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Subject:  Hanselmann Commandery plate

Dear Sir Knights,

My name is Dave France, I am the standard bearer for St. Simon of Cyrene Commandery No. 9, K.T., in

Davenport, Iowa.  

Our Warder, Bro. Carl Graham, has a porcelin plate that says it was "presented by Hanselmann Commandery No. 16, K.T., Cinncinnati, OH" and he was wondering if you might be able to provide any information about the plate
(when it might have been issued/presented, what the occasion was, etc...)

The plate is about 8 in diameter, and features a

Square & Compass (at 12:00),
a Cross of Malta (at 3:00) with "Hanselmann Commandery No. 16" written below in red,
a chapeau (with a red cross in it) & sword (at 5:00),
a cross & crown (at 7:00), and

a keystone (at 9:30/10:00),
with a picture of a building next to that with two palm trees.  

The plate was made by Knowles & Taylor from East Liverpool, OH.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated greatly.

Fraternally yours,
Sir David France
St. Simon of Cyrene Commandery No. 9, K.T.
Davenport, Iowa


Please Contact the folowing with Info about this matter:
         Don Bemerer-Rottert
         Dave France


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