The Tarot and the Templars

The Tarot and the Templars

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the Emporer

The Tarot Card and the Meaning it carried for the Templars is probably one of the best kept secrets of the dark ages and today. Take a look at the feet and legs of the 'Emperor'. Do you see a Knight hiding under the brown robe?

It is said, the Templars got the idea of using cards from the Saracens who had used picture cards since the eight century, but Templar cards were designed to have two seperate meanings, making them a safe way to transport messages and training materials without the danger of being discovered by unintended spectators. The cards were carefully painted and told the story of the Templars, but were turned into fortune telling cards by traveling bands of gypsies in later centuries.

The original suits of Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords had been associated with Grail Legends, representing Sword, Spear, Grail and Dish. These, it is said are connected to objects found under Herod's Temple. Josephus has described 'secret passages' under the Temple from a man called Simon bar Giora. This man was connected to soldiers ( Templars ) who took swords and spears underground with them when the battle was being lost. The sacrificial cups and dishes had been hidden below the Temple and were listed fully in the Copper Scroll found at Qumran.

The deck has four suits. They represent the four 'Grail' Famlies.

'The Four courts of the Grail' is considered a lineage and bloodline description. The Courts are as follows;
North court - Court of the Disc and the house of Benwick.
West Court - Court of the Grail and the House of Pellinor.
East Court - Court of the Sword and House of Pendragon .
South Court - Court of the Spear and House of Lothian and Orkney.

The Southern Court is a direct reference to the St Clair (Sinclair ) Family of today. They were the last Princes of Orkney and whose Rosslyn Castle is in Lothian. It is believed that this family became 'guardians of the Grail' and Scrolls found under Herod's Temple.

In the Eastern Court of the Sword of Pendragon, we find the name of King Arthur's father. The Lancelot Grail is a work of unknown origin. It tells the story of Christ appearing to a Hermit and saying, " This is the book of thy decent, Here begins the Book of the Holy Grail, Here begin the terrors, Here begin the marvels."

Joseph of Arimathea, is also said to be an important figure in connection with Grail legend. Joseph, if you recall; asked Pilate for the body of Jesus, was at the burial, and tended the body of Jesus. see John 19: 38 - 38. Joseph was a rich man and it is said he was given the appointment of 'Guardian of the Grail' by Jesus himself at the last supper.
His family was known as 'Perceval', and has been called 'A visable, tangable symbol of an alternative apostolic succession. Legend says, the cup used by Christ was given to him instead of being given to Peter. This the church called heresy. Much controversy surrounds what the Grail actually is. There are also Didcot and Vulgate versions of the story where Christ instructs Joseph in the 'secret knowledge' or secret words of Jesus. The family line claims to have secret knowledge unknown to the established church. The Second Messiah, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas

The Tarot pack teaches a different form of spirituality than the Church, stressing the cyclical themes of reincarnation, renewal and transformation. In the card known as 'Temperance' is the figure of the goddess Isis who was venerated by the Templars in the form of the Black Madonna. Percival, the Grail hero, is symbolically represented in the bottom left of this card as a valley between two peaks - Perce a Val. The entire Tarot pack recounts in symbolic form the quest of a pilgrim who undergoes initiatory trials and a symbolic death and resurrection before he meets the goddess. Rex Deus, Marylin Hopkins, Graham Simmans and Tim Wallace-Murphy

The Tarot deck is made up of fifty six cards known as the Major Arcana. It was the Minor Arcana that became the basis for modern playing cards, consisting of suits of wands, ( clubs ), cups ( hearts ), swords ( spades ), and pentacles ( diamonds ). Each suit had fourteen cards; four court cards - king, queen, knight and page ( the Jack ) - plus cards numbered ace to ten. The four cards that have been lost to make the current fifty two card deck are the knights from each suit. These cards suddenly disappeared soon after the Church was determined to obliterate all memory of the Templar Order.

Fact - The author of " A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry," Authur Edward Waite was a co-creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

Fact - Research by any worthy scholar will uncover a Freemasonry and Tarot connection! This is irregardless of researching particular authors or personalities which have revealed such. For if you are a Freemason and you were to research the traditional Kabbalah and then research the Tarot, you would discover for yourself the true meanings of the catechisms, allegories and symbolisms taught to you in your first three degrees. And one thing is certain. There is no question that the teachings of the Kabbalah predate the institution of Freemasonry!

Ace of Cups Figure 13: Ace of Cups from the Rider-Waite Tarot.

If you look closely, the cup has three bells hanging underneath – more support for my assertion that the cup (Grail) is the head and the thalamus in particular.

There are more encoded meanings in this card, like the upside-down ‘M’ on the cup and the five fountains, which represent the creation of the five lower chakras. The sixth chakra is the disk and the Dove is the seventh chakra – the spirit of the source-centre or godhead.

Also note the three bells hanging underneath the cup – in the same position as the three belt stars of the Orion constellation – which looks similar to the shape of a cup or chalice.

Also, we see here not only the head but also the body of the archetypal ‘solitary’ figure – the shamanic ‘resurrection god’ whom Jesus was based on.

I am, of course, talking here about the constellation of Orion, and this constellation is again shaped like the cup with its three belt stars symbolised by the three bells – and again, Orion represents Osiris and his son and reincarnation Horus.

