Bible Codes are the work of a False God

The Bible Codes are the Work of a False God

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Along with other skeptics, we will show you why the 'codes' are false, up to a point. The God we are dealing with thinks he is the only God. He does not acknowledge another. We have covered all the ancient texts that prove there is a Higher Power.

We have called him Enki and Ptah and we associated Marduk, Thoth, Enoch, Noah, and Moses with the God of Turth and Knowledge. We have given the examples of how he chose to save Noah and his family from destruction.. We have shown how he sent us Jesus, Buddah, and Krishna, sons of piece and love.

This False God is given to think he is in charge of all the decisions that effect mankind. Sometimes he does the right thing and sometimes he doesn't. He proclaims himself the 'Judge' of right and wrong or Good and Evil.

Therefore it seems logical that this God doesn't like Jesus, Enki, Marduk,Thoth, Osiris, Moses, Solomon or anyone else that doesn't OBEY and comply with his demands. We have gone over the refusal of the Egyptians, in particular Ham, Cush and Nimrod to do things His way. We have shown how Israel worshipped him and thought him to be the true God. He is called Yehwah, Jehovah ect. He hovers over mankind like an Eagle searching for prey.

We searched the codes and found one thing is clear. Anything to do with the Templars or freemasons is considered evil. He even condemns America. We do not know what the time frame is in any of these codes unless it is stated.

Judgement of America - York in blood - they were consumed - Terror from G- Bush will be informed - Their judgement is fufilled - Elul - New - 2000 - 2001 - for Babel

You will bury - America, He condemned. more words in this code; judgment, 2012-2013(Sept 2012 - Sept 2013), hit, shoot, sling, holocaust, black race, internment, detention, arrest, doom, death.

From 2010. Holocaust of America, a desolation!

For you, God will destroy the United States. Where? - From USA westward. (Yellowstone volcano)

Priory of Sion

Freemasonry is evil; from the evidence. - Daughter of Belial.

Freemasonry, they trampled, they brought down.

Freemasonry - They burnt their children in the fire as sacrifices to Adrammelech.

This is very disturbing... from the back, B. Obama

Shooting of Obama

Extend! From Yah a light; Barack Obama is the death!

Suspicion of an Obama assassination is in him, as in them, what a pity for your wickedness; this is the cult! But those that seek my soul, to destroy it shall go into the nethermost parts of the earth.

A few of the more interesting ones.

This enemy Bin Laden is dead in a sacred chamber, Shechem (Nablus). And he shall be a wild ass of a man: His hand shall be againt every man; and every mans hand against him; and he shall dwell in the face of his brethren.

The main events are included in the following table, which also contains details from the passage system as a whole.

We don't agree with the date the pyramid was built.


Symbolism Possible Meaning

2623 BC

Beginning of passage system

Construction date?

2141 BC Star alignment.

Dating lines on walls.

Abraham born 2166 BC (source Ryrie)
1453 BC New upward path begins. Exodus.
797-765 BC Formative favourable time. 13th Jubilee in Israel.
592-559 BC Formative unfavourable time. Destruction of Solomon's Temple.

Babylonian exile.

384-352 BC Formative favourable time.  
2 BC Birth of central Messianic figure. Jesus.
29 AD Preparation of Messiah completed. Baptism of Jesus?
33 AD Achievement of full enlightenment. Beginning of path of the enlightened. Crucifixion.
46-58 AD Mission of lesser Messiah. Missionary journeys of Paul.
58-82 AD Period of physical death and destruction.  Most of the followers of Jesus are killed.

  70 AD

Central event of this time. Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.
152 AD Separation begins between the path of the enlightened and the static path of rebirth. Early Christian era.
1223-8 AD Beginning of return towards the true teachings. Death of St Francis of Assisi.
1440-1521 AD Central events leading to the time of hell on earth. Invention of printing.

Discovery of America.

1767-1848 Idealism and turbulence. French revolution.

American Independence.

1845 Initial steps towards final days. Industrial Revolution.
1914 End of discarnate period for the Enlightened.

Beginning of time of hell and reincarnation for those on all paths.

The modern era begins with WW1 followed by rapid population growth due to science in medicine and agriculture.
1918± 3 Material low point. End of 1st World War.
1921-32± 3 Era of physical progress.  
1932-39± 3 Decline in civilisation. Rise of Hitler and Fascism.
1933-44 Rise and fall of anti-messiah. Hitler.
1945± 3 New spiritual influences Dead Sea Scrolls found. Return to Israel.
1951± 3 Rapid progress. Post-war recovery.
1978-2004± 3 Period of decline.  
1985 Powerful spiritual forces begin to influence the enlightened.  

  1999 (21st Feb).


Beginning of the Kingdom of the Spirit.

A new enlightened spiritual society.

5 star Alignment May 2000 -

nothing visible yet

2010-25± 3
Total collapse of civilisation.
 The End Days and their aftermath.
2014-32± 3
Spiritual low point.
Fighting among the ruins? 
2025± 3
Beginning of recovery.
2034 (31st Oct)
Sign of the Messiah
 Something in the sky?
2039 (21st Oct)
Birth of 2nd Messiah
2055± 3
Material Progress and Recovery
2075± 3
Beginning of era of great progress and achievements.
2076± 3
Beginning of era of great spiritual progress
Death of 2nd Messiah
3rd Messiah
4th Messiah
Last Messiah
Redeemed enter the path of final escape.
Beginning of the true Millennium. Era of final escape for the enlightened
The end of the time of escape.

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