Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 09:02:59 -0700
From: Tom & Maryellen Lyle

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are having a beautiful day!

If it pleases the Grand Architect of the Universe, here is a thought to ponder for the good of Masonry.

The true Mason ever strives to cultivate Masonry in his/her life to the fullest degree possible.

This true Mason always carries his working tools every where.

The true Mason is ever vigilant for subtle traces of character and personality flaws which daily experience brings out.

The true Mason never hesitates to use the working tools to correct personal flaws.

To the true Mason the emergence of these flaws is a gift at his/her own bequest.

Gradually the true Mason gains experience in using these working tools and can observe subtler and subtler indications of personal flaws.

The true Mason's level of discernment increases with every use of the working tools, because the true Mason is ever working on him/her self.

To strive to learn new tricks, such as internet, is no problem for the true Mason who clearly sees a need for it, because the new trick will present opportunities to observe personal resistance to the new trick. Like clouds obscuring the mountain peak, our negative habits and flaws attempt to block our view of the beauty within.

In this resistance the true Mason searches for indications of personal flaws in order to put them on his agenda for correction.

Thus this process is everything for the true Mason, because each removal of a character or personality flaw gives greater discernment to practice Masonry.

Because of this ever increasing discernment of the true Mason he/she will find more efficient ways to apply brotherly love, relief and truth.

The true Mason does not hold or teach the attitude that, "I am a Master Mason now and thus I no longer need to be concerned with using the working tools because they were given in the earlier degrees."

The true Mason is the Tiler of the Temple of the Heart. The true Mason takes full responsibility for the condition of his/her character and ever strives for its perfection.

A surprise inspection, by the Grand Architect of the Universe, of the Temple of the Heart of a true Mason will probably find more flaws to be corrected but will never find rust on the Tiler's sword of the true Mason.

Let brotherly love prevail!