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April 2003; from Ripping Off Masons and those who want to be....

Alharam - Liars and Thieves

Those who use the internet, even for the briefest periods of time, rapidly become aware of the many scams that one can fall victim to. It's OH so easy to scam Masons because they are, generally, extraordinarily trusting - and regrettably, they sometimes don't look too very deeply at what's really happening when they believe another Mason is involved. This has not escaped the notice of the most odious of the scam artists who've recently begun sending 'begging messages' for monetary assistance to help a child get care at Masonic hospitals (even though such hospitals don't charge for their services) and setting up make-believe "Masonic" groups to get people to 'join' and pay them money.

A case in point is the website of the so-called Alaharam Club Club" and "Alharam Lodge". It's nothing but a couple of websites populated with Masonic iconography and pretending to be both a Club, a Lodge, and - it appears - a Grand Lodge as well. This particular shyster outfit came to our attention when we found our page of Famous Freemasons as well as our page of Famous Non-Masons appearing right there on their website, stolen with graphics and all! The thieves, when confronted, simply moved the stolen wares to their "members only" section of the site. Repeated attempts to have the material removed entirely have been completely ignored. Multiple messages posted at various times to their bulletin board are erased so that the unsuspecting will be unaware of their duplicity. Here's a clue: if someone wants you to send a CV for their review and then they'll make you a Mason as long as your check clears, you've been HAD! (You'll note too that you can be a man OR a woman according to their website....) If a Grand Lodge website also offers you a link to stock quotes, be VERY wary: Grand Lodges don't do such things! If someone wants you to pay $120/year for access to the 'secret' part of their website where they've got stolen website pages that you could get for free elsewhere - and they further claim that they're the greatest Masonic research group ever, PLEASE run away quickly. Grand Masters don't also serve as Masters of a Lodge (unless there's only one make-believe lodge as in the case of Alharam!) and you don't become a Mason by mail! There are LOTS of great research lodges and bodies available without resorting to internet scams.

If you've been deceived by this group ("The Grand Lodge of the Princes of Jerusalem"), drop me a note and we'll see if we can't put a little pressure on to get them run off the web. Because of their foreign location, it may be difficult to prosecute for mail fraud but legitimate Masonic researchers know that the very first successful mail fraud case prosecuted in the United States involved the bogus selling of Masonic degrees so it might be fun to see if we can do it again! Let's run "Alharam" and all the phonies like it back into the darkness like the cockroaches they are!
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Black Americans / Prince Hall Masons, be ware!

Dr. Malachi Z. York / the Nuwaubian Grand Lodge Fraud

statement.."Around 1970 A.D. he ( Mr. York ) started his cleansing process to re-wash the brains of blacks all across the world"
Maybe dry-cleaning would be better...or maybe Woolite?

answer; I dunno - if you're planning to wash my brain to the point where I'd swallow this load, you'll need something a lot stronger than that. Lye and a wire brush, maybe...

He claimed to be an extraterrestrial being from the 19th galaxy called Illyuwn, Malachi (born as Dwight) York. Now this self-proclaimed leader of his creation, the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, will likely spend the rest of his life in US federal prison having received a 135 year sentence.

During 2003 he admitted to multiple state charges of child abuse, kidnapping, and more. Engaging in a variety of tactics to avoid prosecution, he claimed that he was an American Indian using a genealogy so weak as to cause any serious historian fits of laughter. In another ploy, he withdrew his guilty plea and chose to stand trial on federal charges - where he ultimately lost. But let's begin at the beginning....

Bro. Gary Leazer has generously given us permission to reprint an article from is "CIS Masonic Report, Vol. 7, No.4 of March, 2003". We think you'll find it enlightening. see.. Nuwaubian Leader Pleads Guilty to Sex Charges ©CIS Masonic Reporter, 2003.

Posted from an article in the New York Times, 6/02/02 | Robert Stacy McCain, Posted on 06/01/2002 10:47 PM PDT by kattracks. Nuwaubian Nightmare

"They say they are descendants of ancient Egyptians and American Indians — even aliens from another galaxy — but they came from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Their leader once called himself the "Supreme Being," but he was actually an ex-convict and is in jail facing dozens of charges of child molestation.

For a group that seems to have had no more than a few hundred members, the Nuwaubians had a remarkable influence on black culture and politics in the 1990s.

Through bookstores and Web sites, the Nuwaubians spread their doctrine within the black community and recruited young people from black colleges. At the center of it all was the "master teacher," who says he's written 460 books, who taught that whites were inferior and who said he was a native of the planet "Rizq" in the galaxy "Illyuwn."

Known by a variety of names and titles — including Dr. Malachi Z. York-El, Atume-Re and Chief Black Eagle — he was in fact Dwight York, who served time in a New York prison after being convicted in 1965 for assault, carrying a concealed weapon and resisting arrest.

Now accused by Georgia's state district attorney of repeatedly "molesting at least five victims, young girls and boys," Mr. York once had the outspoken support of prominent black leaders.

The Rev. Al Sharpton led a rally in 1999 in Eatonton, calling county officials "oppressors" for shutting down the group 's unlicensed nightclub. In a rally in April 2000 at Tama-Re, the Rev. Jesse Jackson told a cheering crowd that the Nuwaubians were "living the American dream."

Mr. York was sentenced to probation in early 1964, after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of raping a 13-year-old girl.
Misdemeanor? Misdemeanor!?

After moving to the middle of Georgia in 1993, the people who called themselves Nuwaubians caused a stir in rural Putnam County. The black supremacist sect known as the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors built two 40-foot-tall pyramids on their 473-acre property and talked about a spaceship that would take them away in 2003.

An FBI report listed the group as a potential terrorist threat. The site that members called Tama-Re, or "Egypt of the West," was protected by armed guards. Putnam County residents feared the Nuwaubian compound would be the scene of "our own little Waco," ending in a violent showdown like the deadly 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian site in Texas did.

Those fears are eased. Nuwaubian leader Dwight York is in federal custody, charged with four counts of interstate transportation of minors for sex, and has also been indicted on 116 state charges involving child molestation.

Mr. York, 56, was arrested May 8, 2002 along with 33-year-old Kathy Johnson — witnesses describe her as the Nuwaubian leader's "main wife" — who is accused of aiding and abetting Mr. York in transporting minors from the group's former New York headquarters to the compound east of Eatonton, Ga.

But worries about a violent showdown at the Nuwaubian site were not groundless. In their raid on the compound May 8, federal agents seized 20 weapons, officials said. Ten guns were confiscated at two of Mr. York's homes in Athens and Milledgeville.

From convict to ( False ) prophet

Dwight York, born June 26, 1945, was a criminal long before he became the Nuwaubian leader, and suspicions of criminal activity have followed his groups since the 1970s.

Mr. York was sentenced to probation in early 1964, after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of raping a 13-year-old girl. But he was arrested again in October 1964, and his conviction in January 1965 for assault and other charges earned Mr. York a three-year sentence in state prison.

Paroled in October 1967, Mr. York joined the Black Panthers and in the early 1970s adopted the name Imam Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi and founded his own Black Muslim sect, whose members dressed in white robes and became known as the Ansaru Allah Community.

As the leader of Ansaru Allah (Arabic for "Allah's helpers") , Mr. York also called himself Isa Muhammud and Abd Allh Idn Abu Bakr Muhammad. The Brooklyn-based group was variously known as Ansaar Pure Sufi and the Nubian Islamic Hebrews. The name changes were apparently accompanied by shifts in belief.

