The Square, Compass and Letter G

Humboldt 42, F & AM

Photo Gallery

William West Sr PM, receives 50 year Past Master Certificate and Award
from William West Jr, WM
February 23, 2005

From the left: Kevin Smith, Edward E. Newman PM, Edward E. Newman Jr., Danny Reed and Mike Sebring. Back row is James Brown

Kevin, Danny & Mike are sons in laws of Edward E. Newman PM, James Brown is cousin and also a MM of Humboldt 42. Ed, Mike, Danny and Kevin rec'd their EA's Feb 22, 2006

50 yr member, Brother George Wilkinson and  WM Ed Willenborg Feb 22, 2006

WM Ed Willenborg with EA James E. Holbert who rec'd his EA degree in Nov 2005

From left: Kevin Smith, Edward Newman, WM Ed Willenborg, Mike Sebring and Danny Reed. These 4 men rec'd their EA degrees Feb. 22, 2006. They are each others brothers-in-laws

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