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9th Masonic District

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Fred Hall

J. T. Rivers

Buddy Akins

Bose B. Byrd

H. T. Parks

Bill McDonald

Arthur Patat

Bobby Massey

James Stanley

Ernest Norton

Marvin Strickland

Mike Tate

Tommy Irvin

Willie Zimmers

Henry Conner

John Burgess

Rupert Queen

Phil Floyd

Walter Pope

Clyde Phillips

Edgar Land

Jack Smith

Jesse H Tow, Jr.

Wiley Gammon

Luther Wilkes

Floyd Dowdy

Fred Reid

Richard Peevy

W. C. Hair

Newton Copelan

Danny Wofford

David Keever

Wayne Garrett

H. B. Smith

Richard Godfrey

Douglas McDonald

Rupert Bramblett

Hyman Brown

Randy L. Brown

R. J. Vaughn

Benny Allen

William Paul Walker

Horace Fitzpatrick

Frank Hill

Clinton Thompson

Joe C. Harwell

Ed Helton

Ernie Stovall 

Ed Lance

Mather Nix

Tommy Towler

Raleigh McClure

Lewis Lovin

Scott Chitwood

Willard Ralston

Charles Taylor