"Their ideology has changed a half a dozen times in the last four or five years," Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills says of the group.

Two things did not change in Mr. York's teachings, however: his insistence on his status as prophet or "savior" and an Afrocentric view of the greatness of black people and the inferiority of whites.

On his own Web site — — Mr. York declares that he studied at American University in Cairo, Egypt, and at the University of Khartoum in Sudan, and that his great-grandfather was the Grand Mahdi of Sudan. Mr. York once described himself as "the Supreme Being of This Day and Time, God in Flesh."

Black people — "wooly haired dark-skinned people," as Mr. York called them — are Nubians, "the original seed" and were the "original Egyptians," he wrote.

White people, Mr. York taught, are descended from the biblical Canaanites, their white skin caused by a genetic defect. One of Noah's sons, Ham, was frightened so badly, Mr. York wrote, that "it affected his genes and it came out in his fourth son, Canaan."

Flames of suspicion

Based in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, the Ansaru Allah Community expanded in the late 1970s and '80s. The group sought to purchase various Bushwick properties and, in some cases where the owners refused to sell, those properties were destroyed by fire. According to an FBI report that became public after Mr. York's group moved to Georgia, informants told police that Ansaru Allah members were responsible for at least three of those fires.

In April 1979, Bushwick activist Horace Greene, who had opposed Mr. York's group, was gunned down outside a community center. In 1998, informants told police he was killed by an Ansaru Allah member known as Hashim "The Warrior" Muhammad, a convicted murderer whose real name is Roy Savage.

In 1983, Mr. York purchased a large property in the foot hills of New York's Catskill Mountains that was used as a rural retreat for the group. But conflicts in New York eventually prompted the move to Georgia in 1993.

Why would a Brooklyn-based Black Muslim group choose to move to rural Putnam County — population 14,137 in 1990 — where two-thirds of the people were white and almost all the residents, black and white, were evangelical Christians?

Mr. York has told reporters that it was because the county is home to Rock Eagle, an archaeological site created by prehistoric American Indians whom the Nuwaubians claimed as ancestors. Others have suggested that some Ansaru Allah members were Putnam County natives or had relatives there.

Whatever the reasons, on Jan. 15, 1993, Mr. York paid $975,000 for a 473-acre former game ranch on state Route 142. Soon his followers began arriving from New York, taking up residence in several mobile homes on the property.

The Waco raid in 1993 went awry when agents tried to arrest leader David Koresh at the Branch Davidian compound, but FBI agents arrested the Nuwaubian leader before raiding the group's Putnam County headquarters. Mr. York and Miss Johnson were arrested at a grocery store in Milledgeville, 20 miles south of Eatonton. An hour later, 200 FBI agents and 80 sheriff's deputies from four counties stormed Tama-Re to execute a search warrant. "I cannot praise the FBI enough," Sheriff Sills said of the May 8 raid. "They planned, planned, planned. [The raid] went absolutely according to plan, and not a single person was harmed in any way."
Read the rest at Arrests

Maybe Prince Hall Mason's should form a protest in Putnam County Georgia.


copied from..The Wesley Room {The REAL Issue!!!}by The Society

Why is Bogus Freemasonry so prevalent in the Black community and such a threat to Prince Hall Freemasonry? The answer to this question is 'The REAL Issue' and the key to the solution of eradicating this deadly pestilence to Prince Hall Freemasonry and America.

Predominately Black Bogus Freemasonry or commonly called Non-Prince Hall Freemasonry has been a pest in the side to Prince Hall Freemasonry since the early 1800's. It started with the schism in Pennsylvania with Hiram Grand Lodge, fueled by the death of the National Grand Lodge, climaxed with John Jones (AFAM) type Grand Lodges and became a pyramid profiteering scheme with International Grand Lodges. There are over two hundred predominately Black Bogus Grand Lodges in the United States, that are estimated to have a membership of 22,000 to 47,000 individuals, claiming to be Freemasons. These Lodges and Grand Lodges are primarily located in our larger America cities, with New York City boasting the highest population of irregular groups.

These groups pray upon the naïve profane, who almost never knows what regularity is or has knowledge that there is a difference between Freemasons. All the profane typically knows is that he wants to be a Freemason, and from there he is taken advantage of - hoodwinked - robbed - victimized and left ignorant - shamed and branded by these Bogus Groups. Maybe Prince Hall Freemasonry might heal him, but not likely! That new Bogus Mason will go out and bring in five to ten more of his friends and associates to also become foes to regular Freemasonry.

A predominately Black University remains to be a microcosm of the Black Community and when we were faced with same threat at Central State and Wilberforce Universities (OHIO) in the mid 90's from the irregular Prince Hall Origin and International Groups, we significantly reduced their intake by educating our members that the Bogus Mason was not their Masonic equal and informed the public about regular Prince Hall Freemasonry through public seminars and lectures. Today these Bogus Groups still get a small amount of members from the campuses, but mainly only the individuals that couldn't get a petition from us, due to their character.

Bogus Freemasonry doesn't exist just because! It exist through ignorance of our own members and the ignorance of the public about us! The public won't get to know us through banquets or parades or church visits. We have get out there and tell them who we are - Educate the Public and your new Master Masons. Once we shift through all the rhetoric, it's easy to see that the Real Issue is ignorance and this is the reason why Bogus Freemasonry is a great danger regular Freemasonry and the public.

We are very fortunate to have as members of our society, four members of the Commission on Bogus Masonic Practices of the Phylaxis Society. This group of zealous Prince Hall Freemasons makes it their job to educate anyone who will listen to them about the threat of Bogus Freemasonry. They were gracious enough to allow us to interview them in this issue:

Tell us about the brief history and purpose of the Phylaxis Society Commission on Bogus Practices.

|R. MCNEAL| Since the conference of Grand Masters (PHA) no longer considered Bogus Masonry a threat, the Non-Prince Hall Commission was disbanded. The president of the Phylaxis Society, Bro. Joseph Walkes, Jr., knew that the threat still existed and asked his First Vice-president, Bro. Zellus Bailey to run a new directory. This took place in the mid-seventies. Bro. Robert Simmons, the second Vice-president during that time would become the next director of this commission.

Later, Bro. Paul Best, the executive secretary during the 1980s would organize a Phylaxis chapter in Des Moines, Iowa called the A.G. Clark Chapter after one of our Masonic trailblazers. This new chapter took over the commission and undertook the task of learning Names, and Addresses of all the Bogus African-American groups across the country. Using the name of "Mr. Phil Laxis", the commission began to collect their newspapers, rituals and other materials!

In 1993, Bro. Steven Hill was appointed the directorship. Bro. Hill came out with a quarterly newsletter that was sent out to many of our Grand Lodges and her leaders. The same thing that happened in the seventies and eighties, his hard work researching this information fell on deaf ears.

Bro. Hill resigned from this position last year. In January of this year, I was asked to take the reins of this commission. A recommendation came from one of our Mainstream brethren that we should change our name. The new name was the "Unrecognized Commission." After going back and forth with the brothers that I wanted to surround myself with, we decided that the term "Unrecognized" was too soft of a term dealing with this problem. We want to expose this type of mason, so we came up with the name, "The Commission on Bogus Masonic Practices."

The Commission presently consist of: Director - Ralph McNeal (Arizona) Ass. to the Director - Emanuel Stanley (Maryland) First Vice President - Ezekiel Bey (New York), and Second Vice President - Joe Snow (Georgia)

The purpose of the commission in this century is no different from what the late Harry A. Williamson tried to impart. His research has been made known since the 1950s on these groups . Our purpose is to inform our Prince Hall Brethren (Leaders included), the mainstream Freemason, and the innocent Bogus Mason of the origins of these so-called Grand Lodges.