I should remind the reader that the story of Solomon is an allegory to the processes associated with the Kundalini ’enlightenment experience - i.e., fusion of opposites’ - and that even Solomon’s name contains words associated with the centre of creation: Sol = ‘sun,’ om = ‘first creation,’ = on = ‘light’.

It also reveals the following: sol = sun, (male) o – zero as in Void (neutral) and mon = moon (female). see Book of Thoth

Fact - The author of "Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry," Albert Pike 33rd degree (described by Albert G. Mackey as "the Sov. G. Commander of the Southern Supreme Council, A.A. Scottish Rite, having been elected in 1859. He was Prov. G. Master of the G. Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland in the U. S., and an honorary member of almost every Supreme Council in the World.") stated on page 777 the following:

"He who desires to attain to the understanding of the Grand Word and the possession of the Great Secret, ought carefully to read the Hermetic philosophers, and will undoubtedly attain initiation, as others have done; but he must take, for the key of their allegories, the single dogma of Hermes, contained in his table of Emerald, and follow, to class his acquisitions of knowledge and direct the operation, the order indicated in the Kabalistic alphabet of the Tarot."

NOTE; - In the above statement, Albert Pike is either indicating the Tarot is a Kabalistic alphabet or it contains a Kabalistic alphabet.

The Major Arcana contains twenty two numbered pictorial cards. All but one of these disappeared around the same time as the knights of the Minor Arcana because the church considered them to be ' the rungs of a ladder leading to hell' and 'the devils breviary'. From this it is said after the Templars had been arrested as heretics, some had confessed the true purpose of the cards as being coded messages that could communicate secret teachings under the very nose of the church, without arousing suspicion. The Major Arcana was also called the suit of Trumps or the Greater secrets, and only the fool escaped censorship, surviving as todays Joker of the pack. The fool represents the novice at the beginning of his journey towards 'enlightenment'. He is Perceval.

In the actual Tarot deck, the card of the fool represents;
beginning ; entering a new phase, striking out on a new path, expanding horizons, starting something new, beginning an adventure, going on a journey, heading into the unknown.
being spontaneous; living in the moment, letting go of expectations, doing the unexpected, acting on impulse, feeling uninhibited, surprising someone, feeling carefree.
having faith ; trusting the flow, staying open, letting go of worry and fear, feeling protected and loved, living in joy, recapturing innocence, believing.
embracing folly; accepting your choices, taking the "foolish" path, pursuing a pipe dream, being true to yourself, taking a "crazy" chance, trusting your heart's desire.

The Christian clergymen saw fit to remove the other twenty-one cards of the 'Greater Secrets' because they were believed to convey a heretical message detested by the church. The alternative name 'trumps' comes from a pagent held in the ancient world called the triumph in Latin, which centered around the story of a sacred king. It had strong connections with the goddess Ishtar and her dying and resurrected consort Tammuz.

Temperance" The female represents the virtue purdence. She pours water from one cup to the other. The esoteric meaning here is that the tenants that were thought to have been exterminated are carefully transfered for safety's sake into another vessel. Water is the Christian symbol of spirit and truth, the tenants of the 'one true faith'. They are not lost.
The Temperance Card in the Tarot deck has these meanings;
being temperate finding the middle ground, showing moderation, avoiding excess, mitigating a harsh position, looking for the golden mean, reaching a compromise, offsetting an extreme
maintaining balance ; experiencing harmony, achieving equilibrium, bringing together opposites, recognizing all sides, fostering cooperation, feeling centered and secure.
experiencing health; renewing energy and vigor, healing, enjoying well-being, recovering, flourishing.
combining forces; gathering together what is needed, joining with others, consolidating, finding the right mix, creating synthesis, getting it all together. Larger picture Temperance NOTE; These do take a minute to load.

The mechanism that operates the Major Arcana is the Mobius strip; a simple structure that is a two-dimensional surface and has only one side. A Mobius strip can be formed by taking a long strip of paper, twisting one end through one hundred and eighty degrees and then joining the ends together, giving a single surface. Because the surface has no end, this figure-of-eight structure has long been used as the symbol of death and resurrection, and in modern usage it signifies infinity.

Wheel of fortune This card may refer to the abrupt change in the fortunes of the Templars. On the day of the ill omen ( De Molay's death ) the 'wheel of fortune' took a radical turn against the powerful Knights Templar who on whom fate had once seemed to smile so favorably. The story the cards also tell is that the fool ( the novice ) can achieve salvation through his own actions, independently of the church or of Christ. The first circle is the solar sphere of daylight and has the cards from the Fool ( number 0 ) to the Hermit ( number 9 ) that move in a clockwise direction on the outside of the ring, signifing the normal world seen by everyone. The tenth card, the Wheel of Fortune, crosses over the second circle or lunar sphere where the cards are laid inwards, representing the inner path of hidden teachings, and run from Justice through to Judgement. The final card of the World ( number 21 ) links back into the first circle, illustrating how the hidden teachings have to relate back into normal life. Larger picture of The Wheel of Fortune

The meaning of the card of 'the Wheel of Fortune' is;
feeling a sense of destiny; using what chance offers, seeing life's threads weave together, finding opportunity in an accident, opening to luck, sensing the action of fate, witnessing miracles.
being at a turning point; reversing, moving in a different direction, turning things around, having a change in fortune, altering the present course, being surprised at a turn of events.
feeling movement ; experiencing change, having the tempo of life speed up, being swept up in new developments, rejoining the world of activity, getting involved.
having a personal vision; seeing how everything connects, becoming more aware, uncovering patterns and cycles, expanding your outlook, gaining greater perspective, discovering your role and purpose

