Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Us!!
put ANOTHER candle on the cake!!

The Hanselmann Commandery website just celebrated it's
FIVE Year Anniversary

on October 1st, 2004 !

We have come a long way from our first incarnation.  We have grown a great deal since 1999.  We now offer a full range of Templar and masonic information.  We have also grown to include providing the whole Third Division with a place to share information and ideas.   

A lot of work goes into creating and maintaining this website.  The contributions of many Sir Knights allow us to give a strong voice to Templar Masonry in Southwest Ohio.  I would like to thank everyone who have complimented Me (the Webmaster), but I must share the credit with ALL who participate in this endeavor, especially SK Sam Witherup.  His support and encouragement, along with his contributions are a tremendous help and adds to our website a grat deal. 

This is a TEAM effort.


Let's make the next year even better.   We have big plans for this year.  All of us at Hanselmann Commandery thank all of you, our visitors, for making this a worthwhile venture.  Stay with us and visit often.  Write us and let us know what you think... about the site, and about the different features we have.

Thanks again!  Below is a small list of some of those that have contributed to our success either by articles pictures or advice.

Sir Knights ALL- 
Michael A, Retherford - Webmaster    John Phelps Jr., George Davis, Don G. Rottert, LuAnn Rottert (ok- not a SIR),  W. Fun Chow, Charlie Sinclair, J. Michael Smith, John Ferguson, Michael Himes,
Sam Witherup, Richard Holcombe. Also WB Ken Baril And more to come I am sure.

All the Best,

Michael Retherford -


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