Who ultimately benefits from your work?

|R. MCNEAL| Our Prince Hall Brothers and Sisters are our ultimate benefactors. We've have had many hits on our web page to view our work, but unfortunately, many do not have access to the Internet. With the recognition wagon hitting so many jurisdictions, some of the Bogus Masons are reaping the benefits of those who have labored hard in the quarries.

How deadly of a threat is Bogus Black Freemasonry to Prince Hall Freemasonry?

|R. MCNEAL| As long as our leaders are unaware of what is in their own backyards, it will continue to be a deadly threat to Prince Hall Freemasonry. The sad part is that in some jurisdictions, the Bogus Grand Lodges are taking their Masonry out of their Lodge Halls. They are working within their respective communities, taking our future members. Some of these organizations are no more than a Friday night Fish-fry social club, yet they are visible all year, including the festive seasons.

We as Prince Hall Masons need to stop relaying on our past laurels. There are enough accurate historical books on our fraternity. Put some of these books in the schools, and libraries. With our history in these institutions, maybe the public at large will ask the Bogus Mason from whence he came.

|J. SNOW| Very Deadly because the Bogus Groups are starting to meet together to establish mutual recognition and by trying to gain strength in numbers with these meetings make a move to squeeze Prince Hall Masonry out of business state by state.

What do you say to those Prince Hall Masons who just wants all Black Masons to get along? Or that Prince Hall Mason who thinks a Bogus Black Mason is his Masonic Equal?

|R. MCNEAL| I would say to ask why do your Masonic colleges; universities and quarterly seminars apparently do not teach you Masonic Law? Ask that a section devoted to the Ancient charges be taught. Show them the ways of the Bogus Mason.

To the Prince Hall Mason who thinks that the Bogus Mason is his equal? We say visit our web page (, and then render us an opinion.

The Bogus mason will play on your emotions when you challenge his history. He will say, "Can't we all get along?" If the Prince Hall mason listens to it, it gives that Bogus Mason CREDIBILITY! This is what they are seeking. But sadly many of our brethren and leaders give that sympathetic ear.

Let's get back to the comment of "being equals." I tell many of my Prince Hall brethren to think of a brother getting expelled for Unmasonic conduct. He starts his own Grand Lodge. Would you recognize him then? As I have stated, it boils down to Masonic Law. Tracing your lineage to African Lodge Number 459 or the United Grand Lodge of England. and civil rights. So our mission forty to fifty years ago was twice the workload than we have today.

Are Bogus Eastern Stars any threat to Prince Hall Eastern Stars?

|R. MCNEAL| Yes they are! Most of our jurisdictions forget our Eastern Stars. With the adoption law, it has strengthened some, but the adoption law should be made known to some of these Bogus chapters. It can do nothing but to swell our ranks. Many of our Chapters are hurting for members. The same process of taking in the irregular Freemasons should be set up for Eastern Stars.

EDITORS NOTE - A majority of Prince Hall Jurisdictions have either all together dropped the Bloodline Requirement or opens occasional windows when chapters can initiate women who have no Prince Hall Freemasons as relatives.

Generally speaking - How do these group get going and operating and spread?

|R. MCNEAL| These groups are started in many ways. Some are expelled Prince Hall Masons. Some are men of the cloth who feel the need to have a tighter rein on their flock as well as make additional money for themselves and their churches.

Bro. Stanley and I were offered Lodges and Grand Lodges in our name for a fee. You have some such as the Bank's organization (International Free and Accepted Modern Masons) that is nothing more than a multi level marketing group. Getting paid to bring in warm bodies! Imagine that!

Then you have some that preach reverse racism and talk about the right to be Masons. Tracing that inherent right to the Grand Lodge of Luxor in Egypt.

How do these groups presence on the internet increase their danger to us?

|R. MCNEAL| The Information Age has brought Freemasonry into homes around the globe, in a way which could never have been imagined. The initiated and the curious alike have but to type the word 'Freemasonry' in an internet search engine and a plethora of data on the Fraternity is made available.

Recognizing the need to appear as legitimate as any other Masonic body on the world wide web, these groups develop there own web pages. A standard MO (modus operandi) for bogus Masons is to have a links page, which intermingles bogus web sites with those of mainstream Masonry. Thus giving the illusion of regularity.

Another common practice is to mix ones spurious origins with that of regular freemasons, again casting the illusion of being a legitimate organization with a legitimate history. You will find that many African-American Grand Lodges include the history of Prince Hall on their web pages as well.

Of all these Black Irregular Groups - Which has to be the most ridiculous in their practices?

|J. SNOW| There is a so-called body of Masons working in the City of Savannah Georgia by the Name of Henry Allen Lodge. We as PHA masons call them football field mason because they make masons behind the bleachers at Savannah State College where they operate. They set up at different members apartments by taking the furniture from the front room and set up an alter and have what they call a Masonic meeting. When the apartment is occupied and cannot be used, they go down to one of the local restaurants and hold meetings. The members are never given a dues card or patent for membership.

Does Mainstream Freemasonry face the same dilemma with Bogus Freemasonry as Prince Hall?

|R. MCNEAL| Mainstream has the same problem. However it is not as big as a threat to them as it is to Prince Hall freemasonry. The sad part is that many of the Bogus masons have entered into a Masonic dialogue due to the mainstream mason not knowing the difference. Many are still confused about P.H.A. versus P.H.O. We have Prince Hall Masons who do not know the difference. I know a P.H.O. Mason who stated to me that he did in fact visit a P.H.A. lodge. He was asked for his dues card and still got in! Then we have some who think that the father of Bogus masonry, the late John G. Jones (an expelled Prince Hall freemason) are regular due to his organization following the Ancient Charges.

Who is the infamous Dr. York and what's his relation to Bogus Black Freemasonry?

|E. BEY| Now that is an interesting question. Many may feel that this question cannot be answered in one interview due to the appearance of such a simple inquiry. Well, let me attempt to define this individual who comes under so many names and faces. First Mr. York was known in New York City, Brooklyn as "AS SAYYID AL IMAAM ISA AL HAADI AL MAHDI" founder of what was called the "THE NUBIAN ISLAAMIC HEBREWS" and "The ANSAARU ALLAH COMMUNITY" in the 70's. This individual today calls himself Chief Black Eagle, Dr. Malachi Z. York EL, Nayya Malchizodok EL, Al Mahdi, Dwight York, Rabboni Y'shua Bar El Haady just to name a few. Mr. York to put it blank is a Master Con and brain washer. The reason he attracts so many is because he caters to the needs or desires of gullible people who think he is giving them what can help their condition. This man has literally written books on extraterrestrial beings that he has seen and some who are living on the Planet Earth. This man has plagiarized writings from other authors and has claimed them as his own.

In 1993 FBI report has surfaced calling the group a ''front for a wide range of criminal activity, including arson, welfare fraud and extortion.'' They have even taken on the name "Moor" (United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors) to attract even those were followers of the Moorish Science Temple whose founder was Noble Drew Ali in 1913. He has taken teachings from many organizations and religious sects and formulated a pot of mixed doctrines to confuse further those who are already confused enough in their world of dependent thinking. This man has literally admitted in using tactics in drawing weak minded people explain in one of his web pages saying "I diligently treaded the streets of New York and the surrounding areas as I propagated Sufi Islam. I was blessed with the "gift of gab" and combined with a sense of humor and charisma that draws people of all walks of life to me."