When the novice is given instruction, he is told that card within the worldly circle has a direct correspondence with a card in the secret circle. These relationships are recognised by the fact that all paired cards add up to twenty so that the card known as the Hierophant or the Pope ( number 5 ) is associated with the Devil ( Number 15 ). While this connection was almost certainly not intended to insult the pope, it is no wonder the church wanted to destroy the cards when they discovered these types of relationships concealed in the tarot.

the Hierophant The Hierophant was also associated with the Grand Master, because he sits on a thrown-like chair between the two pillers that support nothing. The symmetry of the card reflects the pentagon. The pope's miter is pointed upward, the acolytes heads the lower points, the pope's shoulders, the outward points. He is interupted in terms of the five points of the stigmata who reminds us of the need to purify the will, subduing the 'five dark currents in human will' ( ie, desire to be great, to take, to keep, to advance, and to hold on to at the expense of others.)The name 'Hierophant' is defined as 'one who reveals secret things', exactly what the Temple Master would have been doing as he initiated new members. He is defined as keeper of the keys between heaven and earth. The Temple Masters sat upon a thrown with the two ancient pillers representing the Jewish pillers of Mishpat( Boaz ) and Tsedeq ( Jachin )representing the union of sacerdotal and secular power on earth under the heavenly rule of Yahweh. Upon their heads they wore the crown of the Mebakker, just as James the Just had done eleven hundred years earlier. The 'kings of God' had returned to take the role of the joint messiah that had first been united in one person by Jesus. The Hierophant or Grand Master card of the Tarot must be an accurate depiction of the office of the Templar Grand Master.

In the actual Tarot deck, the Hierophant represents ;
getting an education; pursuing knowledge, becoming informed, increasing understanding, studying and learning, seeking a deeper meaning, finding out more.
having a belief system; sharing a cultural heritage, learning a religious tradition, honoring ritual and ceremony, identifying a world view, following a discipline, knowing where to put your faith.
conforming; following the rules, taking an orthodox approach, staying within conventional bounds, adapting to the system, fitting in, going along with the program, doing what's expected, being part of the Establishment.
identifying with a group ; being committed to a cause, devoting energy to a group, joining an organization, working as part of a team, feeling loyal to others, being in an institutionalized setting . Larger picture of The Hierophant

 the Moon The moon is a prominent symbol for the occult as well as for goddesses. It also symbolises alchemy and astrology. The two hounds represent a balance of forces as the two towers are equal.
The meanings of the Moon card are;
feeling fear; releasing inner demons, feeling a nameless apprehension, suffering from phobias, giving in to the shadow self, lacking courage, being overcome by anxieties.
believing illusions ; accepting a false picture, deceiving yourself, having unrealistic ideas, misapprehending the truth, experiencing distortions, chasing after a fantasy.
stimulating the imagination; having vivid dreams or visions, opening to fantasy, plumbing the unconscious, entertaining unusual thoughts, being outlandish and bizarre.
feeling bewildered; losing direction and purposehaving trouble thinking clearly, becoming confused, being easily distracted, feeling disoriented, wandering aimlessly.

Strength The card of strength represents the lineage of the lion of Judah and the promises made to David's heirs. (Ps 89, 2 Sam 7:16 ) Boaz was of the tribe of Judah, and his direct line of descendents went through Obel, Jesse, David and Solomon. According to the Greek new Testament, it culminated a thousand years later in Jesus. By the instructions of the Notable Legend and of the entire Ritual, it is implied that we have been redeemed from the death of sin and the sepulcher of pollution. The infinite Mobius. The Master Grip is of the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" which brings ultimate triumph to every true, tested, tried and faithful Master Mason.

The meanings of the card of Strength are;
showing strength; knowing you can endure, having a gallant spirit, feeling an unshakable resolve, taking heart despite setbacks, having stamina, being a rock.
being patient; dealing calmly with frustration, accepting others, taking time, maintaining composure, refusing to get angry, showing forbearance .
being compassionate ; giving others lots of space, tolerating, understanding what others are feeling, accepting, forgiving imperfection, being kind.
achieving soft control; persuading working with, guiding indirectly, being able to influence, tempering force with benevolence, demonstrating the strength of love. Larger Picture of Strength

the High Priestess The card hated most by the church was the High Priestess, which was also known as the Papess or the female Pope. The belief and the reality was that infact Mary Magdalen was the first spiritual leader of the church, not Peter. She received this authority directly from Jesus and was the one he loved the most above all the others. This card also is said to represent the female pope who was a bloodline descendent of Jesus. Four women have held the distinction of being elected Grand Master of the Priory of Sion and were called Jean or Jeanne after election.

- The two Pillars Jachin and Boaz were originally built by King Solomon to represent the emanations of God known as Netzach and Hod. The secrets of Netzach and Hod are found in the ancient Hebrew mysticism known as the Kaballah.

