FOLLOWS THE BLUE LODGE. The Master Mason feels right at home in the York Rite, since the first three degrees were originally part of York Rite Masonry. The beautiful story begun in the Blue Lodge is completed in the York Rite with the same historical from and symbolism preserved throughout the centuries.

MORE LIGHT. The soul searching teachings of the York Rite expand the lessons of the first three degrees and make them more meaningful as you actually rediscover the Lost Masters Word. The Commandery also adds the perspective of the New Testament. The additional instruction you receive on the "Great Lights" helps guide our thoughts and actions toward becoming better husbands, fathers, citizens and better men.

RICH HERITAGE. The York Rite has been firmly established in Hawaii for well over a century. It is a constant source of pride to know that its members have played leading roles in molding Hawaii's history.

SERVICE. The York Rite serves Humanity through numerous and quite unheralded deeds of charity and the beneficence, some of the most famous of which are the Knights Templar Eye Foundation and the Educational Foundation.

CONVENIENCE. The work maybe taken in stages or all at once, as you prefer. The initiation fees are $ 50.00 for the Chapter, $ 10.00 for the Council and $ 100.00 for the Commandery. The annual dues are $ 6.00 for the Chapter, $ 3.00 for the Council and $ 10.00 for the Commandery.

PARTICIPATION. The candidate actually participates in the beautiful ritual and impressive ceremonies of initiation. For those interested in taking an active part in the affairs of the York Rite, there are many opportunities to serve as offices, on committees and the degree ceremonies.


The York Rite is an aggregate of four bodies, forming one whole. One cannot stop on the way and have a complete understanding of Ancient Craft Masonry. Blue Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commandery.