Subject: thanks to you
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 08:38:32 -0400
From: (bobby L owens)
To: freemasonry-list@MASONIC.ORG

last night i was reading in "Masonry Defined - a Liberal Masonic Education" by E.R. Johnston and would like to share part of the introduction with you this morning. this was written in 1930/1939.

"There are thousands of Masons who can repeat the ritual, but who have no conception of what it all means. There is nothing said in the ritual that should seem mysterious. Everything in Masonry has a beautiful meaning if rightly understood, and everything done in the ritual work is meant to teach a distinct moral lesson.

Masonry would die out in five years if it had to depend upon about 85% of the membership. It is the small minority- the really interested Masons- who have kept and are keeping the order alive today. These few men give unselfishly their time and intelligence as officers of their lodges. How long would any lodge last if all the members merely paid their dues, rarely if ever attended lodge, and considered their duty done? Does Masonry mean anything to you or are you just a member?... (i snipped some here) Taking the secret work and learning the ritual does not make a Mason any more than learning its A B C's makes a child a scholar. It is merely the cornerstone; the building is yet to be erected.

How many masons understand the beautiful lesson of the third degree? If this lesson were learned and understood and practiced, Masonry would be on a higher plane than it is today. There would be more real Masons and fewer "members."" e.r. johnston

so today sunday 26 july, keeping with george's wishes, i wanted to take a moment to thank all for being active in your lodges and on the list. by the nature of the beast i cant see you folks as anything else but active Masons and not only members. i am lucky in that i learn something every time i attend lodge, and usually every time i turn on my computer. have a good sunday. thanks to ted and kevin i am off to read the Regius Poem today via AOL.

les owens
Middleburg #107