Lodge of Fraternity  No: 5916

Lodge of Fraternity  No: 5916

An aspect of American freemasonry – being, in effect, a Lodge of Sorrow,
convened to honour brethren recently called to the Grand Lodge above

A demonstration unique in the UK

by members of the Lodge of Fraternity 5916

W.Bro. Patrick T. Wilkins, PJGD, PPJGW 

W.Bro. Paul W. Tarrant, PSGD, PAPGM

W.Bro. David C. Badger, PPJGW

Past visits include

Essex Masters

Warwickshire Installed Masters

Worcestershire Installed Masters

Staffordshire Installed Masters

North Surrey Installed Masters

East Sussex Installed masters

as well as private lodges, including London Lodge No 108

etc etc etc

email:  5916@davidbadger.co.uk