Mr. York with his mixed doctrine has now established his own Nuwaupian Grand Lodge AF&AM International and his own Shrine Temple Al Mahdi No. 19, and has attracted hundreds of poor black Souls in making them think that they have some superior Freemasonry that was handed down to him by Noble beings in Egypt. Mr. York on top of that has his own music studio for Nuwaubian Nation of Moors to rap and chant about his teachings.

So you ask, "Who is Dr. York"? He is everything to many people and he can become what you want him to be. The greatest danger and downfall of many is that once one discovers that it is all an illusion he has cast over the eyes and minds of the weak, the void returns with a programmed mentality that needs now twice as much consciousness to de-program.

Mr. York is a thief of souls.

What is the MWPHGL of GA doing to neutralize York's organization and other groups in the state?

(The statement below is from the M.W. Grand Master of the PHGL of Georgia - The Honorable Bro. Willie L. Williams)

"We are in the developmental phase of deciding what actions to take. I have made contact with the mainstream Grand Lodge to begin talk of recognition. As you know, I hope to launch a publicity campaign to educate the state about Bogus vs. Legitimate Masonic bodies. I also plan to have this on the agenda at the next Grand Master's Conference."

What is the MWPHGL of NY doing to neutralize its many start-up Black Bogus Masonic Groups?

|E. BEY| I cannot speak for the MWPHGL of NY, or for my Grand Master, but I'm personally not aware of any committee set in place for the eradication of Bogus groups. So I cannot fully answer this question.

The estimated amount of Bogus Grand Lodges in the state of New York is approximately twenty-one, although the list we have provided on our website list nineteen. Two are still under investigation.

What can be done by all Prince Hall Grand Lodges to minimize the impact of these groups?

|E. STANLEY| Unfortunately, a panacea for the pariah we call Bogus Masonry is not easily developed. However, I am certain that the current policy of ignoring them in hopes they will disappear has been and will continue to be a failure. If I were to advise the Grand Lodges of what should be done to minimize the impact, I would say one word EDUCATION. Far too many Masons falling under the banner of Prince Hall are unfamiliar with Masonic Law and Masonic History. Somehow we must begin to indoctrinate the members of Prince Hall on OUR unique turbulent past as it relates not only to our struggle to be deemed regular by Mainstream but also our struggle against splinter groups within our own communities. Many in our ranks would recognize these men simply because they look like us. If the average Prince Hall Mason would read "Prince Hall Life & Legacy" by Bro. Dr. Charles H. Wesley, they would understand that Bro. Prince Hall would not approve of these so-called Masons.

The Commission is helping to enlighten everyone on the spurious practices of groups claiming to be Masonic in nature. Once we have educated Freemasons we must then educate the public at-large. This can be accomplished by being more visible in the communities in which we hold lodge meetings. Prince Hall Masons have for the most part disappeared from the neighborhoods and are less involved in community affairs than we were some 30 to 40 years ago.

These Bogus Grand Lodges have is from the state capital. A charter stating that they have registered as a business.

How do you know what was involved in their initiations? Just because he is financial and can parrot the ritual does not make him a Freemason. If we show our kids the ritual and let them memorize it, will that make them a mason? Some were only obligated instead of going through the ceremony of Initiation (degrees). So it is incumbent that we do away with the "reward" of giving titles of Past Grand Master and many other titles. That we do away with "healing" and let them come in the same way and manner. We are doing nothing more than making those who have fought for us turn in their graves…

How do we resolve 'The Real Issue'?

|R. MCNEAL| We have to put this information about Bogus Freemasonry into the hands of our leaders and the average Prince Hall Freemason. We have to take our Masonry out side of our lodge halls. We all have to be on one accord as far as our history. Our craft is in confusion. One group states that Prince Hall was born in 1748. The brothers that have poured over historical documents state 1735-1738.

We have to educate the Prince Hall family on one accord, then let them take their masonry out of their lodge halls and chapters. If we do that and become visible within our communities, then we would not face this threat of losing future members for this prestigious fraternity.

More Bogus Masons.
We note in Kent Henderson and Tony Pope’s Freemasonry Universal: a new guide to the Masonic world, they list many of these bogus groups, thus giving them the publicity that they are always seeking. But some where, some how, some one needs to understand exactly what is taking place, Black on Black crime within the Black community, and any one who helps these bogus groups are themselves criminals.

The Phylaxis Society is the only organization within Prince Hall Freemasonry that is attempting to open the eyes of the blind within our Order, but, in reality this is the role of the Conference of Prince Hall Grand Lodges, but of course here you find the blind leading the blind.

The purpose of this paper on my web site, is to make not only the members of the Prince Hall Craft understand the Black on Black crime that is taking place within our community with these frauds, and the fact there are some white Grand Lodge out there who, like New York who is attempting to use these groups to destroy Prince Hall Freemasonry.
WebMasters Note; Maybe this is true, Maybe it's not, but one thing is certain. Bogus Lodges do exist so beware.

Continued from forbidden 1 - Reference Anu: the Egyptians were Negro? - Not a chance!

Sumerian God As copied from this web site; "Consequently, on earth at the Spring Equinox of 10,500 BC the ground plan position of the Sphinx Rock Sculpture pointed directly east across the Nile River to the helically rising Constellation Leo on the eastern horizon. The First (“Great “ of Khufu) Pyramid, the Second (Khefra) Pyramid and Third (Menkare) Pyramid on the ground reflected their analogous celestial positions in the Orion The Min Pallate (Ori-Anu) Constellation as its Belt Stars of Al Nitak, Al Nilam and Mintaka respectively. The Nile River flows south to north just east of the Giza Limestone Rock Plateau on earth analogous to the celestial Milky Way spanning the length of our galaxy just east of the Orion Constellation in the sky along a south to north course." Questionable Facts

Note: We do not agree that Anu was black from the above web site. Reference the Sumerian God photo above and several others seen here and other places in this site. We are all aware that Akhenaton, a descendent of the 'royal blood line' could have been brown, (not refering to the negro race) as was Jesus and probably Moses. But there is no such thing as the 'Anu' people and Min was not negro nor does any thing written about him reference a negro race. The Sumerian texts only refer to the people as black haired.

Mentuhotep II We mention Tiye who was Nubian, but black skin and hair is not the predomimnant feature of a 'negro race'. There is not one picture on an Egyptian wall or tomb that suggests the Egyptians were negro. Ethiopian priest

The racial make-up of the Nile Valley Region of Africa and of ancient Egypt in particular, continues to be a topic of controversy. Some have suggested that the ancient Egyptians were Semites. Others have suggested that they were whites. The roots of ancient Egyptian culture have been searched for within Europe and Mesopotamia. The only region left out of the equation thus far has been Africa itself. So exactly who were these peoples who inhabited the ancient Nile Valley? This settles the issue once and for all!

Oromo Tribesman In Sumeria there was a land called Cush (Kush) obviously named after Noah's son Cush. A Land called Canaan after Ham's fourth son was situated south and east of Cush as far as Gaza. Genesis 10:19. Johann Michaelis and Rosenmuller have proposed that the name Cush was applied to tracts of country on both sides of the Red Sea in the Arabia (Yemen) and in Africa. The African Kush covered Northern Sudan, Upper Egypt, and extended southwards from the First Cataract. In addition, the Cushitic peoples who live around the Horn of Africa and today comprise the (1) Somali tribe.

