Lodge History

It was located in the area where Weaver’s Restaurant is located today.  The lodge was located on the second floor of the building.

    In 1879 the lodge members felt it was time to build a new lodge building.  As the lodge explained in the letter to The Grand Lodge of Maryland, “the room we have is very small, with no ventilation and occupied by two other orders, and with the paraphernalia of the three orders it is incumbered as to leave but little space for anything else.  It has an ante or preparation room about 3 ½ by 6 feet, made of inch boards and suspended between the lodge building and dwelling house not at all private and without ventilation or comfort and if you speak above a whisper can be heard  outside, and the lodge room is but little better in that particular, so you may know under what difficulties we have to labor....”

    In 1905, the Masonic Lodge was erected on Main Street at the cost of approximatley $20,000.00 at that time.

Masonic Lodge in 1905

Corner Stone from the 1905 Lodge, which is now part of the current lodge.