Hanselmann Commandery's Inspection

Our Inspection was held March 4th, 2000.   It was an exciting day and everything went
exceptionally well!  The Officers did an OUTSTANDING job, and our Eminent Commander
George Davis, did  an excellent  job.  We are very proud of these men we chose to lead our
Commandery this year.

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CG-Rich Tennison & our Warder, Mike Retherford, listen to the Cmdr. (in green) study a few hours before the Inspection. Table for 12

EC- Davis continues to entertain the Cap.Gen & Warder

(L-R) SK Dick Holcombe, Capt. Gen. Tennison, Warder- Mike Retherford Chat before Insp.  


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  Top Officers: (L to R)
Generalissimo- Ray Ouellette, Em. Cmdr- George Davis, CG- Rich Tennison
PC- Bernie Schmitt chats with Rene Blankenship "Da Boyz"
(L to R)
PC- Mike Johnson (Cin #3), laughs it up with our Warder,Mike Retherford, and SW-Don Barlow
Past Commanders, Don "Sam" Rottert, and Fred Slack ham it up for the camera. Two  major assets
of our Commandery


TheWest.jpg (47972 bytes)

The West side
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EC- Davis tries to gain favor with Grand Officers!!
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SK Richard Holcombe EGS

BillBern.jpg (34382 bytes)

PCs- Bill Ferguson & Bernie Schmitt compare notes

congrat.jpg (34271 bytes)

Eminent Cmdr. gets Congrats from the  Inspecting Officer

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