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Knights Templar of Ohio


Dear 3rd Division Commanders;

        You have been elected to the highest station in your Commandery, and I wish to congratulate you on this honor.  As you know, with any position there is a certain amount of responsibility, one of the main ones in your position, is to appoint men to your committees that will do the job you ask of them.  This is important in the respect that, at the end of your year, your success will depend on the job that your committee chairmen have done.

    The Chairman of the Membership Committee is probably the most important one that you will appoint.  Please don't just name a name to fill it, appoint someone who loves the Fraternity and will do the job.   His success will be the difference between you having a good year or just a so, so year.  His job will be to contact all N.P.D.'s and see if he can bring them back into our Order, or at the very least find the reason why they left.  We can't cure our problems unless we know what they are.

    He also need to stay in touch with your new Knight, and see if he can get them involved in your Commandery.  Maybe on a committee, or a non-speaking part in the ritual, or even a speaking part if he so desires.  The main thing is to get him involved in some way to keep him coming back.

    He also needs to have on his committee members that are active in the Symbolic Lodge to be in touch with possible new candidates.  Your Membership Chairman needs to be be someone who can select the right people to help him.  His job is so important to your Commandery, and to the kind of year you will have.

    When you set up your year try to avoid setting dates that will conflict with the Scottish Rite, the meetings of the KYCH, or any other Honor group meeting that meets.  Most of these meetings have fixed dates, so check with your members that belong before you set your dates.  You need every Sir Knight to help, so try to avoid conflicts of dates.

    Eminent Commander, I wish to congratulate you once more on this Honor you received.  When you look back on your year, I hope you can say, "I did the best I could!"  It will be a lot of hard work, but down the road, you can look back with either pride or regret.  The choice will be up to you.  I will ask you for information this coming year, please, please answer my letters, as this information is important to the Grand Commandery.   I thank you in advance for your help and co-operation.


Lloyd Bradshaw
3rd Division Membership Chairman
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241-1236


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