Upcoming Communications

          November 5th

Entered Apprentice Degree



November 19th

Thanksgiving Dinner at 6:30

Master Mason Degree 7:30


December 3rd

Election of Officers

Any Degree Work Pending


December 17th

Christmas Dinner at Clear Spring Bingo Building




Our Second Communication will be dispensed with and a Christmas Banquet will be held at the Clear Spring Bingo Building.  The dinner will included Turkey, Ham, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Corn, Roll, & Desert.  Price will be $10.00 per person and Children under six are Free.  Santa will be on hand to hand out gifts for the kids.  Christmas Music will be played throughout the Evening & we will be honoring our Past Masters & handing out our Charitable Donations.  Deadline for Reservations is December 3rd.  Please call the Master


School of Instruction


School of instruction is held the 2nd and 4th  

Fridays. Let us support those that support us  with our attendance





From The East:




As the second half of our Masonic Year is approaching we still have some work to do and a Special Evening is planned. Our first stated Meeting will be November 5th.We will be conferring the Entered Apprentice Degree.  At our stated Meeting on November 19th, we will be conferring the Master Mason Degree.  We will have our Thanksgiving Dinner on that night.  Dinner will be at 6:30 that night.   December will dispensed and a Special Christmas Banquet will be held at the Clear Spring Bingo Building with Santa present.   We will also be honoring our Past Masters that evening.  



Jesse M. Mills

Worshipful Master



James W. Bowers











Chartered Nov. 22nd 1876


  Stated Communications

 1st and 3rd Mondays

7:30 PM


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Sick and Distressed


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those Brothers in

your Prayers for                     speedy recovery.


Dues Card



Brethren 2012 Dues cards are now available. Send Check to the Secretary.


David D. Smith


Happy Birthday


Birthday Wishes to all our Brothers Celebrating November Birthdays