Trestle board July 2002

Past Master Donovan Young MD
Lt. Governor Mazie Hirono

Frank Condello, PM from Guam, David Kaohelaulii, Jun Colmenares PM Phillipines Knights of Rizal.

‘Dimasalang’ was Jose Rizal’s Masonic name.
While schooling in Binan (1870-1871) Rizal stayed in the home of Jose Alberto Alonzo. Alonzo an uncle of Rizal, was in Spain during the 1868 revolution against Queen Isabela II in which Masons played a critical role in organizing and leading the revolution as well as installing a new government.
Rizal joined the Acacia Lodge No. 9 in Madrid ca.1884. This lodge included many prominent Spaniards, including Prim Pi y Margall (former president of Spain) and Miguel Morayta y Sagrario
(a professor of world history).

Dr Jose Rizal Statue
Past Master from Guam and David Kaohelaulii

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