The truth concerning the pillars Jachin and Boaz is this. On page 267 of the book Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (prepared for the Supreme Council of the Thirty-Third Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States and Published by it's Authority), we find Albert Pike deep in a discussion of the occult philosophy of the Hebrew Kabbalah. He states somewhat clearly, though not entirely accurately, (he transliterates the English letter V of tetragrammaton as a U), that from the two parts of the tetragrammaton, did deity emanate the "First-born of God, the Universal Form, in which are contained all beings; the Persian and Platonic Archetype of things, united with the Infinite by the primitive ray of Light. This First-Born is the Creative Agent, Conservator, and animating Principle of the Universe."... ...."it is equally considered as the generative and conceptive Principle, the Primitive Man, Adam Kadmon. As such, it has revealed itself in ten emanations or Sephiroth, which are not ten different beings, nor even beings at all; but sources of life, vessels of Omnipotence, and types of Creation. They are Sovereignty or Will, Wisdom, Intelligence, Benignity, Severity, Beauty, Victory, Glory, Permanency, and Empire." .........

The book titled Gates of Light written in the thirteenth century by Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla was recently translated into English in 1994. In the chapter titled "The Third and Fourth Gates", Rabbi Gikatilla tells us that the two spheres Netzach and Hod were indeed represented in the columns of Jachin and Boaz by King Solomon. Here is but one of many quotes from Gates of Light :

"Know that Solomon was reflecting this attribute called NeTZaCH, and also called YHVH TZVAOT, when he made the right pillar and called it YaKiN. For the one who knows the essence of the two pillars which are called YaKiN and BOAZ will know how the souls, spirits and living energy burst forth from EL CHaY and ADoNaY with the everflow that comes from these two pillars."

For further confirmation of Albert Pike's explanation of Jachin and Boaz, which will also provide a glimpse of what Pike may have been referring to when he spoke of the "Kabalistic alphabet of the Tarot", let us look at an actual Tarot card designed by Pamela Coleman Smith, under the direction of Authur Edward Waite. The High Priestess does in fact picture the Sephiroth of the Hebrew Kabbalah which are shown as pomegranates on a veil behind the High Priestess. There is also a white column on her right with the letter J representing Jachin. There is a black column on her left with the letter B representing Boaz.

Abraham, the great patriarch was the first man since the dawn of human civilization to transcribe an actual book on Kabbalah.

It is called the Book of Formation, and it holds the exalted mysteries and sublime secrets of our universe. Remarkably, the entire compilation is only a few pages long, a mere few hundred words...
from.. The Secrets of the Kabbalah

In the actual Tarot deck, the High Priestess represents;
staying nonactive; withdrawing from involvement, allowing events to proceed without intervention, being receptive to influence, becoming calm, being passive, waiting patiently .
accessing the unconscious; using your intuition, seeking guidance from within, trusting your inner voice, opening to dreams and the imagination, being aware of a larger reality.
seeing the potential; understanding the possibilities, opening to what could be, seeing your hidden talents, allowing development, letting what is there flower.
sensing the mystery ; looking beyond the obvious, approaching a closed off area, opening to the unknown, remembering something important, sensing the secret and hidden, seeking what is concealed, acknowledging the Shadow .
The real story of the High Priestess, The Lady of Christ ..please wait for the page to load.

the Lovers This card represents the bloodline of the couples across the stage of Europe. They are families of the Sangraal, the Royal Blood, through the centuries. The woman in the center who anglicized is, in the old decks, is Mary Magdalen. This card was originaly called "The Vine" which is an ancient symbol representing a family line.

The Card of the Lovers has these meanings;
relating to others; establishing bonds, feeling love, forming a union or marriage, acknowledging kinship, sympathizing with another, getting closer, making a connection,being intimate .
being sexual; seeking union, experiencing desire, making love, opening to another, responding with passion, feeling a physical attraction, tapping inner energy .
establishing personal beliefs; questioning received opinions, figuring out where you stand, staying true to yourself, setting your own philosophy, going by your own standards, making up your own mind.
determining values; struggling with temptation, choosing between right and wrong, facing an ethical or moral choice, refusing to let ends justify means, finding out what you care about. Larger picture.. Lovers

the Emperor The Card of the Emperor has these meanings;
fathering ; establishing a family line, setting direction and tone, protecting and defending, guiding growth, bringing security and comfort, offering explanations .
emphasizing structure ; creating order out of chaos, categorizing, being systematic, providing shape and form, being organized, applying reason, coordinating, sticking to a plan .
exercising authority; taking a leadership role, commanding, exerting control, representing the establishment,being in a position of strength, coming in contact with officials, setting direction .
regulating ; establishing law and order, operating from sound principles, applying rules or guidelines, working within the legal system, setting standards of behavior, following a regimen .

In the Tarot Deck, the card representing Aries is The Emperor, who rules over the Element of Fire and illustrates qualities of leadership, strength, energy and assertive power. This card is symbolic of a combination of dynamic physical energy and the concept of authority. The Emperor's numerological correspondent is four, symbolic of the builder and the organizer. Four is made up of straight lines and is a sacred number. This principle may be seen in the straight lines of the cross and the square. In a divine sense, it represents law and order, the material realms, reason and logic. It is interesting to note that Jesus Christ was not the only spiritual leader to die on a cross. Krishna of India, Thamus of Syria, Flesus of the Druids, Mithra of Persia and Quexalcotl of Mexico all also perished on crosses. The equal-armed cross, with its crossbeams crossing the umbilical center, traditionally represented man. It was only after the crucifixion of Christ that the crossbeam was raised to the heart center.

