Lodge Night

He slowly opened the door to his locker. He hung his
police uniform on the hooks and took out his suit.
It was Lodge night.

He watched as the last employee left his business, locked
the building and made the evening bank drop. He then
headed off with a whistle on his lips and a spring in his step.
It was Lodge night.

The young man helped his wife clear the table.
He then said good night to his children and
snuck into his room to change his clothes.
Upon leaving he smiled at his wife and kissed her.
It was Lodge night.

It had been a hard day. Navigating through the
complexities of the legal system was rewarding
work. It was also tiring. Normally he would have been
headed home for a relaxing evening. But tonight was
not normal and he felt none of the usual fatigue as
tonight was Lodge night.

Life had not been pleasant since his wife died.
His family lived far away and with each passing year it
became harder and harder to do the simple things in life.
And most of all he missed his life long partner. Tonight he felt a
little less pain and life didn't seem nearly as bad.
It was Lodge night.

The accident had been terrible. But there was some consolation
that his skills as a doctor had saved a life. Still it would not
be easy and there were possibilities of complications. But for a while
he could place his worries in the hands of others as
tonight was Lodge night.

It is hard looking for work when the job market is scarce.
Each day he faced the nameless horde of people who
continue to tell him that he was not needed. He faced rejection
and the possibility of hardship at every turn.
Tonight he knew he was wanted and needed;
it was Lodge night.

He sat alone in the small room wearing clothes that
were not his. He had received warm welcomes from
a number of men he didn't know and a few he did. Now
with an ancient relic of a bygone age they told him to
wait patiently, yet he looked forward to it with anticipation.
It was his first Lodge night.

From all walks of life we come. We donate our time
to an age honored tradition. We donate our money
to help those who cannot help themselves. We gather
in fellowship and part in peace. For a while we can lay
aside our differences and worries to bask in our
shared experiences. We can talk with men who
are our equals, men who work to better themselves.
And we serve as mentors to our newly-raised Brethren.

Tonight is Lodge night and I am glad I am a Mason.

Author Unknown

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