The Wandering Gavel of Franklin Lodge

Traveling Gavel Our Wandering Gavel was created to roam the United States, from Lodge to Lodge, and to eventually, we hope, visit every Masonic jurisdiction in these United States.


The Wandering Gavel of Franklin Lodge Rules

1.) The Secretary of the Lodge that receives the Gavel as well as the Secretary of the Lodge that relinquishes the Gavel must each notify Franklin Lodge of its current location. This allows us to document the current location on our web site. Pictures and location reports may be emailed to or or mailed to Franklin Lodge, 55 N. Main St, Grafton, MA 01536. The Gavel's travels will be tracked on this page,

2.) An out of state visiting Brother trumps all others (except for Members of Franklin Lodge, Grafton MA). Ex: your Lodge has 10 members visiting from the next county and 1 visitor from out of state. The Gavel must be presented to the Brother from out of state. Franklin Lodge Brethren may claim the Gavel at any time.

3.) If your Lodge has the Gavel, it is your responsibility to try to get it into another state. If you are an officer of your Lodge, planning on visiting an out of state Lodge, please take the Gavel with you to present to that Lodge.

4.) In-state travel: A.) The Gavel can be taken by any Lodge visiting with 3 stationed officers. B) The exception: on a 3rd degree, the Gavel may be taken by the newly-raised Brother's most senior Masonic visiting family member. C.) In the case of a tie the Worshipful Master must flip a coin.

5.) When your Lodge gets the Gavel, tell every Mason you know to encourage their Lodge to come claim the Gavel! That is why this Gavel exists!

6.) Emergency contact info: if you have Gavel-related questions you may contact Wor. Ross Schacher at Five Oh Eight - Four Seven Nine - Nine Four Four Four or

This Gavel was donated to Franklin Lodge by Worshipful Brother Ross E. Schacher, Master of Franklin Lodge 1992-3 and 1996-7.

Date Claimed or Presented


Brothers present

November 4th, 2013 Libanus Lodge #47, Bristol VT

Presented by Wor. Ross Schacher, Webmaster
December 2nd, 2013 Morning Sun Lodge #5, Bridport, VT

Wor. Donald Ware, Worshipful Master
Bro. Edward Payne, Senior Warden
Wor. Harrie Demers, Junior Warden
Wor. Russell Buck, Secretary
Bro. Graham Thompson
December 18nd, 2013 St. Paul's Lodge #25 Brandon, VT