The Emperor is a member of the First Third of the Tarot's Major Arcana, representative of worldly power and the expense of individuality and creativity. This is a card of conservative and old world traditions where individualism and revolutionary ideas will not be tolerated. Nonetheless, the Emperor is symbolic of a definite committment to building something worthwhile for society as a whole. It is the ultimate paternal card, indicative of the male archetype and, as such, signifies efficient codes of behavior, focus on purpose and establishment of short, the fully-realized and directed use of the Aries impulse. more... Aries

hanged man Next is the Hanged Man, which is the twelveth card in the Major Arcana. The man is upside-down with one leg crossed behind the other leg that remains straight. This is crucial to tarot symbolism. This form of leg arrangement is on the card of the Emporer also. This position was used as a fallen knight was laid in his tomb. The crossed legs form an 'x' shape, which is one form of the Tau, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which signifies death. The more elaborate tombstones of leading Knights Templar were engraved with an image showing this pose, or with a fully sculptured effigy showing the deceased in this unusual position. The 'hanged man' represents the Fisher King.

Succèdant with the young woman of the Force, one finds a male character. This one is particularly muscular. It presents a robust constitution and yet it is not to him of any utility. This is why, the interior force, which incarnated in the eleventh mystery, higher than the physical force, posted by Is hung. With the exception of the manufacturers of House-God, of all the characters of the Tarot, it is the only one to have the head in bottom. This reversed posture produces two effects: on the material level, it indicates impossibility of acting and of realizing (not to have the feet on ground more); on a spiritual level, on the other hand, it represents another vision of reality, a different glance on the things and the beings (it sees the interior and either surface).

From a historical point of view, hanging by a foot constituted a torment inflicted to the Christians of the first centuries. At the Roman time, this torture was applied, associated other nuisances sometimes. Humiliation was added to the suffering because it was a question above all of exposing, in order to them dishonour, the torture victims become impotent: certain women, for example, were entirely undressed, so that all can see their sex. The practice, although more rarely applied, persisted until the Middle Ages.

By observing the chart attentively, one realizes that the character is not really hung. Just as for the arc of Cupid of the mystery VI, which does not comprise a cord, making thus impossible the shooting of only one arrow, the cord does not pass to him around ankle. If one places oneself in the real plan, it should not hold in this position. On the other hand, if one devotes oneself to a reading symbolic system, one can think that if it is not attached in his body, it is it in his head. And the mental one, the sequence with the thoughts are only enough to maintain it thus.

In addition, the cord is at the level of the left heel. However, in reference to the symbolism of the human body, the heel expresses the vulnerability and the foot is among Egyptians the hiéroglyphe employed to indicate the heart (see Achille or Œdipe, swollen foot). With its solid and muscular constitution, hung a brittleness opposes; and it is there precisely that it is touched. With its apparent force, hung a weakness opposes which is enough to reduce it in state slavery. Because the cord imprisons, it attaches and binds. It removes freedom, removes independence, blocks any possibility of movement. But what does it represent with the Juste? What binds truly the character? With what it is attached, at the point to sacrifice its freedom?

At the two ends of the body (feet and head), the blue color appears. More than ever, it revêt its significance of passivity. When the action is prevented, it is advisable to be receptive. For making, it is necessary to agree to demolish. Moreover, as we already evoked about the In love one, the blue hair grants the mystery an initiatory value, thus constituting an obliged test, a bridge to be crossed, a promised evolution.

Naturally, the character is not entirely passive, of the red appears on the level of the arms and the legs, which confers a powerful and real energy to him. But this one remains potential because it cannot escape from the body, to exempt itself with the outside: it does not reach the ends (blue feet and hidden hands). Also, it constitutes a tank and especially makes it possible to confer to the character a whole vitality and a strength.

It is advisable to consider the nine buttons now: three inferiors and six superiors, because their number highlights the interaction of the mysteries between them. More precisely, it reveals the existence of one second chronology. The first relates to the numerical order of the charts (of I with XXI), respectively fõgurant stages, situations or states specific and ordered. The second hierarchy is established on a ternary rate/rhythm. Already the three virtues (Justice Forces and Temperance) precisely separated by three in troõs, had made have a presentiment of this cyclic operation. Hung reaffirms the existence of an invisible order but quite as important.

Indeed, in this mystery finds the three like all its multiples: 3 = 3 lower buttons
9 = Totality of the buttons
12 = Totality of the buds
15 = 12 buds 3 lower buttons
18 = 12 buds 6 higher buttons
21 = 12 buds 9 buttons

By the addition, one cannot go beyond 21. It is thus allowed to evoke a sequence of mysteries (being juxtaposed with the real order numerical) which is: The Empress (III) - The In love One (VI) - The Hermit (VIIII) - Hung (XII) - The Devil (XV) - The Moon (XVIII) - The World (XXI)

The physical attitude of the character curiously points out a posture practised in yoga. The space inversion of the body causes to make it possible energies to better circulate (mainly: a better irrigation of the brain).

Thus, if Hung sees, in a certain manner, deprived of its body (in this attitude, it cannot act), its mental, intellectual and spiritual potentialities by by-effect are developed. Moreover, the perfect verticality of the body is astonishing bus thus held of only one foot, its body should normally oblique. To not-acting impossibility is added of creating, i.e. to use its hands. It is not known if they are bound or if, voluntarily, the character holds them cross in his back. In any case, it cannot use them: they miss. However, the hands make it possible as well to create as to realize. In addition, as among other characters of the mysteries, either they achieve a specific action (as at the Force or the Pope) or they are holders of objects or attributes (as at the Empress or Justice), or they are used to communicate (as at Papesse or the In love one).