The (2) Afar tribe.. Popular history gives some insight into the history in the two traditional divisions of the Afar. Tradition indicates that the Asayahamara (The Red Ones) are descended from a group originally invading from the Ethiopian Highlands at one time, who imposed their rule on the Adoyahmara (The White Ones). They are a dark brown with Caucasian features. They are likewise distantly related to the ancient Beja group of peoples, who are Southern Cushites, and related in turn to the ancient Egyptian race. They call themselves Afar, which means in their language "The Best" or "First."

The (3) Oromo tribe and several other tribes, are traditionally the offspring of the Biblical Cush, now commonly known as "Arabs". In the Sumerian texts the gods called them "The Black headed peoples", but they did not have black skin or the features of a negro race as evidenced by this photo.

The Oromo are an indigenous African ethnic group found in Ethiopia and to a lesser extent in Kenya and (Genetics) -Somalia. They are the largest single ethnic group in Ethiopia, at 32.1% of the population according to the 1994 census, and today numbering around 25 million. Their native language is the Oromo, Genesis also suggests that the Biblical term was also applied to parts of Arabia. This territory included Sodom and Gomorrah.

The eponym Ham merely means "Hot" or "Red" (not black) in Hebrew or Canaanite. Some authors reason that the attribution was made because the Canaanite coast but not the interior was under Egyptian domination for several centuries. References to Canaanites are also found throughout the Amarna letters of Pharaoh Akenaton circa 1350 BC, and a reference to the "land of Canaan" is found on the statue of Idrimi of Alalakh in modern Syria. Canaanite confederacies were centred on Megiddo and Kadesh, before again being brought into the Egyptian Empire. see Canaan

Ramsess II
Professor P. F. Ceccaldi, with a research team, studied some hairs from the mummy's scalp. Ramesses II was thought to be 87 years-old when he died, and his hair had turned white. Ceccaldi determined that the reddish-yellow color of the hair was due to a dye with a dilute henna solution. Many Egyptians dyed their hair, and this personal habit was preserved by the embalmers. However, traces of the hair's original color remained in the roots. Microscopic examinations showed that the hair roots contained natural red pigments, and that therefore, during his younger days, Ramesses II had been a red head. Analysis concluded that these red pigments did not result from the hair somehow fading, or otherwise being altered after death, but did represent Ramesses' natural hair color. Ceccaldi also studied the cross-section of the hairs, and determined from their oval shape, that Ramesses had been "cymotrich" (wavy-haired). Finally, he stated that such a combination of features showed that Ramesses had been a "leucoderm" (white-skinned person).

Queen Tiy (Taia,Tyre) Father was Yuya - Mother Thuya - Mother and wife of Akhenaten (Pharaoh Priestess of the God Amun AmenhotepIII who was the father of Aye whom replaced Tutankhamun after his death)The most brilliant and famous of Egypt's queens in 18th Dynasty Egypt.

This link settles the question once and for all. The real Egyptians were not Black! The White History of Egypt and here's another one Red Haired Mummies of Egypt

The Egyptian Stand on Race

As a people, the Egyptians had a very racist and antagonistic stand vis-à-vis all other races. They considered Semitic Hebrews, Canaanites, Libyans, Black Nubians (even though Nubian Pharaohs ruled Egypt for 100 years), Ethiopians and other non-Egyptians as sub-human. Hence, they treated the aforesaid Hebrew nomads with disdain. It is, therefore, safe to say that most Hebrews in Egypt were not permitted to rise as a people and they suffered in ignorance and poverty. This did not have anything to do with the 'color' of their skin - it had to do with 'who' their god was....Who he still is!

You might also want to read "The evolutionists versus the Creationists" On Forbidden 1 which points out that Blacks, Whites, Japanise, Chinese, Indians and Polynesians are seperate races and are not evolved from each other. Our pages on the Enuma Elish tablets explain further.

The historical (Archaeological) record

In Zeharia Sitchen's The Lost Relms, we find that the Olmecs are described as Black Africans, but that the Maya came (as the descendents of Cain) and forced them out. The nineteenth century explorer E.G. Squier saw vast remains that astounded him even in their ruined and unexcavated condition. In pages 104 - 109 Sitchin relates that the 'bearded ones' (The Gods) and the Olmecs might have come from the Eastern Mediterranean by ships and were there at the time of the Maya. Indications are that the Olmecs arrived in 3113 BC but were far advanced in knowledge than the Maya at the time.

Mayan Pyramid The Maya: The Mayan culture is immediately apparent near Mexico City where we view the huge Sun and Moon pyramids at Teotihuacan. Their pyramids, unlike the Egyptians, are not burial places, but ceremonial centers to worship the gods, and make feasts in their honor... in their special basketball courts, a game may last several days, and the winner is to be killed and offered to the god, pulling out his heart.

The capital was in Guatemala; Palenque, in Yucatan, is the most beautiful Maya site; near Mexico City, Teotihuacan is an immense ceremonial center and city, with the two tallest pyramids in Indian architecture, the sun and the moon; hundreds of feet of walls covered with magnificent frescoes have been uncovered.

Contrary of what has often been claimed, the Classic Maya practiced human sacrifice on an extensive scale; torture followed by decapitation was most common on the evidence of pictorial ceramics, but heart sacrifice has also been depicted on the monuments.

Some of their gods are, "Itzamna", the supreme creator, and the lord of fire and of the heart; in its serpent form, is the one hold by the rulers in the ceremonies. The Feathered Serpent, Kukulcan; and the God-K, with a baroquely branching nose, also is held as a scepter in the ruler's hand.

The Toltec: In 975 a.C. the Toltec warriors from Tula, near Mexico City, move to Veracruz, beat the Mayas and established themselves in Yucatan, at Chichen-Iza, which had earlier been a Maya ceremonial center; they also settle at Mayapan (987), and Uxmal (1007). They lasted until 1200 a.C.

They practiced human sacrifice and the use of the "tzompantli", the rack where the skulls of the death were hung.

The Aztec:The Aztecs came from Aztlan (white land), in northern Mexico in the 12th century. They were also called the "Tenochca", and the "Mexica", from Metzliapan (Moon Lake); from Tenochca came the name of their great city, Tenochtitlan, in the actual Mexico City; and Mexica, was applied to the capital, and to the whole nation. Pyramid like temples to the Aztec gods stood in the heart of Tenochtitlan, and each year about 20,000 of human beings were sacrificed to Aztec gods, specially to Huizilopochtli, the god of the sun and war; their heart was torn out and offered to the god.

The Aztecs, believed that, as a people, they had a divine mission to prevent the fifth destruction of the Earth. They believed the 4 previous destructions were caused by the death of the sun, and the way to prevent his new death was by sustaining the sun with human hearts and blood.

The INCAS: In 1200 A.C. the Incas were established in their capital, Cuzco, Peru; by 1450, they had conquered may tribes, Chancas, Chimu... and by 1450 their glorious though short-lived civilization extended to all the Andes, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia... where still millions of Indians speak the "quechua" language.

Mexico - The Olmec; The word "Olmec" also refers to the rubber balls used for their ancient ball game. Early modern explorers applied the name "Olmec" to the rediscovered ruins and art from this area before it was understood that these had been already abandoned more than a thousand years before the time of the people the Aztecs knew as the Olmec.

It is now known that the two colossal stone heads from San Lorenzo had originally been large rectangular altars that were later resculpted into colossal heads. When a ruler died, was he venerated by converting his throne into his colossal portrait head. What were these people doing in Mexico? How did they get there?

The Olmec writing system is unique. The Signs are similar to the writing used by the Vai people of West Africa. The Olmecs spoke and aspect of the Manding (Malinke-Bambara) language spoken in West Africa.

