Square and compasses in patinated bronze Friendship Lodge No. 83

Directions To the Lodge

From Birmingham:

Take I-59 south to Alabama Highway 5 south. Follow through Woodstock and West Blocton; turn left onto Alabama Highway 219 south. Follow this to the stop light (a Burger King will be on the far left corner, a builder's supply on the far right), and turn left. Go through the next light (past the bridge over the Cahaba River), up the hill into downtown Centreville. Turn left at the first corner just past the County Courthouse, and park in the spaces. The Lodge is the first building on the right; signs for the Masons and Eastern Star are on the side facing traffic.

From Tuscaloosa:

Follow McFarland (US82) east to its terminus, running up the exit ramp, and turn left at the stop sign (junction with Alabama Highway 25). Continue on 82, coming to a left fork just before a Texaco station, with a welcome sign to Centreville; turn left and up the hill. Proceed straight through the stop sign past the County Courthouse; at the next stop, turn left twice and park as above. (If you miss the fork, continue to the stop light, turn left, and proceed as above in Birmingham to the Courthouse.)

From Montevallo/Alabaster area:

From Montevallo, take Alabama Highway 25 south (approx. 20 miles), passing over US82. Continue as above for Tuscaloosa.

From Marion:

Follow Alabama Highwa 5 north to where it forks with Alabama Highway 25 north (just past the Sawmeal Restaraunt on the right). Take the 25 fork, following it through downtown Brent and veering right onto old US 82 east. You will pass a Winn-Dixie and a Wal-Mart on your right, a McDonalds on your left, then a Burger King on your right. Cross the Cahaba River bridge to the next light, then continue straight, up the hill, into downtown Centreville. Turn left at the first corner just past the County Courthouse, and park as above.

From Montgomery:

Take US 82 west to Centreville, turning right at the fork (onto Alabama Highway 58) to downtown. Follow this until you spot a Baptist church on the right; turn right at the corner between the church and the County Courthouse, and park as above.

From Selma:

Take Alabama Highway 22 north to US 82 west, then continue as above for Montgomery.

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