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Freemasons have long been committed to children and families through our scholarship program, children's learning centers, model student assistance program and sponsorship of youth groups. Maryland Freemasons have been conducting a new child identification program since 2008. We are proud to offer this program called MdCHIP. Other programs consist of a single photo and fingerprinting. This new program adds a short video interview and a DNA Swabs . These additions make MdCHIP the most comprehensive children’s ID program available.

A parent's worst nightmare is the disappearance of a child. In today’s society with over one million children being reported missing each year, we are committed to helping address this problem. Authorities tell us a child is reported missing every 43 seconds somewhere in the US.

MdCHIP is designed to give families a measure of protection against this ever-increasing problem. MdCHIP provides Law Enforcement with important tools to assist in the speedy and safe recovery of a missing child. Through the benevolence of the Grand Lodge of Maryland and its membership we are pleased to present this service free of charge. Maryland Freemasons are committed to offering this program to the families of Maryland on an ongoing basis.



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