Other megalithic heads were discovered in the intervening years, all with African facial features. This does suggest that the founders or leaders of Olmec civilization came directly from Africa, since many original populations of countries like Cambodia and the Philippines have similar characteristics. These were brought along when the first humans entered the Americas from Asi by sea.

Other suggestions have further pointed to the full lips and broad noses of Olmec monuments as evidence that Olmec ancestry may trace back to African, Khoisan, San Bushmen or Negrito origin. Full lips and short broad noses are the norm among Mesoamericans and tropical Mongoloids. It is also noted that the colossal Olmec monuments show eye folds found in the local Mesoamericans. Votan

"The Legend of Votan, (right) who had built the first city that was the cradle of Mesoamerican civilization, was written down by Spanish chroniclers from oral Mayan traditions. This life-sized greenstone head was found at Tenango del Valle, Mexico State, surprisingly a distance west from the Olmec heartland of Veracruz and Tabasco. We find more information on Passage forward 2.

The emblem of Votan, they recorded, was the serpent; 'he was a descendant of the Guardians, of the race of Can'. 'Guardians' was the meaning of the Egyptian term Neteru (i.e., 'gods'). Studies such as that by Zelia Nuttal (Papers of the Peabody Museum) have suggested was a variant of Canaan who was (according to the Bible) a member of the Hamitic peoples of Africa and a brother-nation of the Egyptians."
- Zecharia Sitchin, When Time Began But the Hamitic people were not black as evidenced by the Oromo and the Afar tribes above.

"....The possibility, which we have already mentioned, that the earlier migrants might have been descendants of Cain, relates Nahuatlan beginnings to one of the first recorded forced deportations....

The magnificent colossal stone heads, massive altars, and sophisticated anthropomorphic and zoomorphic statues found at Olmec sites in southern Veracruz and Tabasco, are the oldest known monuments in Prehispanic Mexico.

This news report suggests the Olmecs were in Mexico City 3000 years ago and that they were there along side another culture. Findings at the newly excavated Tamtoc archaeological site in the north-central state of San Luis Potosi may prompt scholars to rethink a view of Mesoamerican history that holds its earliest peoples were based in the south of Mexico.

"It is a very relevant indicator of an Olmec penetration far to the north, or of the presence of a new group co-existing with the Olmecs," said archaeologist Guillermo Ahuja, who led a government team excavating the site for the past five years.

At Tamtoc, scientists found evidence of an advanced civilization, with a hydraulic system, canals and other technology, making it the oldest and most advanced center of its time found in what later became Huasteco Indian region, Ahuja said. "It is the first and only Huasteco City we know," he said.

The 330-acre (133-hectare) complex has three plazas and more than 70 buildings and may indicate that the Olmecs migrated northward and mingled with other peoples there, he said.

It is not known with any clarity what happened to this culture. Their main center at San Lorenzo, was all but abandoned around 900 BC, and La Venta became the main city. Environmental changes may have been responsible for this move, with certain important rivers changing course. However, there is also some evidence suggestive of an invasion and destruction of Olmec artifacts around this time.

Around 400 BC, La Venta also came to an end, although the importance of the ceremonial complexes apparently outlasted the Olmec state or culture. Within a few hundred years of the abandonment of their last cities, successor cultures had become firmly established in their former lands, most notably the Maya to the east, the Zapotec to the southwest, and the Teotihuacan culture to the west.

The Olmecs dug trenches, they were masters of stone work, they built channels for water to flow, and oddest of all, they made concave mirrors that were worn on their helments. Stelae show them emerging from 'alters' that represent entrances into the depths of the earth or inside caves and they are holding a puzzling array of tools. This lead to one conclusion: The Olmecs were miners. The legends of Votan, which speek of tunneling through mountians, support this conclusion. One Stela has him holding a flamethrower probably used to cut through stone.

What were they mining? A 'diamond' symbol was found on the wall in Mexico's Oaxaca Valley where it was discovered. It clearly depicts a person (left-Indian ?) inside a confined area, using the flamethrower against the wall in front of him. The 'diamond' symbol on the wall probably signifies a mineral, but its meaning has not yet been deciphered. This caucasian female (right) is on a stella from Chalcatzingo. She is operating what looks like technically sophisticated equipment; the base of the stella bears the teltale "diamond" sign. (photo from the site)

(From another web site)This is named Monument 21. It is extremely large and hard to photograph. It stands tilted back under a protective roof constructed by INAH. The monument depicts a woman making a gesture with her arms next to a large and intricate rectangular design. These two elements stand upon a panel carved with geometric designs, possibly indicating the earth and/or a stylized mask. Recently Aviles (Tulane) discovered another monument which mimics this imagery, except the new monument depicts a male figure making the same gesture. see chalcatzingo As we see the rectangular figure (Sitchen drawing) is more like a machine. The woman also seems to have some sort of weapon in her belt.

As so many depiction attest, the puzzle of the African "Olmecs" is entwined with the enigma of the Bearded Ones from the eastern Mediteranean. They are depicted on monuments throughout the Olmec sites, in individual portraits or in encounter scenes. Specificantly, some encounters are shown to have taken place inside cavern: one, from Tres Zapotes even includes an attentant carring a lighting device when at the time only torches were used.

Tres Zapotes dates from the Late and Terminal Formative periods. The similarities of these sculptural styles imply communication and continuity within the Olmec civilization. For example, Monument 2 from Izapa and Stela D from Tres Zapotes were geographically 500 km (310 mi) apart, yet they share artistic similarities. The most evident similarity is that the two scenes are taking part inside the mouth of a jaguar. The similarity in artistry leads archaeologists to believe that the two groups living across an isthmus shared in the Olmec linguistic tradition and spoke Mixe-Zoquean languages.

"....It is clear from Nahuatlan and Mayan legends that Quetzalcoatl (Kukulkan in Mayan lore/Thoth in Sumerian) had come to their lands with a small band of followers, and that his eventual departure was a forced one - an exile imposed by the War God. We believe that his arrival was also the result of a forced departure, an exile, from his native land, Egypt. The date of that first event is a vital component of the Mesoamerican counts of Time.

Indeed, in the heartland of Quetzalcoatl's domain, where the petroglyphs evolved into hieroglyphs akin to the earliest ones in Egypt, the most obvious traces of his presence are astronomically aligned temples, including circular and semicircular ones, and round observatories. Such remains begin with two perfectly round mounds that marked out the astronomical sightline at La Venta, one of the earliest sites of the Olmecs - African followers of Thoth who had arrived in Mexico by crossing the Atlantic circa 2500 B.C. or earlier.

Their religion developed all the important themes (an obsession with mathematics and with calendars, and a spiritual focus on death expressed through human sacrifice) found in successor cults. Finally, their political arrangements of strongly hierarchical city-state kingdoms were repeated by nearly every other Mexican and Central American civilization that followed.

It is not known with any clarity what happened to this culture. Their main centre, San Lorenzo, was all but abandoned around 900 BC, and La Venta became the main city. Environmental changes may have been responsible for this move, with certain important rivers changing course. However, there is also some evidence suggestive of an invasion and destruction of Olmec artifacts around this time. Around 400 BC, La Venta also came to an end, although the importance of the ceremonial complexes apparently outlasted the Olmec state or culture. Within a few hundred years of the abandonment of their last cities, successor cultures had become firmly established in their former lands – most notably the Maya to the east, the Zapotec to the southwest, and the Teotihuacan culture to the west.