Deprived of its hands, Hung does not have anything and does not carry out anything. One can, in the field of the possession, to consider that the pockets, located on the lower part of the jacket, constitute a kind of tank in substituent with the hands. However, being given the reversed position of the character, and not being hermetically closed, if they contained some objects or some metals, they would not fall. This is why, certain tarots represent Hung, with pockets or purses, attached to its belt, which are emptied of their contents: however or parts. What increases the material weakening of Hung.

What is not the case. It found a right balance in the situation to which it is subjected. Balance what confirms the position of the legs, such as in the Emperor.
"the whole of the figure recalls thus the alchemical sign of the achievement of Large Œthe uvre, inversion of the ideogram of Sulphur, which the silhouette of the Emperor is referred "

The framework consists of two trees. Graphics is strange and also evokes an inversion. However, the buds let suppose a correct order. They then are considered as each one planted in a green ground cluster (which could if not to seem the foliage). Their color is interesting because they associate two colours recognized for their dynamism: yellow and red. As, the external elements are more active as the character. What is reaffirmed by buddings which evoke the growth and the development. The surrounding framework has a clean existence, independent of the human activity; also, the things evolve/move of themselves without the intervention of the man. It is a little as if the situations which the human being creates really lived and even managed to survive after its death (symbolic system).

Hung is the mystery which presents largest dominant of green. This color intervenes like that of nature. This is why, the man is here in the presence of the natural forces.
Brother Oswald Wirth

In the actual Tarot deck, the Hanged Man represents;
letting go; having an emotional release, accepting what is, surrendering to experience, ending the struggle, being vulnerable and open, giving up control, accepting God's will.
reversing ; turning the world around, changing your mind, overturning old priorities, seeing from a new angle, upending the old order, doing an about-face.
suspending action; pausing to reflect, feeling outside of time, taking time to just be, giving up urgency, living in the moment, waiting for the best opportunity.
sacrificing ; being a martyr, renouncing a claim, putting self-interest aside, going one step back to go two steps forward, giving up for a higher cause, putting others first.

The Hermit represents the 'Grail hermit' or Peter the hermit. In some depictions he is holding an hourglass, a reference to his theme that the time has come to liberate Jerusalem( During the first crusade ) from the Saracens ( 1099). This was in the closing hours of the first millenniun after the destruction of the temple and probably had enormous significance for the heritics, whose battle cry was "Ave Millennium".

the Hermit In the actual Tarot deck, the Hermit represents;
being introspective; , thinking things over, stillness, withdrawing from the world, experiencing seclusion, giving up distractions, retreating into a private world.
being introspective focusing inward, concentrating less on the senses, quieting yourself looking for answers within, needing to understand
searching seeking greater understanding, looking for something, wanting the truth at all costs, going on a personal quest, needing more, desiring a new direction

receiving/giving guidance going to/being a mentor, accepting/offering wise counsel, learning from/being a guru, turning to/being a trusted teacher, being helped/helping,
seeking solitude needing to be alone, desiring stillness, withdrawing from the world, experiencing seclusion, giving up distractions, retreating into a private world

 The World The world is the fulfillment of this promise. The righteous ruler with crown, orb and epter has dominion over all the earth, enclosed in the mystic circle of perfection. The reign of God has become actual.

The actual meaning in the Deck of 'the World' is;
integrating; experiencing wholeness, bringing parts together, achieving dynamic balance, combining, creating synthesis, joining together, working in unison,
accomplishing ; realizing your goals, prospering, achieving your heart's desire, seeing dreams come true, flourishing, finding a beautiful solution
becoming involved ; contributing, healing, rendering a service, using a gift or talent, sharing what you have, giving of yourself, feeling engaged, being active
feeling fulfilled; savoring the present, taking pleasure in life, enjoying peace of mind, getting satisfaction, finding contentment, counting your blessings

Judgement The Judgement card shows people coming out of their graves. The meaning is that of awakening not doom. The card pictures enlightment when all people will awaken to their personal responsibility and communal destiny as the one Child of God, whose name Emmanuel, means "God is with Us!" In the documents of the heresy, the promise is for "Reveille," not "Taps". The trumpets are heralds of a New Day.
The meaning of the Card in the Deck is;
making a judgment ; having a day of reckoning, separating the wheat from the chaff, making an honest appraisal, getting off the fence, using critical faculties, taking a stand, making hard choices
feeling reborn ; awakening to possibilities, transforming, enjoying renewed hope, making a fresh start, seeing everything in a new light, discovering joy
hearing a call; recognizing your true vocation, feeling inner conviction, feeling an impulse to act, deciding to make a difference, feeling drawn in a new direction, knowing what you must do, answering a need
finding absolution; feeling cleansed and refreshed, releasing guilts and sorrows, forgiving yourself and others, atoning for past mistakes, unburdening yourself, feeling sins washed away

Justice The Justice Card has this meaning;
respecting justice; insisting on fairness, acting on ethical principles, being involved in legal concerns, committing to honesty, old accounts and debts, being accountable, acknowledging the truth, admitting involvement, handling the situation, doing what has to be done
preparing for a decision; weighing all sides of an issue, setting a course for the future, balancing all factors, determining right action, choosing with full awareness
understanding cause and effect; accepting the results you created, seeing how you chose your situation, recognizing the action of karma, knowing that what is makes sense, making connections between events.

