Hempstead and Waller Masonic Lodges
Jointly Presented a Valentine Party For
Wives and Widows

The Brothers of the Hempstead Masonic Lodge #749 AF & AM and Waller Masonic Lodge #808 AF & AM joined together to prepare a meal and host a Valentine Party that was to have been a joint effort of the 8 Masonic Lodges of District #108. The party was held in the Hempstead Junior/Senior High School Cafeteria in February 2002 to honor the Masonic wives and widows of the district.

1. Everyone was ask to sign in with the Lodge they were from. 2. The Brothers and Sisters patiently waiting for the food to be ready. 3. Brothers Bill Parham and Joe Rutledge made the announcments 4.Patience is rewarded and they start linning up to fill heaping plates.
5. No one was heard complaining about the food as you see. 6. The New Psalms Gospel Quartet entertained us with some excellent singing. 7. Brothers Jack Wilkerson, Joe Rutledge and John "Corky" Daut. 8. Clean up crew Kenneth Harvey, Jimmy Zepeda, Richard Ventrca and JimFerguson.

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