Isenhour Library Dedication

Saturday August 9, 2008


Comments by Brother Dr. Grimes Byerly, PM

"Worshipful Master - having been entrusted with the supervision and management of the several contributors and workers employed in the furnishing of this library, and having accomplished to the best of my ability the assigned task, I now express my thanks for the honor of this duty and I present the results to you and the Lodge.

Brethren and friends here assembled, one of our obligations is to provide buildings/assemblies serviceable to the brethren.  This includes specific rooms in our lodge and today we are assembled to dedicate a special room as a memorial to a special Mason and his wife for the use and good of the lodge from today to the many years of our unknown future.

Therefore I present this library to the Lodge."

Brother Carl Isenhour, PM  then read the following speech he had prepared.

Dear Brethren,

Many years ago I made one of the most important, and yet, most profound decisions of my life.  I questioned a man that I had known for years about how to become a Mason; and as they say, "the rest is history".  Well, most of my history has now been written and I am proud to say that this history has been written here at my beloved Hickory Lodge #343.  The years that I have spent toiling side by side with those present and those passed have not been born of struggle, but out of absolute love and dedication for an ancient fraternity that has given so much more to me than I could repay in multiple lifetimes.  Oh, if we could all go back in time and walk these same hallowed halls and lodge room with those who have made the institution what it is today!  But, there is always a new page and I am eternally grateful for being even a small part of the unique history of Freemasonry and of this particular lodge.

First and foremost, I wish to say that I could have never accomplished even a small part of what we have without the absolute support of my wife Sandra and my children.  They are the joys of my life, the legacy that is "The Isenhours".  Sandra, you are my partner, my cheerleader, my conscience, and my reason to get up every day. You are my life.

Secondly, I wish to not only thank but also praise all the brethren with whom I have served throughout my Masonic journey.  The cherished memories that I hold for them, the many Masonic events, the wonderful times spent as brothers, in front of the Holy Altar.  I will always hold a special place in my heart for each of these.  There are many brothers, even those whom have now gone on before, who themselves spent their entire lifetimes in the service of Free-Masonry.  It was, and is, an absolute privilege, honor, and joy to have been able to learn and live as a Free-Mason beside each brother.

Finally, many of us have utilized our lodge for so many purposes, whether for family functions or Masonic ones, our Masonic Hall, and even our Lodge room have been sources of comfort and refuge unlike any modern structure today, separate from, but brother to: a church' a synagogue.

My prayer is that this library be a source of knowledge through its books full of history and direction, a source of comfort and refuge and an addition that will honor all whom darken her doors.

This way of life, the Masonic life, one of commitment to God and brother; the life of servant hood and brotherhood; has been my chosen way of life ad I am eternally grateful for it and each of you.   I pray your journey will be as priceless and as beautiful as mine.

Thank you.