The Magician, is the symbolic representaton of concentration. Concentration,in itself, is the power of Attention. The power of attention is focusing on one parcicular something. It could be thought, an action, a condition, or an object. When we are anticipating, wheather it is something happy or not happy, we are concentrating.

The Magician The Magician Card has the following meanings;
taking action;
doing what needs to be done, realizing your potential, making what's possible real, practicing what you preach, carrying out plans, producing magical results, using your talents.
acting consciously; knowing what you are doing and why, acknowledging your motivations, understanding your intentions, examining the known situation
concentrating ; having singleness of purpose, being totally experiencing power; making a strong impact, having vitality, creating miracles, becoming energized, feeling vigorous, being creative . Larger picture of The Magician

The Sun In the sun card, the young girl is holding a spindle of cloth. This is a symbol of continuity. She is called Briar Rose, who plucked her finger on a poisoned spindle and fell asleep until a prince finally hacked his way through the briar hedge to rescue her from an evil spell. This is representative of a folktale that is told in the light of day that is actual truth. The story is also reminicent of lost princes.
The Meaning of the Card of the Sun is;
becoming enlightened ; understanding, finding the sense behind the chaos, attaining a new level of insight, having an intellectual breakthrough, getting to the heart of the matter, realizing the truth .
experiencing greatness ; achieving prominence, being singled out for notice, having a personal moment of glory, setting an outstanding example, shining forth brilliantly, demonstrating distinction, becoming the center of attention.
feeling vitality; becoming radiantly energized, bursting with enthusiasm, experiencing joy, feeling invigorated, getting charged up, enjoying great health.
having assurance; feeling free and expansive, honoring your true self, knowing you can succeed, being confident, believing in your worth, trusting your abilities, forgiving yourself .

the Devil This number is one secret symbol of taro card #15, the Devil, or Baphomet, who is Cronos, and Saturn who rules Capricorn, and the Unicorn. December 25 was Osiris' resurrection day and that is ruled by Capricorn. It is also Christmas. The Hebrews used the Baphomet as a cover symbol for the ark of the convenent, amoungst other things. The Egyptians divided the body into a total of 36 sub-divisions, each ruled by a different god.
The card also represents the male power principal rampant in Europe after the desolution of the Templars. He represents the 'bully' of the Middle Ages. The monster holds heavy chains, with which he enslaves the human race. His hideous ears must represent the eavesdroping spies of the Inquisition who intimidated and stifled the people. It is not the heretics of the vine who serve this evil monster; its slaves are the orthodox.

The Card of The Devil has the following meanings;
experiencing bondage; accepting an unwanted situation, being obsessed, feeling tied down against your will, losing independence, allowing yourself to be controlled, being addicted and enslaved,submitting to another.
focusing on the material; being caught up in appearances, believing only in the physical, forgetting the spiritual, getting and spending,overindulging the senses.
staying in ignorance; being unaware, operating within a narrow range, experiencing limitation, choosing to stay in the dark, fearing the unknown, being taken in by appearances.
feeling hopeless; believing the worst, despairing, lacking faith, seeing a cold world, thinking negatively, foreseeing a bleak future, doubting.

The Chariot The Card of the Chariot has the meanings of;
achieving victory; reaching your goal, winning, being successful, dominating, coming out on top, beating the competition.
using your will; being determined to succeed, focusing your intent, rising above temptation, letting nothing distract you, sustaining an effort, concentrating your energies, fixing on a goal.
asserting yourself; being ego-focused, establishing an identify, knowing who you are, feeling self-confident, having faith in yourself, looking out for your interests.
achieving hard control; mastering emotions,curbing impulses, maintaining discipline, holding in anger, getting your way, assuming the reins of power, showing authority. Larger picture of The Chariot

Death The meaning of the Card of Death is;
ending ; closing one door to open another, bringing something to a close, completing a chapter, concluding unfinished business, putting the past behind you, having a parting of the ways.
going through transition ; changing status, moving from the known to the unknown, being cast adrift, waiting in an in-between state being in the middle.
eliminating excess; cutting out what isn't necessary, shedding old attitudes, getting down to bare bones concentrating on essentials, getting back to basics.
experiencing inexorable forces; being in the path of sweeping change, being caught in the inescapable, going through what cannot be avoided, being part of a powerful movement, riding your fate, accepting the inevitable.

This card may have a connection with the Dead Grand Master, Jaques De Molay, who died on Friday the 13th. The dead Grand Master appears to be lying on the ground under the horse of Death. There are also skull and cross-bones on the horse's bridle and the Knight who is death carries a measuring rod. Note the presence of the 'High Priest' or Pope who is responsible for his death.. The children could represent innocense. Larger picture of Death

The Tower represents 'the wasteland'.

The Tower represents Mary Magdalen as the 'watch tower' or stronghold of the Daughter of Sion. The place name Magdal-eder literally means "Tower of the flock", in the sence of a high place used by a shepherd as a vantage point from which to watch over his sheep. In Hebrew. the epithet Magdala literally means 'tower' or "elevated, great, magnificent". This meaning has particular revelance if the Mary so named was in fact the wife of the Messiah. It would have been the Hebrew equivalent of calling her" Mary the great", while at the same time referring to the prophesied return of dominion to "the daughter of Jerusalem" ( Mic 4:8.

