Hanselmann Commandery Presents the
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by J. Michael Smith PC  & Several Guest Contributors


The Sojourner's Soapbox* is a forum for ideas, opinions, and concerns of and for the Masonic Fraternity by J. Michael Smith and assorted guest Sojourners.
* The writings here do NOT   represent the opinions/views of Hanselmann Commandery, or
the Grand Commandery of Ohio or the Grand Lodge of Ohio and should not be taken as such.

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Introduction Premiere Column
March 2, 2000

April 10, 2000 SoapBox
"Secrets of Freemasonry"

May 23, 2000 SoapBox

June 20, 2000 SoapBox
"Top of My Head"

July 20, 2000 SoapBox
"Attack on Masonry"

August 4, 2000 SoapBox
"Great Architect
of the Universe"

September, 2000 SoapBox
"Holding Hands"

October 2000 Soapbox
"Silence & Circumspection"

November 2000 Soapbox
"Chevalier de Ramsay"

December 2000 Soapbox 
(Did U Know?)

January 2001 SoapBox
"Memory Lane"

February 2001 SoapBox
"Memories... No.3 Dale E."

April 2001 Soapbox
"Did You Know?
Part 2"

MAY   2001 Soapbox
Memorial Day Tribute

June 2001
"Making a Difference"

September 2001
"Bits & Pieces
of Life"

January 2002
"Every Christian Mason Should Be a Knight Templar"
February 2002
"What will YOU Say?"

Grand Master's ONE DAY CLASS



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