Some writers have suggested that the black African race is the race of Cain. Exiled to a foreign land (like South America). These people brutaly murdered humans (their own kind) and sacrificed them to 'the Gods'. Some of the historical evidence also applies this to the Aztecs as well. But it was OK according to the KJ Bible. However other evidence suggests that the Astecs, clearly an Indian culture are the race that sacraficed humans. see this page Human sacrifices

In 1939 a carving was discovered near the gigantic head with a characteristic Olmec design on one side and a date symbol on the other. This revealed a shocking truth: the Olmecs had a far greater right to be considered the mother culture. Hundreds of years earlier than anyone had imagined, simple villages had given way to a complex society governed by kings and priests, with impressive ceremonial centers and artworks. Today many find the term "mother culture" misleading, but clearly the Olmecs came first, brought there by the Toltechs at least as far as South America is concerned. Zecharia Sitchin's bookThe Lost Realms indicates that the Toltechs and the Olmecs met the same fate. They were chashed out by the local Indians and the remaining population who ended up in southern areas were all killed.


The Mediterranean Myth: According to those who endorse and purport this claim, the people of ancient Egypt were not related to Black Africans but rather inhabitants of the Near East. These people, who fit under the category of Caucasian, are the creators and maintainers of Egyptian civilization. These people are known as Mediterraneans, Hamites, Dark-Whites and other confusing names. They are characterized as dark skinned peoples with straight hair, thin lips and elongated noses. Thus these peoples are not "true Africans" characterized by tightly curled hair, thick lips and flat noses.

The Truth: In reality the "true African" does not exist as the continent holds a variety of different Black Africoid types who have existed this way without foreign admixture. There are Black Africans with somewhat straight hair, thin lips and elongated noses (they say; a product of dry heat as well as extreme cold). However if we add the Sumerian story to the mixture we find that the Gods of Sumeria had long thin noses - our theory may hold some truth. If globally applied many of African descent throughout the Diaspora can be labeled Dark Whites or Eurafricans.

The Distance Myth: Ancient Egypt was located far from sub-Saharan Africa. Divided by the Sahara, interaction between Northern Africa and the Black south was limited at best.

The Truth ?: Black Africans were well known in the Nile Valley region in early times. Evidence has shown in fact that North Africa was inhabited by Black African types prior to other types (Caucasian Berber and Semitic). What is more, as Gloria Emeagwali states, The Northern regions of Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon as well as Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and so on fall within the Saharan/Sahelian zone, which is the same latitude with the Nile civilizations of Antiquity. No impassable barrier stood or stands between East and West. Thus it stands to reason that no barrier stood between North and South. Cultural similarities have been found between Egypt and regions as far away as the Great Lakes region. The ancient Egyptians state continually that they originated in the south.

But According to historian John G. Jackson, The Edfu (Pyramid) Text is an important source document on the early history of the Nile Valley. This famous inscription, found in the Temple of Horus at Edfu, gives an account of the origin of Egyptian civilization. According to this record, civilization was brought from the south by a band of invaders under the leadership of King Horus.

We established on the Pyramid page that Horus was the son of Osiris and his mother Isis. Osiris is said to actually be a god called by his Sumerian name - Marduk, also called Ra. Ra was Enki's (son of Anu) first born son and he wasn't black. Enki's name in Egyptian was Ptah. Enki and his wife fashioned 'slave workers' to toil in the gold mines of South Africa. Their DNA was combined with female apes. According to some ancient texts, Adapta (Adam) was a red man whose DNA was that of Enki and his wife Nin-khusag. But Adapta simply means 'man' and doesn't desiginate a 'color' specific race.

( the photo is a link to a debunking account of the human evolution story) Regarding the most ancient gold mines of Monotapa in southern Zimbabwe, Zulu legends hold that they were worked by “artificially produced flesh and blood slaves created by the First People.” These slaves, the Zulu legends recount, “went into battle with the Ape-Man” when “the great war star appeared in the sky” (see Indaba My Children, by the Zulu medicine man Credo Vusamazulu Mu­twa).

The first American publication of Credo Mutwa includes sangoma magical lore, prophecies, dreams, tales, and a rich mythology that reaches beyond this Earth to an extraterrestrial origin.

So who are the 'ape men' and who are the slaves?
It may be that Neanderthals played a role in this battle. Their DNA does not match present Human DNA. Cro-Magnon man also figures into this scenario but we don't know exactly where.

This exerpt from Laurence Gardner's web page explains it best; There is also the possibility that both the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon species were simply different “models” of the genetic engineering project, and created for different forms of work -- ostensibly the Neanderthal being the mine workers, and Cro-Magnon being the new, improved version of Homo sapiens for the purposes of housework and domestic servants. The latter may also have been the precursor of Homo sapiens sapiens. see Adam and Eve

We are informed via Zacharia Sitchen in The Wars of Gods and Men that the Anunnaki were here on Earth for one find and mine gold. They used it as a protective shield around their planet because like Earth, their atmosphere was thining. The mining was hard labor and the Anunnaki complained bitterly so to ease their burden, slaves were created to toil in the mines. The Gods that created the 'slave workers' also created us. see a debunking account of the human evolution story

All present Australopithecus fossils were found in the south region of Africa. The reason why this species is named Australopithecus, meaning "South African ape" is because these animals have very similar characteristics to the apes living in our day. Male Australopithecus are between 1-1.20 meter tall. The height of female Australopithecus is only the half of the male's just like contemporary apes.

The first fossils which were alleged to belong to this species were found in a coal mine in 1924 in South African Taung region. The first fossil defined as Australopithecus consisted of the face and mandibulars of a young ape and a 410 cc. cranial capacity. The discoverers of the fossil took it to professor Dr. Raymond Dart, a professor of anatomy, from Witwater University.

On the first step of this imaginary evolution diagram is a hypothetical "common ancestor" which has not yet been discovered. According to this story, the primitive man diverted from this common ancestor 7 million years ago through evolution and gradually developed into a bipedal man by time who well adopted to walking skills in about 3-4 million years. These creatures named "Australopithecus" (South African monkey) evolved into "Homo habilis" who were able to use tools; and Homo habilis were replaced by "Homo erectus" which were upright walking men from the beginning of the year of 1.8 million. Homo erectus were respectively followed by "Homo sapiens archaic" which is not much different from today's man, "Homo sapiens neanderthalis", "Cro-magnon man" and the modern human being named "Homo sapiens sapiens".

Here is the core of this story. The basic goal of the theory of evolution is actually to impose this theory on people as if it were true by using all kinds of methods. During this course, psychological methods are also employed in addition to the "scientific" ones. Giving attractive names to the skull fossils found, arranging these one after the other in an array and delineating them in diagrams, are the most apparent methods used for psychological persuasion purposes. The "scientific" atmosphere created with the effect of these Latin names is enough to convince the "ordinary man" that these imaginary species created on paper really existed.

The theory of evolution is based on the hypothesis that the contemporary man of today has evolved from its primate (ape) ancestors splitting off from them 4-10 million years ago. Although no consensus has been reached by the evolutionary researchers, the generally accepted list of imaginary ancestors of today's man are as follows:
-Australopithecus or "South African ape"
-Homo habilis or "tool using man"
-Homo erectus or "upright walking man"
-Archaic homo sapiens or "old modern man"
-Homo sapiens sapiens or "modern man"

According to the evolutionists the first ancestors of man called Australopithecus, were creatures which had some humanlike but mostly apelike characteristics. Some species of the Australopithecus have allegedly become extinct and the others have developed into the Homo (human) series. According to the evolutionists, the Australopithecus series had mainly apelike characteristics and the Homo series had common characteristics with the man of our day. Especially Homo erectus and its subsequents were almost identical with the contemporary man. But this is just a theory and they never have proven it to be true. Neanderthal DNA does not match present Human DNA so there is no such thing as a 'missing link'.

