Grand Encampment of Knights Templar USA
61st Triennial
Nashville, Tennessee

Pictures compliments SK W. Fun Chow & his Pepsi-camera!  Thanks Fun!

Walker Harris tells Norm & Bob about the best of the treats on the table
(L-R) Norm Neely - Bob Caldwell - Walker Harris
Hanselmann Cmdr, Ray Ouellette (L) models the current fashion for Commanders on vacation
EC Ray Ouellette (L)
What a crew!
(L-r) Mike Johnson, Bill Kimball, Mr & Mrs Harris, Jack Manning, Bob Caldwell
What channel is Big Brother on!
Bob Caldwell waits for the munchies to be put on the table.
Jack Manning practices his pre-Drill warm-ups

Hanselmann Commandery members gather in the hospitality room

Ray & Dave Hudnot eye the goodies as our ladies prepare the treats
Grand entrance by a "Grand Commander"!
Ohio Grand Commander Chuck Albertson makes his entrance.
Are these guys for real?  you bet!
Bill Kimball,
Bob Caldwell,
W. Fun Chow,
Jack Manning


Ohio Grand Commander Chuck Albertson listens to old drill stories from Jack & Bob


Bill Kimball Kicks back & relaxes

The Ladies of Hanselmann Commadery did an outstanding job with the Hospitality Room!! 
They are the BEST!!!!!!

getting the coffee ready
Coffee, tea or...
are you guys going to help?
Vicki Ouellette works overtime getting things ready.
Busy, busy, busy
Vicki continues with a little help
hospital corners Division Commander's do it all!
3rd Division Commander gives one of our Ladies a hand.

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