, hear.)  They hoped to have visiting brethren often at their Lodge meetings, and he could assure them of a real fraternal greeting.  (Applause.) Bros. Deans, Loughery and Boucher briefly responded, congratulating the new Lodge on the excellent beginning which it had made. Bro. Dale took the opportunity of thanking Lodge 70. (Dromore Masonic Lodge) for the assistance they had given them in forming the new Lodge, and also for the use of the hall at Wesley Place. Bro. T. Partridge, P.M., said that as far as 70 was concerned the members would assist 521 in every way they could. (Hear, hear.) Bro. W.G. Baxter, P.M., secretary of No. 70 wished the new lodge every prosperity.  70 was only delighted to render what service it could.  They were not selfish, and would like to see 521 flourishing, as he had no doubt that it would. Bros. Dr. Wilson, J. Proctor, and others wished the Lagandale Lodge much prosperity. Bro. Dale said he was sorry to state that since the granting of the warrant one of their number, Bro. J. Martin had been called before the great Architect of the Universe and gone to his reward in the Grand Lodge above. Silent tribute was then paid to the memory of the departed brother. The proceedings conclude with the singing of "Auld Lang Syne"." The catering was excellently carried out by Messrs. Thompson (Belfast) Ltd.   

This newspaper article was uncovered recently by Bro. Drew Nelson - Lodge No. 521