The Artistic Determination: The ancient Egyptians were not Black Africans because in their artistic portrayals they always painted themselves reddish-brown rather than black skinned. Furthermore they painted themselves distinctly different than Black Africans.

From left to right: an Egyptian, Indo-European, other Black Africans and a Semite. Dated 1200BC, from the tomb of Ramses III. photo courtesy of Civilization or Barbarism, Cheikh Anta Diop

The Truth: The ancient Egyptians used a variety of styles and colors to portray themselves. This included white, green, blue, gold and black. Art historians such as James Brunson have suggested that this usage was much more symbolic than currently thought. While there are select instances where the Egyptians portray southerners with black skins and exaggerated features, there are other instances where these black southerners are portrayed in the same reddish-brown skin as the Egyptians themselves with no major facial differences. And then, as in the picture above, there are times the Egyptians portray themselves in black skin. But the black color was symbolic of 'earth' or dirt and was applied to things in nature. Osiris was always portrayed as 'green' to symbolize fertility, ect. As can be seen, the explanation of color usage in ancient Egytpian art is not so clear cut.

From the link below; The Perception Myth: The ancient Egyptians have always been perceived as "white."

Truth: Until most recently in history, the ancient Egyptians have been associated with Black Africans by a host of Europeans. see Cheikh Anta Diop According to Herodotus, The Egyptians told me that in their opinion the Colchians were descended from soldiers of Seosteris. I had conjectured as much myself from two pointers, firstly because they have black skins and kinky hair...alone among mankind, the Egyptians and Ethiopians have practiced circumcision since time immemorial. Other contemporaries such as Aristotle, Diodorus, Lucian, Apollodorus and Aeschylus make similar observations. More modern accounts have been given by Count Volney, Champollion the Elder and E.A.Wallis Budge to name a few.

Conclusion: The inhabitants of ancient Egypt in all actuality were not a monlithic group. Though the earliest types look to be of distinct African heritage, later periods do show evidence of more non-Africoid types. A significant portion of these may be "mixed" individuals. Some historicans have suggested that in the north more Western Asian types, many no doubt mixed with Africans, may have dominated while in the south more Africoid types may have held sway. That Egypt's racial makeup changed throughout its 3,000 year history is a fact long conceded by many Black historians.

However, beyond the role of servant, Egyptology rarely acknowledges ancient Egypt's African heritage or cultural roots. Given its location it seems erroneous to ignore Africa's role within Egypt. Most especially, African culture was the foundation of ancient Egyptian culture. Black Africans played major roles in Egypt as rulers, gods, soldiers, servants and more from its founding to its demise. see Black Egyptians?
However if we take into account the 'slaves' that the Gods created, we explain the whole concept of Blacks being the first race of men. This is a 'seperate race' not evolved into any other race. The Sumerian texts relate that Enki and his wife created seven sets of twins - more than likely two each of the different races that now inhabit the Earth. See the link to Credo Vusamazulu Mu­twa above.

The wide nose, kinky black hair and thick lips are the predominant features of a negro race. By the 17th dynasty however there could have been some mixing of blood between negros and the brown skined people we consider to be the real Egyptians. Ethiopians are brown so they are not negro. Further there was a 'brown' race and the Jewish people therefore could be the 'brown' race.

Goldenberg uncovers views about race, color, and slavery that took shape over the centuries--most centrally, the belief that the biblical Ham and his descendants, the black Africans, had been cursed by God with eternal slavery. This just isn't true. see Noah's curse on Ham's son

Ham was the second of Noah's three sons. His brothers were Shem and Japheth. Ham was the father of Cush, Mizraim, Put and Canaan. One of the descendents of Ham's son Cush is Nimrod, who became the first of the world's kings after the flood. Ham's descendents spread abroad in many lands and nations, with many languages (Genesis 10:20). It is believed that most of Ham's descendents settled in Africa. Laurence Gardner in his book Genesis of the Grail Kings says Ham was not Noah's son....We disagree with this. Ham's descendents were in Egypt first and are considered the first of the Egyptian people. Ham was an Egyptian King and his name translated into the Egyptian language confirms this.

Canaanite The most reasonable explanation: This is not about Canaan the individual, but about his (presumed) descendents many generations later. The Israelites viewed the Canaanites as an evil, corrupt people who engage in sexually licentious acts (see Leviticus 18:1ff where "uncovering [sexual] nakedness" is associated with the Canaanites). Modern scholars know that the Canaanite pantheon is among the most sexually violent of pagan myths. So Ham is identified with his son (and descendents) Canaan, destined to be subjugated by the Israelite monarchy in the tenth century BC. Regardless of when the story was written down (1250 BC by Moses or 1000 BC by the editor "J" probably Joshua), it most likely refers to that period, literal enslavement of the nation Canaan by the Israelites.

The curse itself says that the Canaanites will be subjugated to the Israelites. The name Canaan is itself a word-play in Hebrew on the root k-n-' meaning to be humbled or humiliated. As you can see, this has nothng to do with 'black slaves' and the Canaanites weren't black. The photo is a link.

The protruding nose is the dominant feature in Jews and Hittites. In the past we have labeled certain self professed "Chosen Ones" with this certain Pinocchio like feature as Toucan Schmeuls, Irregular features such as large noses, large ears, chins, or an absence of chins or forehead ridges is usually associated with inbreeding, or the hereditary effects of past inbreeding, for example, if Ham had sex with his mother, Canaan the offspring of incest would carry a weakened genetic code forever. This is a child of Canaan, what the prophets called, "Children of Incest". But none of this is true.

A 'black color' on statues represents the 'Earth' and fertility as we found statues of Mary Magdelene in France and a recent find of a large statue of Isis found under water in the waters off the coast of Egypt to be black on purpose for this reason. This goes as far back as representations of Osiris who was colored green in many pictures. A picture of Mentuhotep II on this web page does not suggest that he was of the negro race. see Black Egyptians ? and see Min

Edgar Cayce's readings also conclude that there were 5 races created at the same time. They were red, brown, black, white and yellow. The Books of Enki also say that his wife Nin-khusag created seven sets of twins which could have been different colors-races. We are hard pressed to explain the slanted eyes of the Chineese and Japaneese and we cannot discount the race of red men that live on the Americas continents from Alaska to south America. Aboriginals have lighter curly hair and brown skin.

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For those of you who might be Muslims, we offer this page Shroud of Turin, page 2 If you are not Muslim, this might explain the rift between East and West and it exposes a truth most Christians denigh. If you are not a Mason - this explanation of Christs mission and the respect we must give to the Muslim religion is the reason we are Masons or belong to a Masonic family organization.

So even if you're not familiar with the King James Bible, the truth lies in the oldest teachings in the world which apply to all religions.

...whereby Masonry becomes the center of union, and the means of conciliating true friendship among persons that must have remained at a perpetual distance." (Anderson's Constitutions)"

Archaeological and scientific records and artifacts that have been discovered in more recent times leave little doubt that something is missing from the King James bible stories we have all been taught. These records and artifacts come from many places, some now considered lost forever. But what these records and artifacts contain uncovers a truth that Jesus told us we would some day find. Another man said the same thing. His name was Enoch. Please visit Forbidden Knowledge Forward Is there more than One God?

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