The Work

The gavel sounds
   and all is still:
The Master speaks,
   proclaims his will:
Each one obeys,
   takes up his tools.
Inspects the plan,
   consults the rules:
With trowel and level,
   plumb and square,
Each stone is set
   exactly where
The plan provides,
   the drawing shows
And day by day
   the Temple grows:
The porch is finished,
   pillars placed;
The strands of net-work
The chambers furnished,
   pavement laid,
The sacred vessels
   all displayed:
The walls are standing
   straight and true;
The roof is on,
   the labor through:
The Master speaks,
   The work is done:
The gavel sounds,
   God calls us home.

     - Brother Montford C. Holley

This poem was found in the effects of Brother Harry Frank Rose, St Andrew's Lodge #863, Chicago, IL & Paul Revere Lodge, NYC, NY. My sister sent it to me on hearing that I had been made a Mason. Harry Rose was my grandfather.
Wor Ross Schacher
Franklin Lodge
Grafton, MA

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