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Bro. Chad Paterson & Bro. Chris Baker's Initiation

Before the Conferral, WBro Garry Graham presented Bro Thomas Santiago with his 25 Year Masonic Pin. Bro Thomas has actually been a member of Honolulu Lodge for 30 years now, but unfortunately, no 30 Year Pins are available.

The night then continued with two First Degree Conferrals on Mr. Chad Paterson and Chris Baker. After Bro. Diamond Robinson gave the Marshal's interrogation, both men were initiated into Freemasonry. WBro Garry Graham, PM and Bro Darryl Lajola shared sitting in the East for the night, while an excellent rendition of the First Degree lecture was given by Bro Mark Dixon. The night was capped off with Bro Mark Leo delivering the charge.

Welcome and congratulations Brothers Paterson and Baker on your admission into our ancient and honorable fraternity.

First Degree Conferral