Because the daughter was forced into politicial exile, the tower crumbeled and fell and was destroyed.

The Tower The Tower being in chaos.
releasing; exploding, having an emotional outburst, erupting in anger, crashing through ego defenses, breaking through pretense, letting everything go.
falling down; being humbled, experiencing a crash, toppling from the heights, having a downturn in fortune, suffering a blow to the ego.
having a revelation; suddenly realizing the truth, exposing what was hidden, having a burst of insight, seeing through illusions, getting the answer, seeing everything in a flash. Larger picture of The Tower

The Empress The Empress is the equal opposite of the Emperor. This card is the Empress with the following meanings;
mothering; giving birth, nourishing life, nurturing and caring for others, cherishing the world, expressing tenderness, working with children
welcoming abundance; enjoying extravagance, receiving lavish reward, luxuriating in plenty, having more than enough, feeling rich.
experiencing the senses; giving and receiving pleasure, focusing on the body, appreciating beauty, feeling vibrantly healthy, being earthy, doing physical activity.
responding to Nature; relating to plants and animals, embracing the natural, feeling connected to the Earth, going outdoors, harmonizing with natural rhythms. Larger picture of The Empress

The star is represented as the power of Meditation. The ability to focus on something. Looking at something in the reality of it and yet in a positive manner. Aquarius is Atu XVII, The Star in the Tarot which, in the Thoth deck, indicates information conducted/transmitted, from a star to the earth. Sirius has been called the 'third eye' (ajna chakra) of the being to which the Earth is heart.

The Star The Girl is pouring water from two vases out onto the ground, a sign of hope for the future re-generation of the spirit and truth, which the virtue Prudence was seen pouring into a new vessel in the earlier card. The star may also be the sign of Aquarius, the water carrier, the coming age whose symbol prophesies the dissoultion of the patriarchal establishment by means of the 'water' of the feminine and the spirit of truth. The water that has been poured out may help 'the desert bloom' in the centuries to come.
The Star has the following meanings;
regaining hope having faith in the future, thinking positively, believing, counting your blessings, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, feeling great expectation, looking forward to success.
being inspired; regaining motivation, realizing an inner strength, seeing the way clear, being stimulated to a higher level, creating, receiving the answer.
being generous wanting to give or share, spreading the wealth, opening your heart, giving back what you have received, letting love flow freely, offering with no reservations, holding nothing back.
feeling serene; experiencing peace of mind, relaxing, finding your still center, remaining untroubled, savoring perfect calm, being tranquil amid trouble, enjoying harmony.

Another Tarot Templar web site and the site we use to show you the larger pictures.. Templar Tarot To Joan Bunning - Please change your URL for us to - Thanks! and Thanks for the link.

From Joan Bunning: "The cards of the Templar Tarot are especially rich in symbolic meaning. They are inspired by the compelling history of the Knights Templar – a story filled with archetypal characters and events. Allen Chester’s dramatic paintings capture these timeless elements. Their images and patterns create a symbolic picture. By meditating on this picture, you discover hidden truths about yourself and your world." Joan Bunning is the author of Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners, Learning Tarot Reversals and Learning Tarot Spreads. Visit www.learntarot.comto see her free online course.

Keep in mind that when a card is placed upside-down, the meaning is the opposite

We would also like to add that Mr. Waite was a Mason. Therefore he had good reason to publish his own set of cards which probably portray the most authentic meaning possible in reference to the Templars.

In the 13th century, over a few decades, a huge literature emerged around an unlikely tale. Survivors of the core of early Christianity make a perilous journey to Western Europe. They begin a hidden bloodline, preserve immensely powerful relics of the crucifixion, and carry a secret which, if revealed, would turn the established church on its head. If this seems like déjà vu, it is.

A.E. Waite gets to the core of the Grail legend, an interwoven mass of narratives which started with seeds of pagan folklore and grew into a massive allegorical Christian epic. This 700 page book will satisfy both the academic reader who wants a survey of the Grail literature, and the more mystically inclined who seek the Grail itself. Waite examines in great detail every known source text for the Grail legend. His literate style makes interesting reading for well-educated readers, despite the repeating themes and story lines. Unlike some of the other writers on this topic, Waite is organized, focused, and not hesitant to turn a critical eye on half-baked theories.

In the last two hundred pages, he attempts to make some sense of it all. He examines and dismisses 19th century theories which linked the Grail to the Templars, or Masons, as well as the unorthodox Cathars, Albigensians and Waldensians of Southern France. His conclusion is that there is an 'inner church' in Christianity: not a conspiracy or a subterranean sect, but a mystical core. Instead, Waite's concept of the hidden church is based on a deep comprehension of the sacrament of communion, and the Holy Grail is symbolic of this.

Waite published this magnum opus about the time that he (with Pamela Smith) was putting the finishing touches on his Tarot deck. A close read of this book will illuminate much of the Waite Tarot deck symbolism. Sacred Texts

Learn to read the Tarot The larger pictures and the meanings of each card are taken from this site by Joan Bunning, who offers a free on-line course. Her Copyright reads;
Permission is granted to copy (unmodified) all or part of the documents making up "Learning the Tarot - An On-Line Course" for personal use as long as the copyright message (Copyright © 1995-2002 by Joan Bunning) is maintained on each document or part. This material may not be sold or incorporated in commercial documents or products.

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