From The East

On the Square


Light… Illumination… Experience… Direction…

Worshipful Richard Howarth has given this and more to our Lodge in his tenure as Master and on behalf of myself and my Brothers I want to say thank you. Thank you for your time, your patience, and your leadership. Freemasonry, like this great nation of ours, is one of the few orders that routinely and willingly transfers power, responsibility, to a new individual without conflict. It is with respect and excitement that I follow in the footsteps of those Masters who have come before me and through their continued guidance I hope to live up the example they have set.

I would like this year to be a year of fun and growth; smiles are not optional. I charge every Franklin Lodge Brother, wherever you find yourself and in whatever situation you are in, find some way to bring a smile to those around you. It is not hard to find something negative today, just turn on the news, but remember at a minimum once a month YOUR BROTHERS are gathering in YOUR LODGE offering you the opportunity to take a break from that. My Brothers there truly is some fun to be had; case and point my very first meeting as Master of Franklin Lodge ever, is going to be the District Deputy Grand Master’s Official Visit to Franklin Lodge. Birth by fire my Brothers, you have to find a way to come watch this spectacle on October 1st because it is going to be something to see.


Wor. Patrick R. Tobiasson

DISTRESS, ILLNESS OR NEED of one of our brethren should be brought to the attention of the Master or the Wardens as soon as possible - We don't find out unless we are told!