Subject: Hiram, " The Thinker"
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 10:43:09 -0700
From:Tom & Maryellen Lyle

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The following caught my eye and seemed a fine topic for discussion.

"Hiram is of course the symbol of the thinker - the spirit of intellectual liberty - of free thought, free speech, and free conscience, the apostle of liberty, equality and Brotherhood.

Yet how seldom is any explanation of Hiram as a symbol significant of these characterisitcs given in a Blue Lodge?

And how completely missing in the Third Degree is any revelation to the Candidate of the real significance of the manner of his reception. All too often the culmination of the ceremony in the Third Degree is greeted by ill-concealed mirth on the part of onlookers who themselves, though once participants in the drama, are still in complete ignorance of the true meaning of the action, unless they have progressed through the Degrees of the Scottish Rite where specific information is imparted."

Feed The Hungry
(page 7)
by Dr. Robert B. Watts, 33 deg., G . ' . C . ' .
Grand Chaplain and Director of Education
The supreme Council
Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction
Some questions to think about and possibly for discussion:

1. Why is Hiram a symbol of the thinker?
2. Why is Hiram the symbol of Liberty?
3. Why is the Hiramic symbol of the thinker not explained in Blue Lodge?
4. What is the real significance of the manner of the Candidates reception
into the Third Degree?
5. In your opinion, is it still true that so many onlookers are ignorance of the meaning of the Third Degree?

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